Mr. Bean Is A Master Of Physical Comedy

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46 Replies to “Mr. Bean Is A Master Of Physical Comedy”

  1. Namajaff says:

    I feel dirty hearing him speak

  2. Federal Bureau of Investigation says:

    Rowan Atkinson has an iq of 178

  3. TheDizzleHawke says:

    Do one about Bob Nelson if you haven’t already.

  4. Comrade Valliyskiy says:

    'The' Master of physical comedy*

  5. driscodisco22 says:

    He played the 3rd Movement of Moonlight sonota way wrong

  6. betabenja says:

    this is not mr bean – it's rowan atkinson playing mr bean. the opening clip is not even mr bean.

  7. Braedan Tyler says:

    Really? Who wanted this video? If they find him funny they wouldn't need you to explain why he is and if they don't, why do you care? Don't bring Mr Bean down with your own trash you call media.

  8. James Flores says:

    He seems like he could be the fourteenth doctor

  9. jerardhanz Fernandez says:

    What!!?!? only 15 episodes i thought maybe about 40-46

  10. Cihan Fatihi says:

    I never liked this man's jokes. He is so childish I think. Laughing at him is like laughing at fart for me. It's more like disturbing than funny.

  11. 시은 says:

    i grew up watching him and cartoons with similar comedy style… my personality type is also the one who easily adapts to others.. so guess how absurd and bad i get when i’m comfortable and want to joke around hahshs i’m all about dramatic faces and body movements but didn’t really know where it came from before watching this wow

  12. Thromper1984 says:

    I never knew he did skits and stage performance… I am pleased to learn this!

  13. Swiggy ReX says:

    I want to see more of him

  14. Brick Collision Animation says:

    What I didn’t know was that he played zazu in lion king

  15. ruwiki says:

    I remember when they showed mr. bean on airplanes and every passenger laughed – that was a social laugh club over the ground.

  16. AmirPlayZ says:

    Tom and Jerry: Am i a joke to you?

  17. Tanmay McGrath says:

    A video about Rowan Atkinson without the slightest mention of BlackAdder? That's just preposterous.

  18. SnoggyTheBear says:

    He's in scooby doo the movie lmao

  19. John Mecca says:

    Only thing that upsets me is that this man is not more recognized. He is a genius in comedy that will never be replaced. Love Rowan Atkinson!!

  20. Malthe Ruddi says:


  21. Joshua Nelson says:

    Mr. Bean Is A Master Of Physical Comedy????
    More like Sir Rowan Atkinson Is A Master Of Comedy.

  22. OhMy Fungus says:

    Good old YouTube algorithm

  23. XYHC says:

    “His character is a joke.”
    Didn’t know I was one of his characters lol

  24. Daniel Fan says:

    That man also has a major in engineering and mathematics. What a legend.

  25. Ahmad Tariq says:

    He was amazing in Blackadder too. He is soo underated. Best physical actor in last 4 decades.

  26. Rodney PLEWRIGHT says:

    Rowan is one of my all-time-favourite comedians. And I'm over 70!

  27. Keith says:

    No Rowan Atkinson is.

  28. JeelBee says:

    Wow hearing Rowan Atkinson speak is really fascinating.

  29. SkyBorik says:

    There are only 14 episode of mr bean according to Wikipedia

  30. Vidit Jain says:

    Mr Bean was modern Charlie Chaplin, absolutely the best

  31. Ignited says:

    put two pencils in your nose and say 'wibble'

  32. Checkedholidays says:

    Simply brilliant

  33. Zephi Pakpahan says:

    No mention of Blackadder whatsoever, what?

  34. Gilang Dika Pratama says:

    This why a SitCom can't never same like Mr. Bean

  35. Random Dude says:

    I literally don't know his voice. And that shows how well he is at his craft.

  36. Frugal Dank says:

    I love that joke he did in that theatre one time. That was hilarious.

  37. Makarov Fox says:

    i remember the series i have the dvd i think

  38. Thaddeus Beadle says:

    He's mot a master, he's the master.

  39. Doris Reed says:

    Off topic: have you considered a video essay on Stairway To Heaven?

  40. yuta's nostril says:

    He is so inspiring…

  41. Pinkie Dragon says:

    to hell with final cut pro 10 NO DISK NO THANKS!

  42. George Bryant says:

    l and h

  43. jackie zhong says:

    He makes every boring joke the funniest one in the world

  44. jacob_ films says:

    Don't mind me, just scanning for haters…

  45. Sunny Bibra says:

    The blueprint for Michael Scott

  46. Samuelabra says:

    I've always been a fan of Rowan Atkinson, not just for Mr. Bean but for everything he does! That being said though, it is worth noting that Mr. Bean is probably the only character that I ever see 100% as a character – to the point in which I forget that I'm watching a show. As far as I'm concerned, I'm not watching an actor perform – I'm just watching an absurd man. Atkinson is truly a genius in that regard and in so many others!

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