Mavic 2 Pro | Image Quality: The secrets

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  1. Spielwerk Studios Robert Moller says:

    Hast Du gut gemacht.

  2. JMBB- FPV says:

    I have seen reviews like this and the P4 Pro blows all the Mavics out of the water. Sad to see Mavic too much hype no purity of the result

  3. Èllsi Prod. says:


  4. kobektas says:

    better to look photos not the video for sharpness.

  5. 123thedman1 says:

    I would love to see an in depth comparison between the mavic pro and the mavic zoom

  6. 123thedman1 says:

    your video is in and out of focus, i would expect someone doing a video quality video would make sure there video camera is shooting perfectly in focus. so for that reason its hard to take you seriously

  7. Cess Outdoors says:

    Are you in Europe?

  8. Checkered Flag Films says:

    can you compare the two 1" sensors (MP2 vs PP2.0)? Identical sony sensors but the phantom has much better image quality. Some say its a marketing decision and/or heat build up in the MP2 where they've had to raw subsample the sensor…so the MP2 effectively does not use the entire sensor as does the PP2.0. What do you think? Will DJI fix this? There is a long list of fixes DJI needs to apply to their new MP2 series.

  9. Alex Ziska says:

    I am in a weird place. My only drone is a Mavic Air and I want a better drone soon. I was planning to get the Mavic 2 Pro but with all the negative aspects that people talk about, I wonder if I should get a P4 Pro 2.0 instead. Any opinions on that?

  10. Arturo Mazo says:

    great video…

  11. ziblot123 says:

    In the past I have had playback issues with 4K videos on my MP. Wiggling? Jerkiness. This happens on MacBook Pro,Mac mini, and my Linux on a dell chassis. But if I drop down to 1050? Or even 2k it plays ok. Will this new format 265, 100 bits etc, require a new video card? I thought my Macs were fairly new. Both had HiSierre. Probably post2012 models. Yannick isn’t a traditional German name, What is the origin or is it a family name. Just curious. Good stuff.

  12. MFMG says:

    All lenses have a "sweet spot" for sharpness. Diffraction will cause certain small apertures (high f number) to decrease sharpness while increasing depth of field. You found the sweet spot at f5.6 it sounds.

  13. SB says:

    Very well done!

  14. Nate's Escape says:

    Wow never noticed these till you pointed them out, thank you so much for this video

  15. David Townsend says:

    Sorry have to disagree with your comment 'larger sensor less noise', as a photographer of 30 years plus. Full frame DSR and crop sensor camera user it is more complicated than a sensor size ans noise.

  16. EXE Moto Adventures says:

    Conclusion, wait for Mavic 3!

  17. Christoph Vargas says:

    well done, thanks!

  18. Phonetastic21 says:

    Ppl have been saying that if u change aperture to more than f4 then the image quality is not very sharp. You must keep it lower than f4.

  19. Wesley Elder says: – Check out this guys video… Interesting findings…

  20. DJI Support says:

    Hi Yannick, thanks for sharing your experience with us. the video captured in the DLOG-M and HLG color modes is uniformly encoded using 10bits H.265 for greater post-processing space. But 10bits video cannot complete distortion correction in the aircraft directly, it needs to be post-processed. There is much software that supports distortion correction, therefore, we recommend to solve it by the third-party softeare. If you want an image that is not distorted too much, please use the normal color mode for video shooting. Sorry the inconvenience caused.

  21. Yann LECOEUR says:

    I assume you meant "diagonal" and not "diameter" for the sensor size 😉

  22. John Parker says:

    Das Video bzw. das Gesprochene ist sehr leise. Kann man das verbessern?

  23. Crady von Pawlak says:

    Well this sucks. I sold my M1 a while ago in anticipation of the M2P release and got a Mavic Air just so I'd have 'something' to travel with over the summer. Now, it looks like the video quality of the M2P isn't any better than the Air's (also a 100Mbps bitrate) and unless the still images from M2P are just ridiculously gorgeous I can't see myself buying an M2P anytime soon

  24. 123thedman1 says:

    I just want to add that it takes time and money to make videos like this and i want to encourage you in your endeavor . Positive criticism is about wanting to improve someone or something, not destroy it. So keep up the good work and i hope your channel goes from strenght to strenght .

