MSI GS75 Stealth unboxed and reviewed

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Gordon what’s in this box
hey this is what people have been waiting for they’ve been holding off
from their gaming laptop purchases yes is well some people have who follow the
news a few weeks ago at CES Nvidia of course released its r-tx for laptops
this is probably one of the most impressive laptops there were plenty of
really great laptops at sea yes but this one really was impressive because of
what ms I did well let’s unbox it this is the GS 75 me
follow up to the GS 65 decently small brick but this is what is amazing here a
17 inch gaming laptop weighs less than 5 pounds 19 inch I love myself a 17 inch
laptop so still get those nice gold it’s a big version of the GS 65 which was
impressive because it was so lightweight also I want to point out again they have
beefed up the chassis the original GS 65 introduced they did fix it later on was
a little flexible scary flexible they actually later on beefed it up this is
not look again holding it by one corner but this has of course GeForce r-tx in
it but five pounds let’s find out just for comparison previous generation
origin razor blade 15 GTX max 1070 max-q and previous version Origin PC
yuhh Eon 17s is actually a slim 17 inch laptop actually pretty impressive for
what it is and not too bad but look at this right this is the body of the the
EON 17s very slim laptop there are a lot of seventeen ages opposite are just a
lot bigger the thing is just super thin but it’s
compared to the razor blade 15 inch laptop it’s pretty thin
but I think the thing that you know people get into their thin contest what
really matters is the weight razor blade 15 we’re gonna weigh it right here four
pounds nine ounces let’s call it all right rounding up Origin PC and
let’s be fair they both origin and razor also have our Tech’s laptops coming but
six pounds 12 ounces that’s you know it’s pretty close to seven pounds
decent for 17 inch laptop let’s see if they can really hit sub 5 pounds as they
claim thing yeah I mean right under pounds 14 ounces and that is the amazing
thing because you are getting let’s find out what’s in there I don’t know what we
got in this configuration I’m gonna turn it on hopefully batteries got a charge
it does what about the power bricks – I want to bring up the power brand we’ll
see how these compare you’re not gonna take these kind of laptops without
actual bricks so here is the standard Delta 230 that is with the origin and I
believe this one is 180 or 230 let’s see 230 so they have a slim down this is a
ciccone this is a delta okay definitely a little bit smaller I know how much
does that weigh oh yeah let’s do without the cable all
right this is the pretty much Delta one pound
nine ounces let’s call it 1 pound 10 ounces actually slightly heavier could
be the cables a little bit thicker maybe yeah I would say you’re not really
getting a weight signals from the power brick of course here’s a razor which you
know is a pretty cool razor 230 watts and it’s one miles away this – they have
a pretty beefy cable on here long cable yeah and you get the rubber leash on
there it’s actually the lightest the razor is actually the lightest okay I
just have this proprietary connector on there but you know brick some to keep in
mind it’s not bad it’s not bad enough it is that razor braid so what about
configuration wait why does it say GeForce GTX yeah that’s funny you got
the wrong wall I’m at the wrong wallpaper over there so this is an RT X
2080 max Q uh which I want to again let people know if
you see basically a thin and light laptop like this it’s gonna have max Q a
lot of the vendors are not calling it out as Max Q I’m not sure what’s going
on there but there’s a difference in performance between Max Q and non max Q
there is some people saying and videos telling people to just sort of like not
call that out I don’t know dang well five pound seven inch screen
twenty eighty we’re gonna do a couple quick performance watch just to give you
an idea how fast it is I don’t have the final price ship but I’m gonna ask for
it before this video is over alright we’re back and you did a little more
testing than than we thought you’d a little bit more than a lot of time I had
but we wanted to come into the studio here because that allows us to kind of
show a little bit more of the benchmarks and the deeper stuff that your
for doing so why don’t we dig right into it so okay because this is a laptop you
cannot separate the CPU from it we are gonna look at the laptop as well it’s
not that you’re paying for the CPU miles we’ll find out how it performs good news
GS 75 does great first up Cinebench r15 of course
multi-threaded benchmark right where you think it’d be basically in line with
most of the other i7 parts that we’ve seen the 8750 HS 6 cores fantastic CPU
pretty much right there only i9s can be faster or Rison 7 so it’s a great chip
next result handbrake again this is a test to see if the the CPU has thermal
issues when you heat it up no surprise GS 75 stealth that’s fantastic it’s
about a 30-minute in code and it’s a little bit faster than a lot of the
