Mike Pritchett: How to Effectively Tell Stories In B2B Marketing Videos

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storytelling is a hot topic especially for b2b companies and marketing videos but it can be challenging to figure out how to actually tell that story in your marketing video so in this video we're talking all about different ways that you can tell that story hello and welcome to the make it awesome show your roadmap to video marketing success I'm your host Renee Ealy and today I'm here with Mike Pritchett the founder of shoot stuff thanks for joining me so what is your advice for companies who are looking to effectively tell stories in their b2b marketing videos so I think one of the beauties of beta B is you can get very very specific with who your audience is now everyone knows you have to know your audience but but that's such a cliche you have to get really really detailed on that I believe make specific content for different parts of your market in our case that should stir we get we get really specific we make personal videos with the person's name in it and send them directly to the person and that gets massive cut through if you're talking social though make sure you've broken it down to to the most finite detail you possibly can that's fantastic I think everything starts with knowing your audience whether it's video marketing or your other types of marketing but knowing your audience fantastic that's kind of a great place to start so once you know your audience you know who you're trying to target with your video what are some effective ways that you can actually tell that story quick tips and tricks really making sure you you grab the Matt we all know our attention spans are like a goldfish even shorter potentially online make sure you've got a hook you've got something that grabs people in very very quickly this means you know like a like a movie quite often starting with the most impressive part up front you know you watch James Bond it's all about that first intro and then you you kind of put put up with the rest of the movie in your content do the same thing bring all of your cutaways right in the first few seconds bring everything right up front so that you can get people's attention the first three seconds wins you to the next 30 seconds wins you that three minutes yeah that's fantastic so there's definitely some room for experimentation on what you have to use for that hook but it's so important that you hope people just right away when they're watching your videos definitely and I think episodic content is key as well you build a following so if you if your storytelling you know you can't expect to win somebody over in just one video and so in the same way that you're doing here your audience knows what to expect you know the content the person you're interviewing changes but the reality is the way you do it the style you do it I'm assuming stays the same moving forward definitely there's consistency there which works great for a series of content and it's something that you can do even with your regular style of marketing videos too so for example this is an ongoing series but you can also do something that's like a just a three-part series or a five-part series absolutely and having that call to action at the end to watch something else to come back for the next series I think is fantastic and it means on a production level you can batch that content as well where if you're going to set everything up shoot a lot of content makes it so much easier if you need to bring a few shirts in to work to err to just change outfits and pretend that's a different day it's fine I basically wear the same shirt and everybody that wins easily just just take it you can't cut halfway through something so any kind of last piece of advice that you have for companies looking to use effective storytelling as part of their videos shoot a lot test and measure for me I feel you know we're in the age where there's so many platforms you can get content out there very very quickly and easily with our model and you know and I know with your model as well it's really about being able to create cost-effective video as well so you don't need to spend a hundred thousand dollars on a video and do it once or even twenty or thirty or ten thousand dollars you know you can really bring that cost point down especially if you're batching content it's easy to create content so create lots of it get it out there test and measure yeah that's fantastic I love that alright so if one last question for you and this is an important one what was your favorite toy when you were growing up favorite toy look I had I had three brothers so to hold on to any toy or to ever have a new toy was not really a reality for me I would say a billy cart that is that a term that's used over here basically a wooden a wooden cart that you knock together yourself with the wheels on the side and and so if you know you push the sticks to turn goes down hills very quickly and the wheels the wheels will pretty much fall off as you go down so I didn't grow up really poor I promise it sounds like I was it but we knocked them together and that was always my favorite toy zooming around in there that's awesome I kind of now I've never heard that term before they go really really well on San Francisco straits it'll be pretty you know interesting bird street okay great well I really appreciate you being here showing all of your amazing insights thank you for having me and thank you for watching this episode of the make it awesome show if you haven't done so already I highly recommend that you subscribe to our youtube channel to receive our latest updates packed full of information just like this to help you with video marketing for your business thanks again and remember to make it awesome

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