  25. KenslyFresh says:

    Great job!!!!

  26. Thomas Cribbin says:

    Hey mate, not sure if you know if you are doing this, but you are mixing framerates on your video meaning your piece to camera is very choppy as it's the wrong frame rate for your timeline. It's worth checking as it's quite distracting (f0r me anyway)

  27. Kern peay says:

    I set my mavic2. Max attitude to 400 ft. Ehen i hold the stick up it woll bypass 400
    Ft and max at 1500 ft

  28. Paul Emus says:

    I rather wish you made the same comparisons for all the people selling their Phantom 4 Pro to get the Mavic 2. I would guess they will get worse images.

  29. Robert Laureano says:

    Thanks Yannick for this informative explanation between Mavic Pro 1 and 2 video qualities. I agree with most of what you said except for one. It is actually a known issue with the original Mavic Pro that when the default setting of Sharpness is set to 0 that the video compression encoding on the drone will actually reduce some fine detail on intricate objects like trees. Setting the Sharpness to +1 on the Mavic Pro makes a world of difference in bringing the lost detail back by not doing sharpness processing. The Film Poets channel helped explained this awhile back. You should try it. On the topic of the sharpness advantage of the Mavic 1 vs the color advantage of the Mavic 2, it's a toss up for me since I prefer both. Coming from photography, color can always be fixed in post processing but correcting sharpness on a blurry image is very difficult or sometimes impossible.

  30. AZ Geek says:

    Nicely done. Coming from a P4P I can say that the M2P image quality is not as good. Hopefully this is correctable with firmware updates. And I am hoping that any correction to the horizon distortion effect isn't going to involve cropping and a reduction in the FOV. Subbed!


    What do mean out of focus? Lol all I see is a bunch of haters. They put more attention to the focus then the review. Good job on the review

  32. JK 241 says:

    Not a true 1 inch sensor?

  33. KEN5423 says:

    Thing is once you upload to youtube their compression thing degrades all videos.A DJI Spark would be ideal for youtube pretty much.

  34. Wobble Sound says:

    You're great! Awesome video thank you!

  35. ZILL NIAZI says:

    Where's the precision landing feature on this one as is on Mavic Pro?

  36. SkyEye says:

    Good editing my friend 👍🏼 .I bought the Mavic 2 pro 2 weeks ago i think it flies much smoother and probably better and the image transmission is much better like you said the image quality unfortunately i only have time to test it once because here in greece it rains 1 week now , as i saw from your videos it looks amazing and btw i liked your cinematic look it look to me its much better quality prob not so much sharper than mavic1 but colors are 👌🏼anyway keep up the good work .

  37. ZILL NIAZI says:

    Nice review. Please reconsider adding the background music to your videos.

  38. Cory Simpson says:

    Fixing the distortion takes just a couple of seconds in a NLE. If you are shooting in d-log you'll be using one anyway so it isn't a big deal.

  39. G S says:

    I appreciate your review but honestly, as an “amateur” photo and videographer is confusing. You keep mixing the “no good and still good”in a very confusing way. We buy a camera, whether mounted inna drone or DSRL for one reason: image quality from the camera with a minor correction in post editing. If I pay $2700 for a camera in a drone + fly more combo I should expect a great image but you are saying is not a good image so please tell me, it is worth it to purchase Mavic 2Pro under the parameters I have explained?

  40. FC WHAT says:

    Not good to have the vignetting in the photos modes but I suspect most videographers don’t care about that!

  41. Marius Akelis says:

    not entirely true, Mavic pro uses 1080p stream as well.

  42. Wildart2 says:

    Great video Yan, amazing how well DAC's a Drones go together. 😉

  43. bongo twocanchoo says:

    Nice area. Where are you filming?

