Minecraft RAY TRACING – New fancy Sand Textures (overlaying) – Extreme Graphics 2019 [umsoea]

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43 Replies to “Minecraft RAY TRACING – New fancy Sand Textures (overlaying) – Extreme Graphics 2019 [umsoea]”

  1. umsoea says:

    ▉ Join our Discord Server: https://discord.gg/J2SDtqU

    ▉ The Textures are photographed and edited by me. If you like my work,

    you can support me on Patreon to download it: https://www.patreon.com/umsoea

  2. OliLovesUndertale says:

    My good sir do you run this on NASA's computers or something

  3. everybuddy says:

    Uhm wtf?

  4. MrGermandeutsch says:

    Yo, my keyboard started lagging.

  5. Cinder Woods says:

    I. Came

  6. thằng nào thấy đươc cái của tao thì tao cho 1 lay says:

    The thumbnail make me thought it was real life

  7. Pavl3 says:

    Title: Ray Tracing

    Description: Running on Gtx 970

  8. Stephanie says:


  9. ダンバダンバ says:

    the guy uploading this video's pc was even chugging as soon as there was movement.

  10. Noah Henry says:

    Damn that texture pack

  11. Abdullah Shah says:

    1fps on RTX Titan

  12. scrap made armours says:

    Jesus… My computer almost exploded within the first few moments of just the video itself!

  13. onlyonewhyphy says:

    If I don't see any blocks get broken, I'll be thumbing down.
    Just means you're trying to hide something.

  14. God says:

    You guys should play this game I invented. Its called Life.
    Basically, turn off your phone and go outside.
    Look at Nature
    Then go back inside. Nature is fucking terrifying.

  15. Mu Effe says:

    Minecraft? More like Lifecraft. Lol

  16. BN Bandit says:

    I wish we had this on Xbox

  17. Mememez911 says:

    This is a Hollywood Penthouse Dafuq?

  18. KingGarouRipper says:

    I'm ngl, I thought the water was real before I saw the blocks behind it and next to it

    Edit: Oh wait. That's because it IS real

  19. PewnedBywat says:

    real life has worse graphics than minecraft

  20. Madelyn Nelson says:

    Hey sis really good job!!!!!!!

  21. By Blue says:

    impossible this is a clickbait

  22. kevin esma says:

    Can mcpe?

  23. durre plays says:

    Its cool but kinda idk too realisitc?

  24. Understandable Fox says:

    B r u h
    What even are your specs

    Edit:nvm just read them
    Holy shit,I really need to buy a new gpu if i want to play this

  25. Blake Gregory says:

    Not my minecraft. Nope

  26. Vlady Martinez says:

    2025: minecraft is an app specifically used by architects in universities.

  27. REDandBLUEandORANGE says:

    Literally not Minecraft anymore

  28. Aaron Perez says:

    Me watching this video…

    looks at pc

    My pc: Don’t you fuckin dare

  29. Αγόρι Πεταλίδα says:

    I can hear his pc screaming for help ;-;

  30. Marie Aguiling says:

    Holy crap

  31. Kai Martin says:

    Real life

  32. Aaron Perez says:

    You think my ds can run this??

  33. Tristan Flindall says:

    Top ten things in minecraft only the richest can afford

  34. Laze_sell says:

    Maybe it looks so real and good but try to find good pc to play this textures in 60 fps

  35. Mocha Lake says:

    Not only does this one guy have a NASA computer, but so do his 3 OTHER FRIENDS

  36. Ƥяя says:

    How much terra needed ?

  37. Tristan Flindall says:

    Notch entered the chat

  38. Frantic Freak says:

    This would totally ruin The game like if you agree

  39. PhilSwitch says:

    I wanna see this combined with NoCubes

  40. Thepanzer690 says:

    It's not the recommended we wanted

    It's the recommended we needed

  41. cbwtk says:

    bruh my computer is lagging just playing this video nearby

  42. Triiodide says:

    Me: Downloading this texture pack
    My PC: Grows arms and legs
    My PC: "May I take your order?"

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