Minecraft vs Terraria – How Do They Compare? Video Game Comparison

August 14, 2019 posted by

This is not the first time we have compared
sandbox games. Our last outing to a sandbox comparison was
pitting Minecraft against Roblox, two games that have a rich history and have ruled much
of the sandbox world. Our conclusion was that there wasn’t strictly
a “best”, but that both games were good in their own way. Perhaps you could call Minecraft the most
popular, but the fact that Roblox has been making children adept at programming, and
making them wealthier than their parents is nothing short of amazing. So, what about the new kid on the block, Terraria? Terraria is fairly new to the sandbox world,
with its initial release being on May 16, 2011. It was designed for the Microsoft Windows
operating system, but has since spread its wings to other platforms. Throughout its Windows days, it received all
kinds of updates, with more enemies and non-player characters (NCPs), which kept life interesting
for players. In March 2013, it came out on Xbox 360 and
shortly thereafter, on Playstation 3. A mobile version for iOS and Android would
soon follow. It has since garnered great reviews and hasn’t
done too badly in sales, either, although some critics have said it is nothing but a
clone of Minecraft. We’ll come to the money later, but it’s
worth mentioning that in a recent interview, the creator of Terraria, Andrew Spinks, said
millions of dollars could have been made by charging people just a dollar more for the
updates. But, he said that went against his company’s
principles. “We have never been all about maximizing
the money at the expense of customers, we have stayed true to our core principals…we
strongly feel that forgoing those quick gains was and is the right path to take,” said
Spinks. So, already we must give some amount of kudos
to Terraria for not exploiting the player as some games do. In terms of ethics, it gets a thumbs up. Minecraft, on the other hand, could be called
the grandfather of sandbox gaming. It’s a rags to riches story, at least for
the initial creator. That man is a Swede named Markus Persson,
who had at one point in time had been obsessed with the game Dwarf Fortress. He wanted to develop a similar concept, but
something much more playable. That he did, in 2009, when he uploaded a very
early version of Minecraft to YouTube. An alpha version soon followed, costing only
13 bucks. He then made a 26 dollar beta version and
was quite surprised at how many copies he sold. Maybe he was onto to something. Persson never expected to be rich, and said
he just wanted to quit his day job and do his own thing. As of early 2017, he was worth about 1.4 billion
dollars. So what about the claim that Terraria is just
a clone of Minecraft? Firstly, the major difference is that Terraria
is 2-D and Minecraft is 3-D. Reading numerous forums featuring comparison threads of these
two games, it seems many people disagree that Terraria is just a copy – perhaps hoping
to reel in the dollars Minecraft has. If you’ve never played Terraria, the gist
is you start in a world with nothing much more than a pickaxe, and axe, and a sword. You build a base, and that is usually located
in a biome – a place where flora and fauna are prevalent – and there you have to create
your defenses. Non player characters can also have their
homes, and they can protect you against the many enemies. You will craft items in a workshop for your
protection and the protection of your area. You can also mine for goodies that will get
you through this kind of apocalyptic world. It sounds more like a game-like game than
Minecraft, which is somewhat a virtual world where you have no objectives but to keep building
and wandering around…for as long as you want. On the other hand, many aficionados of Terraria
say that the fact that monsters are never far away makes it much more exciting than
Minecraft. But at some point, say 100 hours, the game
might be finished. We’ll give you an example of three opinions
found on forums: one pro-Minecraft, one pro-Terraria, and one in the middle; all that seem to encompass
what most people feel. In defense of Terraria: “Terraria is a FAR
better game than Minecraft. It does not have explicit goals, but there
are a lot of subtle ones to go after, from neat equipment you can craft to items you
can find in the wild that give you neat abilities. Minecraft is a better world builder, although
as a game it is pretty weak.” In defense of Minecraft: “It has less variety
in terms of terrain generation but it makes up for that by being 3-d rather than 2-d,
as well as the world being practically infinite.” What the majority feel: “Both have their
pros and cons; it just depends on what you like, I suppose.” And what about the pundits, the game reviewers. How did they score these games? If you check out Metacritic, a site that scores
games, TV, music and film, giving an aggregated score from most of the world’s most acclaimed
review sites, Minecraft comes out on top. Of all the various editions, Minecraft continually
scores better than Terraria. In another list which compiled games that
have appeared on best games ever lists, Minecraft for PC has been on 12 such lists. While that might not be much compared to Nintendo’s
1996 Super Mario 64 and its 55 appearances, Minecraft was the only sandbox game to make
the list. In terms of what the media thinks, Minecraft
is well ahead of Terraria. As for copies sold and how much moolah the
games have raked in, you won’t be surprised to know Minecraft has done much better. Terraria was, however, a top seller on Steam
just after its release. After only a month, it had sold over 432,000
copies and that became 12 million copies across all platforms upon its 1.3 update in 2015
– an update that we know didn’t mean a price hike from its original $9.99. It’s thought that the total number sold
right now is about 20 million. A Terraria 2 has been on the cards for quite
a long time now, although it seems there have been a lot of bumps and starts. The game planned would answer the concerns
of Terraria critics that you can finish it too quickly and complete all the tasks. The new Terraria is said to be much more expansive
and so far more of an adventure into the abyss. But maybe that’s why it’s taking so long
to make. Money-wise, you can’t really compare these
two games. Minecraft’s creator is now on the Forbes
Rich List. Microsoft was so confident in its future success
that it bought it from Mojang for a whopping $2.5 billion dollars on November 6th, 2014. It never failed to sell well, and when Microsoft
got its hands on Minecraft, it had sold around 60 million copies of all editions. It now lies in the number 2 spot of best-selling
games of all time, behind Tetris, and has sold over 122,000,000 copies. Around 55 million people play it every month,
and it sells about 53,000 copies a day. Minecraft for PC currently costs $26.95, so
unless Terraria 2 is nothing short of mind-blowing, it’s unlikely to become anything close to
the money-spinner Minecraft is. At least Terraria is cheaper, and having many
enemies in a game and something more certain to work towards might be better for some players. So, which of these two sandbox games do u
prefer? Let us know why in the comments! Also, be sure to check out our other video
called Minecraft vs Roblox?! Thanks for watching, and, as always, don’t
forget to like, share, and subscribe. See you next time!


