Motorcycle Top End Rebuild on Yamaha Four Stroke (Part 1 of 2)

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Today we’re going to be rebuilding a top
and on a WR250F. the motor in steps shown in this video
are pretty much the same as the YZ 250 F and the YZ 450 F but
always you for your service manual this is part 1 of our two-part video we’re
gonna need a few standard tools and then our service manual for this job
it’s very important that you start with a clean bike that we were doing this rebuild Notre or
any other particles fall into the market so the first part of this rebuild has been is just get everything out of
the way so we can work on the motor we’re going to remove the seat, the tank, and we’re also going to remove the side
panel so we can move our muffler what’s
outside on the way we’re gonna go ahead blow everything off
it once more just make sure we don’t get any dirt
dust into the motor as we open it up an ex parte is we’re just remove the top
motor mount there’s five bolts that hold these are to in the back and three in the front
once we get those out of the way we can just take both sides out one so they’re
out of the way next steps remover spark plug cap man
ross can remove the cylinder head bent house for that other way and then the next thing we’re going to
do is just remove the valve cover so those two bolts that hold out on can
just remove those and then we can a lot of make sure you’re not but many
things uptown in the motor on south side on the way the next step
is we’re just gonna work on removing the
carburetor so we’re going to loosen the rear clap on the carburetor and they were gonna
loose and the two lower subframe bolts and then we can remove the top subframe
ball and with that bull removed we can just let the subframe job
back another the way that of a boo of the year the carburetor
what’s up a tough carburetor we can loosen the front carburetor cleaner and work on removing the carburetor slow
start from claps lease we’re gonna need do remove the hot star
cable and our other startle cables and then we also need disconnect the TPS
sensor and we compile that covered her down and how the way the next step is we just had a dream and
a freeze out at the motor so we’re gonna pull that bottom plug and
we also need listening cap on the radiator together to change what’s all that and a
freeze out we’re going to put the ball back and tighten it down now and the next step is to remove the
header and one such holder gonna move to the
other side the bike work on removing the cam chain tensioner
on these Yamaha once there’s a ball in the end we’re gonna listener and then remove
both bolts holding the tensioner in we can just pull the attention now it’s
never going to get a piece of wire we’re gonna wrapped around the camp chain and then how could a friend had a bar we
do this so they can change is a fall in the department but such cared for going to work on
removing the bolts from the camps have caps you wanna loose knees in a criss-cross
pattern in order to avoid damaging the camshaft at the
camshaft or the cylinder head surface once we have all those bolts out we can
go and pop the camshaft ap of watch for the dow pence is usually two
in each calf and then you want to make sure that you
get the locating cliff as well make sure that doesn’t fault and
in the cylinder head we’re gonna do the same thing with the
intake side pop by cam cap of much for your dow pens
and then also there’s a clip their everyone make sure we got now I can just
remove the camshaft take the intake at first notice you made
the exhaust that tension adjusting their so they’ll
reveal the buckets and then also gives access to the two
other cell under head bolts and the next thing you do is just remove
that radiator hose their insists on your head
analyst Mike Laffin just pull the hose off know when entering the ground wire
that’s run into the cylinder head as well scream about ball and then there’s two
nights when the head to the cylinder the new to come off well just remove
those one soldier offer gonna switch the other side motor in the mood there oil supply lines there’s three banjo
bolts to hold this in place so we can remove the top on cuz is
connected to the sender head to get that banjo bolt now don’t forget
that there’s a couple crush washer the sits on both sides that fitting cue
track those as well and now we can start listening or four
cylinder head bolts you wanna loose knees in the criss-cross
pattern as well I could do just that camshaft caps and once we have all for those least we
can just remove those each of these bolts he’s a crush washer
on bottom to seal and a lot of times two washers on the
head bolts inside the cylinder head will stay sitting in there so you wanna
make sure you get those out make sure they don’t drop into the
bottom into the motor we used a magnet to do this and once those are our going to double
check everything that was attached the Sun go ahead make sure there’s nothing
else can hold it up go ahead and remove the cylinder head be cautious when you moving if we don’t
wanna scratching at the surface is in Reno on Japanese thing to the
parliament now I can see air piston the next thing
we need to do is remove the cylinder so we’re gonna remove that one bowl that’s
willing so no doubt on sets out we remove our front cam
chain guide after that so the way we’re just gonna
work this under up of the piston be careful not to scratch anything gonna
drop that can change down through notice one other dow pins came off at
the cylinder wanna make sure you’re keeping track in the so nothing it’s
lost you’re gonna just quickly stuffer rack
underneath the piston we don’t want anything dropping down
into the motor as removing the piston so then using our task circlip pliers
would remove one of the circlips that will allow us to push the recipient
through the piston and then you move that respondent what’s
at risk and other way we can just pull that piston rod of connecting rod many as you can see whatever dow Penn
State in the crankcase we’re just remove that too so it does
jump into the bottom in the motor and also so we can clean that gasket
surface easier now’s a great time inspector connecting
rod organ inspect the wrist pin hole for any sign of wear scratches then we also want to check the
connecting rod for play little side to side plays okay that you
don’t want any up-and-down play disconnecting out looks great so we’re
just gonna clean up the sewing surface with the low contact cleaner wanna make sure we get any better
ask that of other what’s up sealing surfaces clean we’re
gonna work on the bottom of the cylinder we’ve still got a doubt and in there so
we’re gonna remove that so that the other one for just gonna pull the old gasket of
and then using a little contact cleaner and a razor blade you wanna be careful
not to scratch the surface you just wanna skate that all gasket of so be cautious fergie is a drag as well attack on tackling does a pretty good
job in rebuilding the whole casket on Sat stone gonna move to the farm in a
cylinder head in the same thing just for contacting a
razor blade as you can see we’ve got a clean selling
surface for the next thing we’re going to focus
on is the cylinder as you can see the cylinder looks good there’s no scratches or other regular
where but we are going to hold it is your solder flux own to remove any
old carbon buildup or glazing that has occurred you can
refer to our cylinder home video for further instructions a few passes I’ll takes ever get to go honey gives you that consistent cross
such as you see here and that’s going to help our new ring
see and help with oil retention as well rocked many TV MC carries a wide
variety a piston kits to choose from we also carry a variety a big bore kits
and that’s what we’re gonna be installing on this bike today the cylinder works big bore kit comes
complete with topping gasket kit your new piston kit and a new cell under
it’s an easy bolt-on upgrade to any machine regardless of
whether using your old cylinder or installing new cylinder like in our
case you always want to wash the cylinder out with hot soapy water after
its been home sundar works is already on our niece
owner so we’re just washing it off and then after it’s been all dried off
you want to file I could’ve oil for lubricating to prevent talk station and the next step is to check covering
in gap the way you do this is take one if your piston rings and slide it down into the cylinder
we’re going to use that person to push it down a little more but you wanted at least ten millimeters
down into the cylinder it’s critical that the ring is sitting
level in the Sun as well this will help us get an accurate
reading with feeler gauge do this without compression ring and
then both side rails for the oil ring you want to refer to your service manual
for recommended get specifications but it looks like our rings are inspect
so we’re gonna go ahead and install them onto our piston against other oil ring
first which is a three-part ring in the middle space a ring is going on
first make sure the two ends this ring tonight overlap in the group next is the two
side rails and these things are both the same which
they did but one on top and one on bottom in that space a ring
we just stop once get those on it should look like
this: with your side rails on top and bottom in the space a ring in
middle now ready to install the compression
ring these rings are almost always have marks on one side either wetherbee a number four-letter for both
as you see on this rainy it’s critical that those marks are
facing up when installing the rain so gotta rings in style and this is how
it should look last thing we need to do for the reins
is position the ring caps for this for can refer to our service
manual it’ll show you where to position the gap on featuring it’s now rings are ready the last thing
we’re going to do to get this piss me ready is install one other person circlips into one side
of the piston so we just drove to the clip up in the
place you don’t wanna bend the circlip at all and that does it for part one of this
top end rebuild please refer to the park to video for assembly instructions rockman eighty BMC carries a wide
variety of engine parts everything you need to rebuild the top
end come check out our web site rockman a2 p.m. C dot com and thanks for


