MSI GV62 8RE Laptop Review and Benchmarks

July 30, 2019 posted by

The MSI GV62 8RE is a decent gaming laptop,
featuring Nvidia 1060 graphics and an 8th gen Intel quad core CPU, so let’s check
it out and run some benchmarks to find out how well it performs and help you decide if
it’s worth buying. Let’s start by checking out the specs of
this unit, as there are a few options available with this model. There’s an Intel i5-8300H
CPU here which has 4 cores and can turbo up to 4.0GHz in single core workloads, although
it’s also available with the i7-8750H. I’ve got one 8GB stick of DDR4 memory running at
2,400MHz in single channel, but the two slots can support up to 32GB at 2,666MHz. For storage there’s a 128GB M.2 SATA SSD
installed but the single M.2 slot supports NVMe PCIe storage if you want to upgrade.
There’s also a single 2.5 inch drive bay which is populated with a 1TB 5,400RPM hard
drive. For the graphics there’s an Nvidia 1060 6GB graphics card, although the MSI website
notes that it comes with the 1060 3GB which will perform a little less, so watch out for
that when buying. This powers the 15.6 inch 1080p 60Hz TN panel, but it’s also available
with IPS or 120Hz panels. For the network connectivity there’s a gigabit
ethernet port, support for 802.11ac WiFi, as well as Bluetooth version 5.0. The lid and interior are both a grey plastic
with a sort of brushed finish. They’re both nice and smooth and the lid was a little darker
than the inside. The corners and edges are smooth and basically everything is plastic. The dimensions of the laptop are 38.3cm in
width, 26cm in depth, and 2.9cm in height, so a little on the thicker side but hopefully
that will help with thermals, more on that later. The laptop is listed at 2.2kg on the MSI website,
which is about what I got. With the 180 watt power brick and cable for charging, the total
weight increases to just under 3kg. As mentioned the screen here is a 15.6 inch
60Hz 1080p TN panel, no G-Sync available here though. As a TN panel the viewing angles weren’t
very good, side to side didn’t change too much but up and down resulted in massive colour
shift so you’ll definitely want to look at it front on where possible. The screen
doesn’t get that bright either, at 100% we’re looking at 237 nits. I’ve also measured the current colour gamut
using the Spyder 5 Pro, and my results returned 98% of sRGB, 78% of NTSC and 83% of AdobeRGB,
so it’s actually getting quite good results, the only issues I had was that the contrast
just looks a little low. I’ve performed my usual backlight bleed
test on the display, which involves having the laptop show a black screen in a dark room
to help emphasize any bleeding. I then take a long exposure photo to display any bleed,
so this is a worst case scenario test. No noticeable issues here, it looks different
at the top and bottom but I think that’s just due to the vertical viewing angles being
bad with the TN panel, there wasn’t any noticeable bleed, but this will of course
vary between laptops. While moving the display there was some flex,
but it wasn’t too bad and overall I’d say it felt sturdy. It can’t be opened easily
with one finger, demonstrating that more of the weight seems to be up towards the back,
as we’ll see later when we open it up. Above the display in the center is a 720p
camera. The camera’s not great, really blurry even
with decent lighting. The microphone sounds about average, but you’ll be able to judge
both for yourself. The Steelseries keyboard has red backlighting,
and the sides of all the keys are also clear red plastic so it looks red even while off,
unfortunately the colour can’t be changed, you only get red. Overall the keyboard was pretty good to type
with, there’s some good spacing between the keys with 1.9mm of key travel and I had
no problems to call out. The key presses felt a little clicky, here’s how they sound to
try and give you an idea. There was a little keyboard flex, although
this wasn’t an issue while typing normally, there was quite a bit more flex down in the
wrist rest areas, but again not really an issue during normal use. The touchpad worked well, it uses Synaptics
drivers and was smooth to the touch. There are physically separate left and right click
buttons which were quite clicky, again no issues here. Moving onto the I/O on the left there’s
a kensington lock, gigabit ethernet port, USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-A port, HDMI port, Mini
DisplayPort, a second USB 3.1 Type-A port but Gen2 this time, USB 3.1 Gen2 Type-C port,
no Thunderbolt support here unfortunately, and 3.5mm headphone and mic jacks. On the right there’s only a USB 2.0 Type-A
port, SD card slot and power input towards the back. On the back there’s just some air exhaust
vents towards the corners, while the front only has some status LEDs in the center. The four 2 watt speakers are found underneath