100 Replies to “Minecraft vs Terraria – How Do They Compare? Video Game Comparison”

  1. Mario Datu says:

    Guys we need balanced for Equality!!!

    Peace is not going to be possible if we keep on comparing!!!!

  2. Octo says:

    First off, I like the vid. Second, why do u need to steal someone else's Terraria content???

  3. Justinas Kelmelis says:

    Oh sorry mc is first now

  4. F. B. I says:

    minecraft and terreraia are friends

  5. Aversivebark says:

    Terraria: also try minecraft!
    Minecraft: also try terraria!

  6. LuckyLuxray says:

    I cant beleive theres people who think terraria is like minecraft

  7. Maximilian Musshoff says:

    Minecraft: i have 5 differend ore based swords
    Terraria: Hold my beer

  8. Chaosmuncher says:

    Minecraft: $26, 3D, 2 bosses, More popular
    Terraria: $5, 2D, 20 Bosses, More armor, More enemies, Less popular

    For me I can't afford Minecraft and terraria has too much items

  9. Grace 25 says:

    I Play Terraria and Minecraft, None of them is a Fake of the other, they even worked in someplaces together, Like in the Splashtext in Minecraft "Also try Terraria" or the Creeper costume in Terraria, its Said notch took some inspiration of Terraria, but None of them is Bad or wors then the other

  10. Chaosmuncher says:

    Its funny that the fan base almost hate eachother and the devs like eachothers game

  11. Chaosmuncher says:

    Minecraft Title text:Also Try Minecraft
    Terraria: Also try Minecraft and you can get a creeper costume in Halloween

  12. Xx2fast 4youxX says:

    Me: Mom, can I get minecraft or terraira? It will make me more creative.
    Mom: we have other creative games at home
    Creative games at home: fortnite creative
    Btw notch once said he liked playing terraira (source from antvenoms video on Minecraft clones).

  13. James 123 says:

    If you prefer pvp/pve, then terraria. it has a much,much bigger variety of weapons, armour, mobs and bosses. If you prefer building epic bases and elegant cathedrals,then Minecraft as its 3D

  14. Mário Moreira says:

    I mean I'm a fan for both of those games but you forgot a HUGE part of terraria gameplay which is bosses and how important some of them are to "progress" in the world as far as being able to get new equipment and accessing new places and also having harder enemies overall. Plus, terraria has town NPCs which are like minecraft's villagers except that they're much better. Those two things are the difference between a game that'll keep you playing for hours on end and never be repetitive and a game with no goals where you only build and get resources.

  15. Liam Mexicano says:

    I have all three Minecraft terraria and roblox lol

  16. Mistic Thunder says:

    It's funny that he uses Antrex's vids from Terraria

  17. The Giraffe says:

    i’m not going to take sides. both games like each other, the creeper outfit (terraria) is from minecraft and the ender dragon death (minecraft) is inspired by terraria boss deaths.