other 8750 HTS have you seen so but not not a not a huge difference basically
CPUs everything you expect of Emma sighs you know just 65 GS 75 line great great
part right awesome last metric II do need to know it is a laptop how it runs
on battery you’re gonna want to know 82 watt hour battery 6 core 8th gen CPU
r-tx 2080 max Q still very decent battery life there’s no G sync which
would force the GPU on most of the time so you’re getting damn near six and a
half to seven hours of battery life out of it I think ace use claims a little
bit more I think they said eight hours of CES but the fact we’re seeing near 7
hours we’re running at a fairly bright screen setting about 250 to 260 nits we
do it in airplane mode and we just loop a 4k movie with earbuds in till it dies
and no that’s very decent yeah I suppose that basically runs with all of the 15
inch gaming laptops with big batteries the Aero 15 has been fantastic for
battery life Wow this is right there with the Aero
15s all of the other 17 inch laptops that we’ve seen you know electricity
leaked to the Zephyrus or thoughts of 15 but like the evo 17s alien or 17 the
predator they are generally sub 3 hour battery life because they have g-sync
they’re big they don’t just add or you sue well
that’s not parts and some of them yeah so the fact that you can really get
usable battery life out of the GS 75 that is you that’s a good deal knock
that what you want to know by Adam I bet is gaming gaming graphics we’re gonna
kick it off first one is rise of the Tomb Raider we run out of very high
settings dx11 mode because when we started using it we ran takes 11 digs 12
was pretty iffy on drivers pretty ofin if he even on the game it’s been patched
many many times since then dicks 11 gives you probably a more
stable view of it and you’re seeing that r-tx 2080 max Q and he s 75 top here
it’s actually smokes an impressively faster Wow then most of the you know
1070 full-tilt 10 70s which are not fast not there they’re not slow parts those
Full Tilt’s in 70s it’s actually slightly faster definitely faster than
the GX 501 with its 1080 max Q and interestingly slightly definitely faster
slightly meaning 10 to 15% faster than the Alienware 17 are for older part but
Full Tilt 1080 so very good good showing you know well in yes 11 this is without
retracing correct this is without rate tracing of course another non rate
racing test just to give you a hint middle-earth shadows mortar we run this
at Ultra settings 4k textures and 1080p now we’re gonna see the Alienware with
its higher clock part and full tilt 1080 slightly edged the 2080 the max Q but
definitely the the 2080 max Q is faster than the other laptop so we’re compare
it to you all the 10 70s the Vega 56 that 1070 m excuse but again one of the
problems with using games to judge I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with
using games judge and a desktop where you can pull it out and the CPU doesn’t
change the rapid change you’re getting different thermal solutions you’re
getting different CPUs and all these lap house there’s a big difference in all of
them it’s a little tough to isolate it so I also like to look at a lot of
synthetic benchmarks first up 3d mark fires right specifically just the
graphics benchmark this calls out the CPU performance and is like 99% what
you’re gonna see from the laptop maybe not
98% where you can see out of the graphics part in this and again this is
actually very similar to what we saw The Full Tilt 1080 higher clocks in a
thicker laptop definitely a little bit faster than the 20 80 max q10 80s and
big fat laptops are pretty fast parts though but against the max Q and the in
these FRS the 1080 max Q part the 20 80 is definitely faster and of course you
just gets the other laptops get slow in there you’re not seeing this huge Delta
you might expect in fire strike and I think part of that is fire strike is a
pretty old test it doesn’t really do a lot so we also ran a 3d mark time spy
graphics again we’re looking only at the graphic subscore not the overall score
which factors in the CPU a little bit time spy just there’s just more
tessellation there’s there’s more shader tests there’s just a ton more like 5 and
10 times you’re tending on the test once we do that we actually see the our
checks 20 80 max Q come up on top very decent performance increase over that
even that Full Tilt 1080 part when you’re looking at the 1080 max Q part in
the Zephyrus you’re looking at 15% and then you get down to 1070 1070 max Q
it’s just like against the max 1070 max you’re looking at 45% more performance I
think it’s like about 70% over that 1080 max Q so that’s not a bad showing over
previous Cherisher parts of course RT x wasn’t really a huge jump over previous
parts right and desktop is really 10 8 10 80 was about the speed of a 20 70
sort of kind of sort of so not a bad showing of course what you want to know
is rate racing performance that’s where it gets a little squiffy so I ran 3dmark
portroyal on the GS 75 with the arc TX 20 80 max Q and then I went and I
