Meet The Artist Behind These Viral 3D Animations

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23 Replies to “Meet The Artist Behind These Viral 3D Animations”

  1. Gérard TCHODIE-MAGLA says:

    background song?

  2. Chloe Harrah says:

    Hey everyone @mediaartssbcc … check out these 3D animations! The best I have ever seen. Wow!!!

  3. Mary Jhoanna Ramos says:

    3:17 N U T S A C C

  4. Kurichi -San says:

    This man need going in a hospital

  5. Dogo Is best says:

    Who else came from Azzy land?

  6. Durad Hendrix says:

    What's the background music. Someone help.

  7. Sarah Bracken says:

    Does anyone know what 3D/animation program he uses?

  8. A Travelling Bleach says:

    Man this is some great vore!

  9. A Travelling Bleach says:

    0:33 "I love to play with Human Bodies"
    Wait. That's illegal.

  10. KuteKupkake says:

    1:00 wow, the new trolls movie looks good

  11. Bálint Balázsi says:

    what programme does he use?

  12. Grvtyb says:

    What's the program?

  13. iloveCats AndFish says:

    Disgusting and amazing at the same time.

  14. blax says:

    Bmth medicine

  15. Lavender Patch says:

    idc if you like them or not but for me this is disturbing and sometimes give me nightmares

  16. That weird Moldy carrot says:

    Disney: *the best animation company*
    Oliver: hold my beer

  17. Robert Csakany says:

    if its viral why aint it in my recommended

  18. Thanos’s Chin says:

    The acne squeez tho

  19. kittenkittycat16 says:


  20. MacNMemes says:

    They are cool but disturbing

  21. Lauren says:

    I'm enjoying the comments more than the video

  22. Lenard Vlogs says:


  23. Elijah Miguel Alcantara says:

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Skip to 1:10
    Cause it’s not disgusting

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