  18. Bdarz Prime says:

    Terraria:Realises Journey's End
    Minecraft:So long rival
    Cries in gunpoweder

  19. FBI Agent says:

    I think they really didn't give terraria what it deserved in this video, Terraria is much more than building a base and defending it, There are all kinds of stuff in it, There are boss fights, There are events, There is a lot of exploration even though the world is finite, There is an entire arsenal of weapons to choose, Anything from simple iron swords to weapons literally created from celestial materials, And there are hundreds, heck even THOUSANDS of enemies you can encounter, Even though it's 2D, You'll be very surprised by how much you can build, I think they were a bit bias in this video

  20. Christine Ang says:

    Terraria rocks

  21. Ben Siminski says:

    Who like terraria

  22. Marvin Lim says:

    Minecraft and terraria are so different i dont even know how people compare them

  23. MbossKdawg -Vlogs and Games says:

    Umm Terraria released before minecraft

  24. MbossKdawg -Vlogs and Games says:

    If Terraria were to become 3d a terrarian would stand at 3 blocks tall and be the thiccness of a 2×2 oak tree

  25. Nigerian Prince 219 says:

    Its been ages since real beef between these two games.

  26. ScrubLord64 says:

    I personally prefer Minecraft because I finished Terraria and then I got kind off bored. Also I think Minecraft with mods is a lot better

  27. I Love BTS says:

    TeRRerIA iS A cLOneD oF MiNEcrAft

    boi, terraria has more stuff and the stuff NEVER breaks

  28. Mini GamerPH says:

    They are both legends

  29. Dislike Button says:

    I think MC is better than Terraria but that's just my opinion.

  30. Irshy Yt says:

    Minecraft is alot better

  31. Ash_Dies_Alone says:

    Why do i hear boss music?

  32. sohng says:

    There both of my favorite games tbh.

  33. Idontknow 36 says:

    What about both

  34. Cameron Connor says:

    Minecraft is about creativity
    Terraria is about adventuring

    So when terraria gets creative mode…
    Minecrafts dead

  35. Cameron Connor says:

    I wouldnt expect a Terraria 2…

  36. tgone23 says:

    Terraria: Fun
    Minecraft: For babies

  37. BoostZ says:

    Critics: This is a clone of Minecraft.

    why do i hear boss music?

    (only terraria fans understand)

  38. riccardo heryanto 10 says:

    What happen after terraria last update🤔🤔🤔

  39. Kinic The Hedgehog says:

    No ………..
    This is not true
    I will never gonna watch this again
    Terraria is better

  40. Dawamee says:

    You can’t conpare them they are completely different boi

  41. AUTISM says:

    Newest minecraft version on xbox costs 54€ Euros.
    And terraria cost 23€

  42. Cyrus says:

    Which is better!
    Terraria or Minecraft

    Me: Legends of Zelda: Breath of the Wild!

    I know I know I'm off topic

  43. yolo z2 says:

    Yay minecraft win!!

  44. Hyperactive76 says:

    but in Terraria there are flying fishes ^_^

  45. That one person says:

    I think that Minecraft is way easier

  46. M7med Z says:

    Don’t you dare compare these games

  47. hunter connor says:

    Terraria is balance-

    Reaver Shank, swordfish, and gold crates:


  48. rarin 58 says:

    comparing Terraria and Minecraft is like comparing earth and Jupiter

  49. Shadow Lujia says:

    MC Veterans: Terraria is just a clone!
    Terraria Veterans: Hold my Ale
    MC Veterans: why do we hear boss music?

  50. Matthew Flynn says:

    Terraria easily… Not even close!

  51. mhatops says:

    What if i say both games are awesome

  52. teofilo galgo says:

    I like bot😀

  53. The Glowing Beans guy says:

    This is a terraria and Minecraft fan from 2019, terraria 2 also known as Otherworld has been canceled and minecraft is the most sold game with 700M copies sold

  54. CARTER PIPPIN says:

    Why do I hear boss music

  55. Phantom Quinx says:

    Terraria: Also play Minecraft

    Minecraft: Also play Terraria

    Awww :3

  56. Sili Bot says:

    They're both amazing games. Terraria has more content with all the mods you can get. Minecraft can get mods also, just still doesn't give goals… The " content " of Minecraft, are the servers you can go to. But even then the servers are very limited. People like Minecraft more probably just to the history of the game, and the nostalgia. Ciao~

  57. Starstreak66 says:

    Minecraft may be the game that started it all but even though terraria a after you have finished the game there is nothing much to do that all changes with mods like calamity , thorium and soul they add a TONNE of post game content to keep you playing for at least another couple hundred hours so yeah

  58. grib says:

    I dont remember the beta of minecraft being 26 bucks. Got mine for 20 in 2012.

  59. Jarrit Louttit says:

    my friend calls minecraft 3d terraria

    im proud of him


    I don't pay to play minecraft and terraria i download it online

  61. LancePlayz 10 says:

    Terrria has great bosses

  62. LancePlayz 10 says:

    1 thing about terraria npc's are actually useful

  63. LancePlayz 10 says:

    Terraria can be easily beaten?