  44. Nicholas Götze says:

    Sorry aber in den ersten Minuten erzählst du ziemlich viel komisches Zeug und dann in dem Englisch… 🙈

  45. iSpike says:

    I am loving the detail in your video my friend.I have just subscribed to your channel new friend. Cheers Spike (OutBack country) Western Australia

  46. Zebra2870 says:

    I agree. I will not spend my money on this until it is corrected. They should just put the Phantom 4 Pro camera on it an process in the same manner. I would by the Phantom 4 Pro but I do not like the clumsiness of that design.

  47. Denis Gosselin says:

    Good review Yannick, but i must admit that i hard a hard time watching your video. You're talking about the sharpness and quality of the DJI drones, but when you film yourself talking in the field, lots of time you are out of focus. And then, in front of your computer, please take off the autofocus and leave it on a preset focus, i was going carzy watching you going in and out of focus all the time. Otherwise, keep up the good work!

  48. Sailing Learning By Doing says:

    Nice video. I agree with the slow aperture dial, liked the one on the M1 much better. You can use the camera up/down toggle, left and right to change the shutter speed.

  49. Symon says:

    Music way louder than narration. What's the matter with you? Why was that deemed ok?

  50. Peter Lustig says:

    Typical german. Little knowlage but big meaning

  51. BenniK88 says:

    Thanks for that in-depth review. You seldom see somebody checking vignetting at grey cards and sharpness at all apertures. Chromatic aberrations would be something that could have been testet in future reviews.
    Other than that I liked that you’ve been so picky and checking out even the smallest thinks that at the end of the day will be necessary to get the beloved cinematic quality out of small drones like that we’re all hoping for. Keep it up!

  52. Pat ##### says:

    Great review, what nd filters do you use and what nd filter typically stays on the Drone like ND8 or ND16 for example?

  53. Peter Bailey says:

    WTF, a bunch of so called "EXSPERTS" winging about the quality of video out of a drone, most of you Pricks could not fly a drone let alone a kite and don`t deserve the attention, go back 4 or 5 years when there was skill involved, WHAT A BUNCH OF JERKS YOU ARE!

  54. izoyt says:

    10:38 less sharp – clear winner ? well, denial is real..

  55. scsiboy5 says:

    Hi Yannick, Thanks for your great information. Just a suggestion, your video frame rate is very choppy and I found it rather distracting to watch.

  56. Guglielmo Giambartolomei says:

    Hello is DaVinci Resolve 15 able to edit H.265 video?

  57. Oros Dan says:

    I got the chance to fly M2P for 2 days, maximum 3 flights and altough I did not went into so serious analyze I was dissapointed from second one of watching my files with the quality, no dynamic range, no sharpness, no benefit of variable aperture, H265 useless on most software and hardware.

  58. Dronessimo says:

    Offtopic sorry… whats camera (on the ground) was this video fillmed with?

  59. Arve Kjønsvik says:

    that scenery 😮

  60. Florian Brinkman says:

    what kind of program are you using for the editing?

  61. ToDasBest RcGarageofDreams says:

    Great info. I own one and haven’t been that impressed. If it wasn’t for the few extra features I would have grabbed the EVO. Because I rarely done any post with Autel XSP.

  62. Marc Witarsa says:

    Hi Yannick, the information you mentioned in your video were very usefull to me. Good work. Just a comment, try to put your camera on fix focus when you are in the studio. It's kind of annoying to see it moving in and out of focus.

  63. Kyle Jackson says:

    Smaller pixels = better image quality. Not bigger

  64. Chris Hancock says:

    Yannick are the battery packs compatible with each other?

  65. BC Droneboy says:

    Subbed….good job

  66. Hurricane says:

    dear mr Grabowiecki 🙂 when you mentioned the problem at 7 minute mark, for me personally the bigger turn off was the fact that the horizon line was flashing (I checked that on many monitors and the problems is visible on pc displays, mac and mobile) so this is my question for you if I can ask for help: what is that? and how we can get rid of it?