the laptop towards the front, two on the left and two on the right, and they don’t sound
too great, quite tinny with no bass. Up on the lid there’s a red and white MSI
logo in the center, unlike most other MSI laptops I’ve tested this one doesn’t light
up. Fingerprints show quite easily on the brushed
plastic although as the surfaces are smooth they’re easy enough to wipe away. Underneath there’s heaps of air intake vents
to keep everything cool, as well as some big rubber feet which did a really good job of
preventing the laptop from moving around while in use. The laptop can be opened up easily with a
phillips head screwdriver, and inside we get easy access to the single 2.5” drive bay,
single M.2 slot, two memory slots and WiFi card. Powering the laptop is a 6 cell 41 Watt hour
battery, and with a full charge and just watching YouTube videos with the screen on half brightness,
keyboard lighting on as I couldn’t find a way to disable it and background apps disabled,
I was able to use it for just 1 hour and 12 minutes, so not a great result, and this was
with the Intel integrated graphics in use thanks to Nvidia Optimus. While playing the Witcher 3 with medium settings
and Nvidia’s battery boost set to 30 FPS the battery lasted for 42 minutes, and it
actually stayed at the full frame rate the entire time. The battery was about average
and what I expected in games, but while watching YouTube it drained it way too fast, I’m
not sure why, I ran the test twice and same results, nothing in the background appeared
to be using resources, I’d expect better battery life especially considering I was
able to get 3 hours in this test with the 8RC model which has the same size battery. Thermal testing was completed with an ambient
room temperature of 18 degrees celcius, it’s getting cold here as winter has just started,
so expect warmer temperatures in a warmer environment. It’s also worth noting that
there is a shared heatpipe, so a change in either CPU or GPU may affect the other. At idle both the CPU and GPU were quite warm
at around 50 degrees celsius. While playing PUBG the temperatures rise as shown by the
darker blue bar, but they’re not too bad. After applying a -0.150v undervolt to the
CPU the temperatures actually rose immediately despite the clock speeds not changing as shown
in green. Maxing out the fans in yellow instead of undervolting dropped the temperatures,
and when applying the undervolt in addition to the fans maxed out we got some very nice
temperatures as shown in orange. The full load stress test was tested with
Aida64 and the Heaven benchmark running at the same time. Thermal and power limit throttling
were taking place on the CPU at stock settings and even with the fans maxed out, as shown
in red and purple, but we were able to remove these issues with the CPU undervolt applied
which brought the temperatures under control. Here are the clock speeds from the CPU and
GPU during these same tests. We can see that while gaming we’re getting the full 3.9GHz
all core clock speed of the 8300H regardless of settings, but as we saw in the last graph
we could improve the temperatures quite a lot with undervolting and increasing the fans.
Even in the stress tests we’re only just slightly behind the 3.9GHz speeds in red and
purple, so not only are we able to get full speeds with undervolting this also resulted
in big temperature drops. As for the external temperatures where you’ll
actually be putting your hands, at idle the body of the laptop is sitting in the high
30s in the center. While gaming this increases to the mid 40s with the warmest again in the
center, but it wasn’t too bad to the touch. With the stress tests running we’re getting
into the low 50s, but with the fans maxed out and undervolt applied this cools down
a bit. As for the fan noise produced by the laptop,
I’ll let you have a listen to some of these tests. At idle there was just a little fan noise.
While gaming it wasn’t actually that loud, and it increases a little with the stress
tests running, and we had just a slight decrease in volume with the CPU undervolt applied.
With the fans maxed out it gets a little louder, about average compared to most other laptops
I’ve tested. I’ll also note that I couldn’t hear any coil whine in my unit. Finally let’s take a look at some benchmarks,
we’ll first cover some real world gaming benchmarks followed by tests with various
benchmarking tools. All tests were run at 1080p with the latest Nvidia drivers and Windows
updates to date installed. Fortnite ran well at all setting levels, but
as usual take these results with a grain of salt as this game greatly depends on where
you are in the game and what other players are doing at the time, so results will vary. Overwatch was tested playing with the bots,
and it played very well even at epic settings with the 1% low averages above the refresh
rate of the display, but again results will vary with this game based on the map and what’s