    Jeez man my world is a decade old and i still cant beat the WoF

  64. Hel - Fyre says:

    Minecraft Bosses:
    Ender Dragon
    Elder Guardian

    Terraria Bosses:
    Eye Of Cthulhu
    King Slime
    Eater Of Worlds
    Brain Of Cthulhu
    Wall Of Flesh
    Skeletron Prime
    Lunatic Cultist
    Moon Lord
    Solar Pillar
    Nebula Pillar
    Stardust Pillar
    Vortex Pillar
    Mourning Wood
    Ice Queen
    Pirate Captain
    Flying Dutchman
    Goblin Summoner
    Dark Mage
    Modded Bosses:
    Desert Scourge
    Grand Thunder Bird
    The Ragnarok
    Devourer Of Gods
    Supreme Calamitas
    Profaned Guardians
    Queen Jellyfish
    Aquatic Scourge
    The Trinity
    Cyber King
    The Lich
    I Can Go On And On

  65. xtfragnarox says:

    this nword has never played terraria.

  66. Der lustige Mann aus dem Internet says:

    Bruh there are million bosses in terraria u have a lot to do

  67. Jensen Webb says:

    I think terraria is better because there many more things like there are more ores amethyst and rubys

  68. GD N3dax says:

    Terraria for life

  69. Herman Mathisen says:

    Wasn't Terraria also made before Minecraft?

  70. DnaDan says:

    You guys in a war, but y know, Minecraft has a splash text that says “Also try Terarria!” and Terraria has title text that says “Also try Minecraft!”

  71. Gamma says:

    Minecraft has a special place in my heart, but terraria is far more entertaining imo. The online experience of minecraft is leaps and bounds better than terraria though.

  72. HeX_MeLT says:

    Minecraft is a great game and ive been playing it since 2013

    Terrarias better tho

  73. MemeWarrior says:

    Terraria is better for bosses, Minecraft is better for building

  74. Minecraft time Bob says:

    I did not know they were Making a terraria 2 that’s so cool

  75. Joshua Wong says:

    You can't compare Minecraft and terraria they don't have anything much in common ngl

  76. Winter Van Dromme says:

    Terraria is ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  77. arthillidan mc says:

    they both are one of the best games i have ever playedin my life

  78. James Here says:

    I think terraria is wayyyyyyyy deeper and there’s so much more stuff to do, but that’s what a lot of critics don’t understand. Most just think it is just build and mine and craft, but it can be better by far once you get into it.

  79. Andy Nguyen says:

    At least the trees are better

  80. Dodo Zombie says:

    imagine minecraft players playing terraria for the first time and entering the dungeon before skeletron

  81. Meteobolt says:

    Including an antrex video on 0:48 3:21
    100 mechanics vs dungeon guardian

  82. Jmaster GameZ says:

    Dwarf fortress is in my opinion better than both Minecraft and terraria who else agrees

    Probably no one

  83. Knežo gamer says:

    Say sike right now, Minecraft is currently the best selling game in the world

  84. oh ma gawd says:

    and now almost 2 years later minecraft is way better then terraria

  85. David plays says:

    Terraria won who cares is a better game cuz dont lagg!!!

  86. Ethan Liang says:


  87. Ashton Evans says:

    Terraria is a much better there’s more exploration,more ores,more bosses and enemies.

  88. andybot89 says:

    Minecraft fan: terraria is just 2D Minecraft.

  89. Brennan Man says:

    Terraria just has so much more content and things to do, but still minecraft will always be close to my heart.

  90. Ectopekk 2.0 says:

    both are amazing games thats why there is pop up text on minecraft saying "also try terraria!" as there is title text in terraria saying "also try minecraft!" they really cant be compared as they are very different

  91. GabexDoge says:

    Lol, terraria won the poll so I guess thats the answer

  92. GabexDoge says:

    Everyone who calls terraria 2d minecraft doesnt realize there is a terraria ripoff called 2d minecraft and it removes everything that makes terraria a game

  93. Inwader ufo says:

    minecraft: i have a boss with 300 health!
    terraria:pfft our first boss has 2800 health

  94. MysteryGunner Rbx says:

    Look. Terraria and minecraft are brothers. We respect eachother 👌🏼

  95. Charles William says:

    Why not both?

  96. RealKanno says:

    Well after Minecraft earth terraria was most likely making the next terraria, but before Minecraft earth, Minecraft dungeons was in the process of trailer.

  97. Cookie Couch Gaming says:

    Terraria best game.

  98. kono dio da WRYYY says:

    Terraria has MUCH more things than Minecraft but Minecraft….

    …will ALWAYS be the greatest.

  99. Clark Hooper says:

    When someone tells me Terraria is a clone of Minecraft I become enraged just like Duke fisheron like if you agree

  100. Inspyx says:

    The only reason youre seeing so many terraria fans is because theyre insecure about their game.

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