  67. Neha Vikas says:

    Hassleblad is a hassle and just a marketing trick. Quality of video has gone worse

  68. Adventures with the Smith's says:

    LMAO @ sausage!

  69. Deb's Doodle & Designs says:

    Thank you!  Please check out this channel for vaccine truths!

  70. Looking good feeling good smelling good Dominating says:

    Good review, thank you for your hard work

  71. Anatolii Riepin says:

    Thank you!

  72. David Vaini says:

    you keep talking about video quality, but what about IMAGE quality? As in Still image.

  73. BRUNO and LOCKY says:

    Sausage 😂

  74. Mamiya Phan says:

    19 minutes to tell a "secret"

  75. southpaw says:

    Very nice comparison. My only complaint would be your color grading: the colors are way to saturated and vibrant. The sky never looks that blue and grass/trees never that green 😅

  76. Karl Donald says:

    Gotta laugh at you bitching about DJI focus when you cant focus your own vid.

  77. Big DS Productions says:

    The internal image distortion correction is only available at certain resolutions/bit rates. At the highest possible settings, the image is distorted and must be corrected in post. There's just too much image data for the processor to correct all of it. In a future model, a faster processor will do the correction in camera.For now you have to choose what's more important to you. If I have the choice, I'll always choose the highest image quality in the raw footage, even if that means a little more work in post. DJI needs to do a better job explaining this in their marketing since many people are complaining about this like it's a bug that needs to be corrected with a firmware update.

  78. Juan I. Doumet says:

    Dude, stop walking around

  79. Waynos Fotos says:

    Not sure what your using to Vlog, but it looks jittery this end watching on YT, I realise YT processes the image, but it does look a bit odd to watch. Maybe worth while investigating why your finished image is like this. I would imagine you are using quality gear your end. Cheers

  80. Philip Joseph says:

    Any thoughts here on comparing these issues with the Autel Evo?

  81. Cameron B says:

    At 17:00, the video looks flat, and then he says, "let's grade it…" and then it looks better. What is this "grade it" and what's he doing? Is it a post-processing setting or in-camera adjustment that needs to be done?

  82. thedcfgrp says:

    You talk to much.. Let's not talk. Get to it dude..

  83. john kean says:

    I bought a DJI Mavic Pro Platinum (£1200 around $1500) as a treat for some friends in Cyprus and 6 weeks after Waiting for it to be delivered all the hassle of getting it through customs after sending it to North Cyprus (who take longer to deal with things) etc etc. So the guys waited weeks nearly 2 months for their drone. The day it arrived l was here in Cyprus. We all went to the beach and we were all very excited filming with it. We were on the deck sunbathing. When the drone returned to us it just flipped and landed in the sea for no apparent reason! We got it out after about 2 seconds, dried it in rice, but it didn't work! When I phoned DJI long distance, they said they would repair it free for us so I was relieved. I spent more money about €50, sending it back (which meant travelling through the border, again thru customs, to the South of the Island, I don't drive so taxi costs. Thus was to use a Post Office with tracking so l coukd track the Mavic Pro.)
    Then strangely DJI wouldn't confirm that they received it 4 weeks later (even though tracking showed it arrived) until I could find all my receipts and evidence my end which I had temporarily lost. This took another week and a half, with more long distance phone calls, to different people in their office as no record was kept of my long distance phone calls. I've lost count of the many calls l made. It was a total nightmare. Finally, they decided they were not going to fix it free after all and gave no real reason for this change of heart. They then quoted €890 to repair it which seems steep when you consider they replace a chip or something minor – l could probably do it myself if you could buy electronics gear here (North Cyprus) which you cannot! I just asked them to return it. I cannot explain why they didn't wish to help – I wasn't angry with them on the phone I was polite all the way – so I am at a loss about this. In commercials and YouTube you see the machine flying over water there is no warning that it is NOT even semi-waterproof or splashproof. I explained to Amazon where I bought it who decided they would sort it for me saying if they couldn't get redress from DJI they would pay me. I said l was happy to have half the costs and expenses. I waited and waited for my refund to no avail. Out of the blue, Amazon too decided they weren't going to pay me anything not even a postage stamp! So I am £1500 plus down and all my time and effort (and expenses) and nothing to show for it. Not to mention all the time and trouble travelling to South Cyprus to send it back via tracked mail long distance phone calls etc etc. The worst was watching my two young friends ' unhappy faces. The real reason for this plea is I wanted to asked anyone PLEASE – what do I do with all the batteries and stuff? Can I use them on a different drone (not DJI as I am still sore!) There has to be a clone out there where I can use the batteries, surely China has copied it (improved it!) it just seems so much waste. I thought the 21st C was a sustainable one, it seems not as far as DJI are concerned!!!