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    Thank you for this video RM , you guys are number 1

  2. jorgequiroz19 says:

    Hey my right crank case from my 01 yamaha yz 250f crack can you mane a video of how to replace it

  3. Rocky Mountain ATV MC says:

    With a service manual and referring to our Bottom End Rebuild Videos you should be able to get through it.

  4. Ashraf Ahmed says:

    Thank you for this video

  5. J Mags says:

    Great video! You mentioned that you have a valve replacement video as well. Can you provide a link?

  6. Rocky Mountain ATV MC says:

    Yeah it's on it's way, should be uploaded within a week or so

  7. RColca says:

    Do a video with a fuel injected bike

  8. Rocky Mountain ATV MC says:

    We most likely will in the near future but really the only difference between a fuel injected bike and a bike using a carburetor is the you would remove and install a throttle body instead of a carburetor and then you also have a fuel pump so you would have those wires to disconnect as well. Other than that the steps would be the same as this video.

  9. Ashton Lanier says:

    would carb cleaner work the same?

  10. Rocky Mountain ATV MC says:

    Yes you could use carb cleaner to clean up the sealing surfaces

  11. Антон Анатольевичь says:

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  13. masseyfendt37 says:

    Could you please do video on a top end rebuild for a kawasaki klx 300 thanks

  14. Rocky Mountain ATV MC says:

    We might in the future but there just isn't a whole lot of demand for that video. If you have your service manual and follow along with this video keeping in mind a few things will be different you'll be able to complete the rebuild.

  15. Erlend_Motocross says:

    i guess i would not have to check the clearance to the rings since the cylinder wall was replaced 60 hours of riding before ? i bought a high comp piston to my 09 yz 250f

  16. Rocky Mountain ATV MC says:

    Those radiators are samples of the Tusk Radiators we are working on. We hope to have them into production soon!

  17. destroyall24 says:

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  18. Rocky Mountain ATV MC says:

    Thank you!

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    You forgot to mention that you have to put the engine at top dead center before disassembly! If anybody follows your video they are basically going to destroy their camshaft or head.

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    When replacing the piston, do I have to hone it, or can I skip it ?
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    Not to mention you guys have the best deals, anywhere, for pretty much any part I need. Just ordered a carburetor repair kit and some odds and ends, free shipping, and it arrived the very next day! Awesome.
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