going on in the area. PUBG was tested using the replay feature,
it’s pretty common for the 1% lows to be a fair bit below the averages in this game
but I found it to play pretty well at high or lower, but again like the others results
will vary based on a number of factors. CSGO was getting fairly good results with
the benchmark test, the 1% lows drop heaps due to the smokes in the test but it played
well at all settings. Dota 2 was tested using a fairly intensive
replay, while actually playing you’ll get a much higher frame rate, this was used to
try and represent a worse case scenario and be comparable to others who also test with
the same replay. I’ve tested Far Cry 5 with the built in
benchmark, and we’re just able to average 60 FPS at ultra settings, not bad. Assassin’s Creed origins was another tested
with the built in benchmark, and again the results aren’t too bad. Rainbow Six Siege was also tested with the
built in benchmark, and we’re seeing quite good results here, even at ultra settings
the 1% lows are well above the refresh rate of the panel. Battlefield 1 was tested in the first campaign
mission and it played well even at ultra settings, the 1% lows show the brief dips that happen
at times such as during explosions but this didn’t change much between setting levels. Ghost Recon is a more resource intensive game
and was tested with the built in benchmark, you probably won’t want to try and play
with ultra settings here, but the others should be pretty good. Watchdogs 2 is another resource intensive
game, despite the low looking frame rates I found the game to play pretty well at all
setting levels, as you don’t really need a high frame rate to play it. Rise of the tomb raider was tested with the
built in benchmark, maximum settings were once again able to take us above a 60 FPS
average. The Witcher 3 worked quite well at high settings
or lower, ultra was alright but the 1% lows really show the dips that I was feeling, especially
when the 1% lows at high settings are about what ultra was averating. Now onto the benchmarking tools, I’ve tested
Heaven, Valley, and Superposition from Unigine, as well as Firestrike, Timespy, and VRMark
from 3DMark, just pause the video if you want a detailed look at these results. The results are pretty good, I’ve always
said that the 1060 is an excellent choice for 1080p gaming at 60 FPS with decent settings
and as expected that’s still the case here. As for overclocking, the 8300H CPU can’t
be overclocked, but I was able to increase the GPU core clock of the 1060 by 180MHz,
and these were the clock speeds we got in the Heaven benchmark. I’ve just quickly got some CPU benchmarks
here to compare the last generation 7700HQ with the newer 8300H, as both are quad core
laptop CPUs. The 8300H is only just slightly ahead in single core, with a small boost in
multicore which was improved with the undervolt applied. I’ve started work on the 7700HQ
vs 8300H comparison video so make sure to subscribe for that one. In Crystal Disk Mark the 128GB M.2 SATA SSD
was getting 540MB/s in sequential reads and about 510MB/s in sequential writes, but it’s
worth remembering the laptop does support faster NVMe storage too. The 1TB hard drive
was getting above 70MB/s in both, a bit lower than many other 5,400RPM drives I’ve tested.
I’ve tested the SD slot using a V90 rated card to remove the card as a bottleneck and
the speeds of the slot are quite low, but still useable. MSI mentioned that in Australia this exact
model is exclusive through Harvey Norman, making it just under $2000 AUD. For the rest
of the world I can’t find pricing with these exact specs, but the 8RE with the 3GB 1060
and better 8750H CPU seems to go for around $1200 USD at the time of recording, making
it pretty competitive with the Dell G5 and Acer Helios which have similar specced laptops
in that price point. So what did you guys think of the GV62 8RE
gaming laptop from MSI? As we’ve seen it does pretty well in games, and with the CPU
undervolted should be ready to handle just about anything with decent temperatures. Overall
the build quality was alright, it’s entirely plastic with some flex but seems sturdy enough
unless you’re intentionally pushing it. The only issues I had with it were the somewhat
dim screen and the battery life outside of games. Let me know what you guys thought down in
the comments, and leave a like to let me know if you found the review useful. Thanks for
watching, and don’t forget to subscribe for future tech videos like this one.


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    Thanks for this precise review and for helping me make an informed investment!!!

  99. Tibas ToBi says:

    I have just one question , can i uprade display from 60hz to 120hz? i cannot find answer thnks.

  100. John M says:

    Wow really thorough!!!! Subscribed!

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