grabbed some numbers PC Gamer did some testing when portroyal first came out
the test is only a rate racing benchmark and you look at this chart
it’s a it makes you a little uneasy I actually expected because max-q you give
up those clock speeds to get into a thin light laptop it’s actually closer to a
2060 than it is to a 2070 huh right so that’s gonna be that’s gonna make people
a little uneasy and remember the only real difference between a desktop twenty
eighty and a and a twenty eighty max Q part where a normal mom max Q part is
clock speed and power it’s got the same memory bandwidth it’s got the same
memory interface it’s got the same amount of memory same type of memory
same amount of CUDA cores well it’s just simply you giving up those clock speeds
to get into a stupidly light int and laptop I mean that’s that’s thin right
but still that’s that makes you a little uneasy and to give you an idea to in
gaming I couldn’t get Tomb Raider shadows are the Tomb Raider to run which
does have some ray tracing support in it because the game can be a little flaky I
can get that to run but I did run battlefield 5 and ran at 1080p I turned
I turn it to 1080p ultra and I said Archie X the rate or direct are X DX are
two ultra sitting DX are off 90 frames a second 1080p right I saw with my own
eyes so with your own early a come over bracelets great stuff yeah go in turn
off reboot the game go back to the same spot in the game look at the same
reflection 45 frames a second so from 90 to 45 RTX off to on
yeah so that is gonna it makes you like ooh that is kind of like doubt to be
fair Nvidia can tune drivers EA can tune
battlefield 5 this is not the end there I mean we don’t know right what the end
is this is sort of like the beginning of one battlefield 5 came out with the
rhetorician support and they and Jackson definitely performance was not a great I
gotta say 45 frames a second isn’t bad I would definitely not run it at DXR Ultra
I and watches I like 60 frames a second
but you are paying for RTX 2080 max-q laptop and you’re looking at 45 frames a
second you don’t have g-sync on this particular laptop that’s a little
painful it’s a little painful and it’s gonna make I you know the controversy
over rate tracing the controversy over RT X is not going to go away people are
still gonna be uneasy about it we’ll see we’ll see this is it’s gonna keep
changing as games come out as drivers get better but the last thing I do want
to leave you for true believers true green believers is the last one this is
3dmark portroyal one point out graphics the same thing I just ran you see the
four thousand one hundred and forty six I got out of the GS seventy five stealth
and then you see the performance of all of the other laptops the Alienware
rogues efforts all of those GT X 1080 1070 1070 max Q tenths 1080 max q10
they’re all zero including at RX Vega 56 because portrayal does not run
there’s no hybrid rate racing support and that’s kind of the key messaging on
on ray tracing is if you believe there is a future and ray tracing you’re gonna
want one of these laptops price and well I promised I would get you the price I
did get the price for the end of the video with core i7 8750 H with 1080p 144
Hertz with 512 gig p.m. not 851 951 SSD with GT RT X 20 and 80 max Q and 32 gigs
of ram 3000 bucks three thousand dollars five pounds okay
you know of course people who go oh my god three thousand dollars well you know
1080 laptops very similar pricing they were not cheap once you got when the
original 1080 laptops were not cheap 1080 max hue laptops are not cheap
you’re you’re getting all the bells and whistles Evans laptop you are getting a
five pam laptop that again we just showed you in conventional gaming
clearly faster than 1080 Full Tilt and some things something slightly slower
than 1080 Full Tilt but you are looking at five pound left
and for comparison I brought out that old-fashioned laptop it’s how things
used to be that’s how it was just right four years ago dang right five years ago
this was a gaming laptop five years ago yeah now this is and this is what you
now get the performance of this is stupendous compared to that in CPU SSD
screen and graphics card is a big difference again remember this story is
not over we are going to continue to see results
we’re gonna come to you for letting us more updates
but I will say GS 75 because this is about the laptop you do not buy the GPU
without the laptop fantastic laptop mmm-hmm right great runtime awesome
gaming performance 17 inch screen for people with bad vision like me which is
a huge deal 15 inch panels really don’t work for us old timers great see people
from all around and five pounds it is incredible to get this performance both
CPU screen and GPU and five pounds it’s be so it’s amazing
we’ll see though if you’re looking for definitive r-tx it’s not over
wait this story’s gonna keep going well again thank you for all the deep testing
you do that’s one of the things our fans like so I appreciate it thank you so
much cool and stay tuned for more laptop r-tx testing because they’re coming in
it will have you have to need to come in yeah
we’ll see you later


