Mindset-The graphics workstation you've never heard of!

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  1. Hello Kitty Lover Man! says:

    Those front cartridge ports with the blanks in them look kind of like blank bays for 3 1/2" floppy drives.

  2. Hello Kitty Lover Man! says:

    "This isn't mine, so I'm not gonna [retrobrite it]." Well, neither was that other loaner that you did retrobrite. So…?

  3. Björn Baldus says:

    Good job – very interesting tech stuff!

  4. Breakfast of Champions says:

    So many 74LS chips, it's a little wonder you even got this to work once more.

  5. Hello Kitty Lover Man! says:

    Oh, so the "video editing" you can do on the Mindset is rather limited and it wouldn't be able to manipulate the outside source or cut it up on a timeline, etc., like we do with it today. Right?

  6. rasz says:

    Mindset does look strikingly X68000 like

  7. kennys Boat says:

    I believe that anyone with a plane ticket and a uhaul should fill it up with stuff and then we should publicly fund a warehouse

  8. Daniel Karlsson says:

    The Swedish government developed computer "TeleNova COMPIS" (means "pall" or "friend") also used a 80186. It was supposed to be used in Swedish schools but where a complete flop.

  9. Hello Kitty Lover Man! says:

    LOL, "Nothing to see here…."

  10. Hello Kitty Lover Man! says:

    Haha, "Not For Sale" as a disk name!

  11. Hello Kitty Lover Man! says:

    "And if you're thinking that looks like a PC joystick connector, you'd be right." Yeah, right that it looks like one. Now what about if they guessed that it is one?

  12. Hello Kitty Lover Man! says:

    "No need to remove the screws or anything." Well… ya gotta remove the cartridge/card, at least!

  13. Stefano Lugli says:

    I dreamt the 8-bit-guy singing the 25th canto of the divina commedia (inferno)

  14. Jacob Bøge Andersen says:

    What an absolutely brilliant series of events that lets us have a look, and what a brilliant computer; it does seem very well thought out.
    Well done, that the right sort of people get access to buy some of those treasures.
    If someone makes a clone that is near as impressive as the Mindset, I'd surely be thinking about how I could fund purchasing one :3

  15. Lion McLionhead says:

    Pretty common for product names to convey intelligence, in those days. Imagine if it was called the mindphone today. Although consumers call them smart phones, manufacturers don't.

  16. RAINBOW WOLF 13857736 says:


  17. RAINBOW WOLF 13857736 says:

    I want Macintosh color classic restoration plz

  18. Tovvvija says:

    5:48 that had to be Duke's mouse… there's no other option…

  19. R.a. Wheeler says:

    This is the modular computer Apple never really buit. Amazing blend of PCjr and Amiga style design. I like it, but Steve Jobs most certainly would have liked parts of it too.

  20. Aris Alamanos says:

    easily one of your top 3 videos ever

  21. WaxP3 says:

    Can't play a lot of games on it, well that explains why it is rare and practically unfindable.

  22. Charles Hepburn II says:

    Can we please get a Vyper 4K remaster? …and maybe a Dolby Atmos mix of that single voice music!

  23. Darío Pérez Darío says:

    I thought I knew all the computers manufactured from 1980 to the present. But the truth is that you present in the video David is a find. I didn't know her. And it looks interesting. As interesting as Tandy Radio-Shack computers. I congratulate you for the video. Very interesting. I am Dario from Argentina.

  24. Steve W says:

    Again, another video involving something amazing from the Computer Reset store, and it makes me hate myself that I've never heard of this place before even though I live in Grand Prairie, TX. Of course, there used to be a lot of places dotting the Dallas area where you could pick up old computers (Electronic Discount Sales, the First Saturday Sale in downtown Dallas off Ross Street) but I hadn't known of any that survived up until now. I really feel like I've missed out.

  25. Skauber says:

    Would be great to see the teardown of the floppy drive module as well 🙂

  26. Luke Curtis says:

    GW BASIC takes me back to my NCR days and the Deskmate computer.

  27. greggv8 says:

    The 8088 MPH demo needs ported to the Mindset.

  28. C: DOS says:

    9:20 Nice diskette name!

  29. Polo Gamero says:

    "AT" program seems to be a demo of "player-missile" like in the Atari computer.

  30. Matthew Blom says:

    The most relaxing videos on YouTube…Somehow. And starts with Carmen's theme. Yay!

  31. Kai Oliver Böhnke says:

    The Commodore plus4 did not only have a compatibility issue. The main problem was the functionality of the internal software (which was actually a good idea). The text program was able to handle only 99 lines of text – means 1.5 pages DIN A4. Yes, one and a half. not more. I also analyzed the data structure – and it was wasting so much space even on a disc. And the internal databank could only handle 99 sets of data correctly.

  32. MK4000 says:

    Duke Nukem approves of this mouse!

  33. dennis neo says:

    They were great days of computing. Not now. Just like society, everything is homogenised.

  34. pedrotski2007 says:

    balls balls balls balls balls balls balls balls balls balls balls balls balls balls balls balls balls balls, I've got balls of steeeel "Pointer I'm getting chills again"

  35. Andrew Maizels says:

    Wow! Only a week ago I mentioned on my blog that there were NO videos on YouTube about the Mindset. It was easier to find content about the Sord M5 – a machine that no-one remembers.

  36. Dávid Földeák says:

    Thanks for showing us Clint's torso. Felt like the first time i saw Cow and Chicken's parents' face on Cartoon Network

  37. _-'EliE FlaG'-_ says:

    That's probably the sexiest photo of Bill Gates one could find 😛

  38. Credon Greycloak says:

    Thanks for all your excellent videos. Computer Reset is an amazing place, I wish I was close enough to be able to go there.

  39. Tevlex says:

    5:45 duke nukem insider

  40. Albert Huron says:

    Another Dallas Friend!

  41. Alvaro Acwellan says:

    Hm, this 80186 may have its more meaningful markings on the bottom side. Happens with ceramic 286s too.

  42. Keith Bopp says:

    SO cool! I’d kill for one of these!

  43. Daark says:

    Omg Clint from LGR is so damn cute.

  44. kiyosen L. says:

    i would argue that the higher serial numbers are probably less common these days, at least in working condition, i would think the earlier models would've been better taken care of because the people who bought them were much more interested in it and probably put it to good use

  45. Rick E. says:

    I would like to see you do a video on the earliest home computers that could get "online."
    I'm thinking of the 1983 movie: Wargames, with Mathew Broderick. It is so cool that they used an old style telephone handset/receiver instead of a dial-up modem.

  46. Julián Medina says:

    I Always watchs this videos when i'm high. Why? I don't fucking know. Just coincidence. Dude I was born in 1995 but right now I'm feeling in 1984!! :O

  47. Fawzan Fawzi says:

    Vyper graphic is better than Pokemon Sword and Shield to be honest

  48. Toploaded Gaming says:

    Do you have any use for a Atari 1200XL?

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