Metal Gear Solid V – Ground Zeroes PC Graphics Settings & Keyboard Controls Translated

July 28, 2019 posted by

what's up everybody its young cure where the Metal Gear Solid 5 Ground zeroes news update in this video I'll be translating the various Japanese settings options and menus shown throughout the ground zeroes PC demo from the latest episode of Kojima station let's begin by taking a look at the graphics options from top to bottom the translation goes as follows window mode resolution display vsync frame rate model detail textures texture filtering shadow lighting screen filtering screen space ambient occlusion and effect interesting to note is that the game features borderless fullscreen which is essentially windowed mode but without the borders and without forcing the game to minimize when switching between tasks and programs allowing for much more intuitive multitasking while playing the game also interesting to note is that the game's framerate can be locked to 30 frames per second in case your computer can't handle higher settings but those with powerful computers can play the game at up to 4k 60 frames per second moving on I would like to take a look at the keyboard and mouse controls obviously the WASD Keys are used to move snake up left down and right respectively then we have shift to dash or sprint control to walk which is needed since keyboard inputs aren't analog see to change stands e to perform contextual actions space to quick dive and V to zoom or to switch between left and right viewpoints as for mouse controls the mouse is used to look around right click is used to aim and left-click to fire that's not shown in this footage but it doesn't take a genius to figure that out there are still a few commands that are still missing like switching between items and weapons bringing up the idroid reloading binoculars and radio but those can likely be found by scrolling through other pages of the menu if I had to take a guess for some of those I would say that switching between items and weapons has been assigned to the number keys reloading to the R key the idroid to the tab key and the binoculars to a key nearby WASD like cube as for radio it's hard to say but I personally would assign it to a key like Z nearby but out of the way so there you have it folks a translation of the settings and options found in the PC version of ground zeroes a huge thanks to my translator Claude Smith for helping me out and with that I would like to conclude this news update thank you for tuning in let our nation know in the comments below if you'll be purchasing ground zeroes for PC and to be further updated on Metal Gear Solid 5 be sure to join the nation by subscribing to young yeah I'll see you guys next time and Young gout you


44 Replies to “Metal Gear Solid V – Ground Zeroes PC Graphics Settings & Keyboard Controls Translated”

  1. Lucky Boy says:

    hey fellas can somebody tell me how to fend off an animal and escape his attack. Guys what's 'L' with a downward arrow for keyboard, I could never figure out the key that I'm getting killed by animals every time they attack me. To fend myself I have to press 'L'+W (where w is keyboard button while 'L' with an arrow is probably an xbox button). Help me guys what's this goddamn 'L with a downward arrow'??

  2. Nestor Ramirez says:

    most of this kids saying pc master race dont even own a pc that can handle this game, that is why consoles are better, you dont have to worry about ypur console not running a game haha if you spent a lot of money on a powerfull pc, then that is when you say Pcmaster race :v

  3. Otis Miller says:

    How expensive is a laptop that would rival PS4?

    I ask because that would really end the argument about PC vs Console if it is anywhere near the price range. I like bringing my current shitty laptop to a friends and playing games together, and ofcourse we often plug it in to the HDMI and add controllers.

  4. Theme Fresh says:

    cant see any difference to PS4

  5. Scuba Steve says:

    been waiting for ground zeroes for the PC since PAX, i was going to buy a PS4 for it this Xmas but since it was coming for the PC i just updated from a GTX 550 ti to a GTX 970

  6. SpookyKid94 says:

    I don't get why anyone would use borderless fullscreen
    Even if you're running 2 or 3 monitors, it's not worth the insane input lag

  7. Braedon Kocks says:

    Heck yea pc master race and starts on mgs 2 on ps2 then bought all the other mgs games

  8. Edudn01 says:

    What does "Effect" stand for? Is it a bundle-option that includes a lot of things together, and in such case, what are these bundled effects?

  9. xI2aiden says:

    Ive always loved playing mgs on consoles. Once i saw the visual difference between pc and ps4 (which i have) i was convinced that i wasted my money on the ps4. My only issue now, is how will i be able to play on the pc with a good controller? (preferably ps4 controller)

  10. dominik vinko says:

    dude…PLZZZZZ   finish skyrim act II   …….many count on it & want to know what happens next…doo it for ur subs!!