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    Waiting for GE 75. Its same spec, same price just with normal mobile RTX 2080 and just a bit more ugly 😛

  80. C7 says:

    Oh loook it's a gaming laptop but let's NOT judge it by how much it improves on GAMING PERFORMANCE. instead, let's rely on BENCHMARKS because that's what we do with GAMING LAPTOPS 95% of the time right? Running benchmarks for entertainment.

  81. Yuheng Qin says:

    i think ge75 raider has a better value with a non-mq 2080 and priced 2700, its heavier and thicker tho

  82. Ervin Talpai says:


  83. Charles Yeo says:

    You need more rtx laptops in the comparison. Especially comparing this to a full sized 17" rtx laptop with high clock speeds. Also comparing it to Asus zephyrus 701. The 17 inch version of the zephyrus

  84. John Mead says:

    I barely notice 30lb dumbbells in each hand. Let alone a 10lb laptop 😂 I know it makes a difference for college students. But fuck come on. That’s so light

  85. nfijef says:

    Gordon just throwin shit around haha.

  86. teachmehowtodoge says:

    Just wait 1 more year and buy this. Lol.

  87. Mark Davenport Jr says:

    Very nice I'm looking at laptops now to replace my dying PC 🙁 plus I'm close to friends and family now so a laptop replacement makes sense to me and I'm thinking of going for a laptop with these specs. 🙂

  88. Nick tan says:

    RTX 2080 Max Q vs GTX 1080 mobile ? Which is more powerful ?

  89. Karim Mohamed says:

    15 رمضان

    صلى على رسول الله

  90. Raul R3flex says:

    Ok I have 2000$ for a new gaming laptop and MSI GS75 cost

  91. Red Fox says:

    a MSi that haves a RTX 2080 build in that thing and its super thin like a small penny and it ways 4 pounds?? ..just shut up and take my fucking money!

  92. Samuel Lester says:

    I don't get it, why would you get the gs series with max-q for more money when you can buy the ge series with the full GPUs without max-q for cheaper?

  93. Xsavian King says:

    So many laptops and I don't have one 🙁 umm umm Can I have that Razer 🙂

  94. Br1koo says:

    Measure in fricking kilogramms, god dammit. WHATS A FUCKING POUND FOR CHRISTS SAKE?!

  95. Anmol Deep Singh says:

    full RTX 2080 maxQ laptop cant even run bf5 ultra settings Rtx on
    WOW nGreedia !
    the way its ment to be Ripped

  96. E Chin says:

    I just wanna know if I can run league of legends well on this

  97. CHHAILY Official says:


  98. Raj Singh says:


  99. Andrew Padgett says:

    I like how you treat a $3,000 laptop like a gta hooker

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