Meet The Tesla K80 Nvidia’s Most Powerful Graphics Card Yet Has An Insane 24GB Of RAM

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Meet the Tesla K80: Nvidia’s most powerful
graphics card yet has an insane 24GB of RAM Nvidia’s PC graphics chips may draw all
the attention, but supercomputing chips are driving the company’s GPU technology ahead. The company on Monday announced an updated
Tesla K80 graphics card, which is its fastest graphics product to date. Tesla is used in
some of the world’s fastest supercomputers to solve pressing scientific questions. The K80 is based on technology similar to
that used in GeForce PC graphics cards, but with some memory and throughput tweaks. The
graphics card can be used by engineering companies to simulate visual models, or by oil and gas
companies for geological research to find the best drilling sites. Tesla has also been
used in servers to deliver virtual desktops to remote clients. The K80 delivers 8.74 teraflops of single-precision
performance compared to 5 teraflops on Nvidia’s flagship GeForce GTX 980 desktop graphics
card. The K80 also has two times the performance and memory bandwidth of its predecessor, the
K40, which was announced around the same time last year. In 2016, Nvidia is promising even faster graphics
products based on Pascal architecture, a new on-chip communication technology. Through
a new interconnect called NV-Link. GPUs will be able to exchange data faster, which will
facilitate better performance. Nvidia says NV-Link is five times faster than the PCI-Express
3.0 interconnect, which is used in most servers and PCs. Nvidia’s Tesla is one of many server accelerators
available. Intel sells the Xeon Phi chip, while Advanced Micro Devices offers FirePro
cards for servers and workstations. Software needs to be written specifically to take advantage
of these processors, and Nvidia offers its CUDA parallel programming framework for Tesla. One knock on GPUs has been the amount of power
they chew up in processing. As a result, they have to be used for specific tasks. The K80 chip is broken up into two graphics
processors, which share the balance of processing. Combined, the chip has 4,992 processing cores,
24GB of GDDR5 memory and memory bandwidth of 480GBps. A technology called GPU Boost
can kick up performance for specific applications in bursts to deliver better results. Hewlett-Packard, Dell, Quanta and Cray will
use the K80 GPUs in servers. Servers from HP and Dell will run on Intel’s Xeon CPUs. Dell’s PowerEdge C4130 is a 1U server that
looks more like an appliance and will be able to accommodate up to two K80 cards. A number
of C4130 servers could be used as cabinets to build a supercomputer, said Jimmy Pike,
chief architect for Dell’s enterprise solutions group.


7 Replies to “Meet The Tesla K80 Nvidia’s Most Powerful Graphics Card Yet Has An Insane 24GB Of RAM”

  1. zrhtemplar says:

    this is gpu for me i need stronk gpu for minecraft

  2. Elnaroth says:

    But why?

  3. Sam Grady says:

    dood my 24mb harddrive and 2mb ram owns this thing to dust. I can play tetris but it crashes everytime beat that

  4. Lumi says:

    Oh man RENDER 1 hour 4K Vid in 10 Seconds!

  5. Jeremiah Brownfield says:

    So I read somewhere that the tesla compliments the cpu and shoots it full of cyber go juice. Can anyone answer what happens when mix a nvidia telsa with an amd a10 7860k? Would be insane if the tesla cards boosted those apus to mind numbing heights.

  6. Emperor Pig says:

    Can it run crysis?

  7. HeyWatchYourMouth says:

    If it can play Playstation 1 games then take my money!!!!!!!!!!!

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