  11. Umbrella4117 says:

    If it is easy to mods i might be  willing to pay again.  But for the  moment there is not enough change for me to buy it again The PS4 Version at 60 frame is more than enough.  But at least they seems to made a Decent PC port.  Lets see. what people will think of it. 

  12. Solid91us says:

    i want it for console but u can argue with the graphical power of pc single player get pc treatment, multplayers get console i guess

  13. jason alexander says:

    What happened to the "Thank You Very Much" ??? i say it everytime 🙁

  14. ScrewFearMe says:

    i wont be purchasing GZ to pc because i already own it on ps4

  15. Fernando Souza says:

    what about the dragonborn act II

  16. Just Me says:

    Yong when are u going to do dragonborn act 2? Ur fans feel ignored and forgetten. Have u decided to just not do act 2 and keep going with this mgs and fallout and everything else other then dragonborn act 2? We all would love some kind of feedback regarding act 2 please :-/

  17. Josh Adamik says:

    will never buy it on console ever again now that there coming
     to pc !

  18. TheIronicTea says:

    Anybody know if the PC version will have a physical release on a disc? 

  19. Aidan Penny says:

    When is that damn release date ffs

  20. Danicolasol GamingTV says:

    i will definatelly be getting this on pc!!! nice vid by the way as always yong, ty for the update and now well… the 6 days countdown begins for me cause i dont have any console at the moment so i couldnt play GZ up till now.

  21. Robin Lee says:

    can evga 780ti classified sli run at 30fps?? 

  22. InnerThought49 says:

    Yong when is dragonborn part two coming out

  23. TheScablignoob says:

    People moaning about this coming to PC? Its only going to make the community bigger and better. 

  24. Foxhound 248 says:

    Oh my…
    The menu looks rather nice, but my question is if the game truly runs well.
    If it does then good god Kojima take my money!

  25. LithiumFox says:

    Excited for this

  26. Day Late Gamer with Will says:


  27. Spox says:


  28. SolidusRyd says:

    It sounds like it will be locked to max 60 fps? If so, what a shame, won't getting the extra from 120 or 144hz monitors then

  29. JaapioNL says:

    Maybe I will get the pc version of GZ and PP. If they are any good.

  30. Starcat5 says:

    I lack a PS4 for now, so of COURSE I'm getting it for PC.

  31. TheXelsky says:

    Dear Yong,

    With great power comes great responsibility. You have the great power of making awesome cinematic machinimas. But you also have the responsibility to please the fans of these awesome machinimas. So please, just tell us what's going on with dragonborn act 2. I'm happy enough with an update or a trailer. Just give us something.

    Thank you.

  32. BrotherO4 says:

    the only reason why im getting this on pc is because of the draw distance and model limited. those two things are what hold back the game for me so having it improve is a plus.

    i was hoping for better texture,models, and so on but i happy with the overall of mgs.

  33. Neon Silver says:

    Can't wait to get this for PS4.

    I'll only get this for PC if mods are available which most likely they might.

  34. Marco Martins says:


  35. Juni says:

    I already own it on PS4, but I'll definitely pick it up on steam. Just got a GTX 970 and ready to push some 4k on a new title. Ground Zeroes on PS4 definitely shows how hindered it is by the hardware. That Fox engine really wants to stretch its legs, and we'll finally get to see what that's like soon enough.

  36. Herman Gandjob says:

    yes i will, i'm tired of booting up my old 360 !!!!!!! is it on steam??

  37. solid snake says:

    why the fuck did you make this pointless video… you could have posted the info somewhere.

  38. BillyOftenWilliamPalmer says:

    Interesting timing for the PC release considering the recent US torture report, it's weird how Kojima seems to have predicted at least real 3 world events in his games!

  39. Kobin says:

    although I already own it on PS3, gonna re buy it on PC, Praise GabeN

  40. yahnawimsayin Gaming says:

    Will they release ground zero on pc so pc users can have the benifits that u could get i tpp

  41. yahnawimsayin Gaming says:

    Yes pc that makes me so happy since my PlayStation died and i still have a pc omg so happy

  42. fersnake says:

    ps4 layout, fuck yeah!

  43. Roodee says:

    THANK YOU, Yong!

  44. Lusty Scripps says:

    Fullscreen: Windows without Borders

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