Master Gradients in Graphic Design! (In 10 Minutes)

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In this video, you’ll be learning all about
gradients in Adobe Illustrator. In the next few minutes, I’ll be teaching
you every detail which you need to know about gradients including :
What are Gradients? How to Use them?
where to use them? How to create your own gradients? and much,
much more. So, without further ado, let’s get started. Welcome back Guys! Creative Psychology here. This channel is all about helping you learn
graphic design using Adobe Illustrator. You must have many other tutorials on youtube
about Illustrator and Graphic Design which are very long. Our aim is to help you master graphic design
in the shortest time possible. we upload a tutorial shorter than 10 minutes
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to get notified when we upload a new video. Okay. So, what if you want to adjust the direction
of the gradient. Well, you can do that using the angle option. Just drop it down, and select any angle you
want. You can also enter your own angle. For example, I’m entering 104 degrees here. Illustrator will automatically adjust the
direction of the gradient according to the angle you enter. But if you keep on using this angle option,
then adjusting the gradients according to your wish, will become very tedious. So illustrator has a solution for that, and,
it is the gradient tool. It is just below the eraser tool, over here. Just click on it to Select the gradient tool. The keyboard shortcut for the gradient tool
is G. Using the gradient tool, you can determine the direction of the gradient by clicking
and dragging anywhere on your artboard, like this. You can adjust the gradient slider from here as well. Till now, we used the linear gradient. Now, let’s learn about the radial gradient. For that, I have drawn a circle here. A linear gradient has been applied on the
circle. Now, we are going to apply a radial gradient
on this circle. To do that, just go here, into the gradient
panel and select radial gradient. As you can see, the name speaks for itself. The
radial gradient spreads the colors along a circular
area. You can adjust the radial gradient too using
the gradient tool. So, I am pressing ‘G’ on my keyboard, to use
the gradient tool to adjust this gradient, like this. And of course, you can apply the radial gradient
to not just a circle ,but to any figure. If you want to save the gradient you created
for later use, you can just drag and drop the gradient from here, on to the Swatches
panel. I can use this gradient whenever I want. Now, there is another form of gradient called
the freeform gradient. It is available only in Illustrator CC 2019
or newer. Now, I have drawn a figure here. We are going to apply the freeform gradient
to it. So, just go to the gradient panel and select
freeform gradient. The freeform gradient lets you adjust your
gradient very freely. Now, you can see a few dots over here. You can assign a color to each dot. After you do, that, illustrator will blend
the colors very very seamlessly. Let me show you. Now, make sure that your gradient tool is
selected. Select a dot by clicking on it. Go over here. Double click on this fill, and select any
color you want. Now, you can see that I have adjusted the
colors of all the dots. I have assigned a different color to each
dot. You can add more dots too, like this. Just click on any area on the figure to add
a dot. You can also set the opacity of the dots,
and adjust how much you want the dot to spread. If you want to learn Illustrator from the
beginner level, Just click this playlist over here to watch the complete guide from the
beginning. So, that concludes today’s video guys. Thanks for watching. Subscribe to our channel and I’ll see you
over there.

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