  84. Z Red says:

    hast du die vergleichsvideos in fov oder hq modus gefilmt?

  85. Ackson Munthali says:

    Nice Video and info…. 6 months down the line, would you recommend a Mavic Pro 2 today? Am planning to buy a drone.

  86. q3flat says:

    next time please turn off auto focus while you are sitting in a give distance from the camera, anyway nice comparision

  87. Tristan BLAUDET says:

    Hi Yannick,
    And…. Do you agree or did you ever hear about the"conspiracy Theory" that DJI might perhaps NOT use of the 1'' sensor in the M2P because of probable over heating?
    This makes that a 4K from a M2P looks similar to a 2,7K from a DJI P4P…
    Some people anaylsed and support this theory, i.e. watch:Mavic-2 Pro – Sensor Over-Heat Solved With Line Skipping?… this could help people to save money !!

  88. Unal Ozmen says:

    Nice video! As a stock photographer who use full frame cameras, I want to go into drone shots but I am not sure if I can get good quality photos with these tiny sensors. Just trying to predict the IQ, is it worst/same/better in Mavic 2 pro than iPhone?

  89. TheDutchGuy110 says:

    Never heard of the ''Mavic One Pro'' LOL
    just say ''Mavic Pro'' or ''Mavic 2 Pro'' people ain't stupid

  90. Jan Rother says:

    Schade in deutsch wehre besser gewesen ein großes minus

  91. Epic Moments says:

    2 should be better it is the replacement?

  92. Bustin Ass says:

    Everyone should forget the Pro – the zoom is twice the quality and you get a zoom. The Pro like the H name is all BS and a hoax from DJI! The only advantage of the Pro is for night shots which are few and between. Having the 10 bits is worth nothing if the image is bad to begin with!

  93. Free and Critical Thinker says:

    Not to bitch about your video, but damn the music is annoyingly loud in between your dialog. The volume goes way loud in between. Don’t know why it seems a lot of drone videos have such blaring or annoying music. It’s quite detracting from what otherwise would be a good video. I was trying to wear headphones and had to keep racing to turn the volume down repeatedly. Maybe something to think about in the future.

  94. Leonel Padrón says:

    hhhahahaa your t-shirt at 1:00 is so noisy…speaking of censor sizes, pixels and noise 😛

  95. Edwin van den Akker says:

    11:48 Do you have any idea how long it takes to render a nice vignette into my footage? With the M2P it comes out of the box. 🤣

  96. Glen M. Danielsen says:

    Dankeschön, brother Yannick! So helpful! New subscriber here. Cheers,

  97. Schwendi says:

    Hi Yanick, the point with the sensor sizes and inch specs is not a marketing gag. It's historical and it roots back to the old video camera tubes. All sensor formats do so, therefore you can compare them… Check it out at "Table of sensor formats and sizes":

  98. pieter van der walt says:

    What was your shutter speed ? Trees look blurry due to motion blur . You should test lens quality in just photo mode to stress test lens

  99. Rosa Durio says:

    You move the image around so much and so rapidly, it is impossible to actually take a careful look.

  100. Robert Hawtin says:

    Music between words much too loud.

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