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[Applause] [Applause] if you wanna be a news anchor radio jockey a reporter an actor a director a photographer then department of mass communication Sharda University provides an ideal platform to nurture your dream into reality first mass comm Department I think this is one of the most of every department and I foresee by way down the line ten years down the line sar developers as in is the leader in terms of mass come to party we have a large surplus lots of ideas we are not going to confine only the Moscow me are thinking of starting acting dance music editing as well as you know flu shooting choreography and sounds to DA we also you know plan to have you know to have a production house within the UC base to it you can start writing the script and you know they they'll shoot the films and be willing to fund also if we find some right kind of team who is willing to use our students strengths in terms of you know taking them off in the completion of the entire process of making Clemson as well as serious each other University School of creative art design and Media Studies we offer a butcher program which are professional in nature this is delivered by both academicians of highest repute and qualification as well as industry professionals the school keeps itself up to date with the latest technology and innovation and offers programs an immense space to nurture the creativity of the students so that they can earn a place of their choice in this competitive work our vision is to provide holistic development to the students and make them responsible mediatic the department has evolved into a premier media school of the country having the best infrastructure faculty and exposure to its students the success of any institution is based on four pillars of excellence its academic programs its faculty its students infrastructural support at the department of mass communication we can boost off the best of all these empowerment of most communicators of Georgia he knows things one of the very vibrant department or the year to know it evolved to greater heights and it is in a position to compete with the nationally known institutions in the area of media theory the department has three at to collaborate with the industry and their design or the children to get hands-on experience and all the students are well played I would be for me the better the department's tried to strike a balance between academic and practical training to the students so that they become a skilled media professional according to demands of the industry but the iPhone in their hand so I think for them is also interesting to see what kind of profession all the undergraduate and postgraduate programs offered by the department of mass communication are made with deliberation and with inputs from industry and eminent speakers and guests when you're going on the ground they may learning every single aspect of it you're writing you're learning the content writing scripts basically you you know write the whole research methodology then you're compiling then you're learning management skills of how to write a you know the port and compile a project presentation into it and when you're doing holding anchoring asking questions then you are you know learning how to do this research is the important part of media especially for journals we always encourage our students to make their habit in the field of research because every media of nation needs a good researcher the department of mass communication which other universities are starting with a bachelor's degree in film and television production what sets us apart from the rest the quality of our teaching there on working professionals and our my of to premiere film school to this country film and television Institute of India and mass communication research center and CRC is subject not only that the interface with motion picture industry is very strong in our school many web series each opens commercials have been shot in the campus now how does that help the students students get to be in the working environment professional working admired not only that we also get to intern on those projects in-house the department has its own fortnightly newspaper both in English and Hindi char the news and Sharda samachar in which students of the department perform their learnings from collecting news to editorial world like saga samachar where a student do a complete exercise starting from new hearing to reporting writing editing and even designing in design they used to work with the help of the software's like QuarkXPress this kind of exercise give a student a complete skills and professional knowledge to contemporary media industry the department of mass communication regularly organizes lectures and workshops by eminent media personalities who make students aware about the recent happenings in the field of media the scholars media professionals are called from the industry to interact with the students also the students are sent to the industry visits and on tours to have a more holistic growth for them I'm teaching digital media digital graphics web graphics all the necessary inputs for to make my stools in docility and the stage to their of communication unfortunately we've got a fully functional digital multimedia lab here at the department of mass communication I teach social media and mobile and journalism and online and converging journalism to our students what is special about the department is that keeping in consideration the current trends in the job market the students are exposed to new technicalities in the field so that they can sustain very well in the job market the prime focus of our department is placement and we have already placed more than 80 percenter spirits of the different different renowned organization such as ask that VDC as so many others we have the already a dedicated team placement in which is just working on the different different front of the polishing and enhancing the skill of their students for practical exams we have only continuous assessment and enter by buffer which we invite external experts from the industry who evaluate the production of the student and give them their suggestions today I saw some of the work done by the strength of this inner city and I was really amazed and especially those they are under gave you the strength and the kind of work they shown and they're concerned it's not only about the format of a particular medium they're concerned about gender issues that concerned about the how the media is behaving these days they're concerned about the youth they're concerned about the high level of digitization and how it's affecting the social relationship as we believe in Sharda University teachers teach but mentors motivate a student to go an extra mile a mass communication department we try to monitor each student's performance on daily basis we have shared our mentoring portal on which we assign each student his or her mentor who helps him in his learning classes shavon university has given a great platform to their students to be an integral part of a cultural society where students get exposure to a unique learning and experiences apart from this mass communication department has different clubs like radio club film club photography club even dramatics also all of these clubs runs by the students and for the students a child a university we have a centralized system where libraries of 13 different schools are interconnected our students have complete access to all the reading material available a library is fully equipped with all the latest updated edition of all the new books of journalism and communication in the department of mass communication we have a well-equipped TV studio where students after their theory classes they come here to do suit their video product here this would sort film here they do their photography exercise there apart from that we have also well equipped pcr lab where our students do their online interviews and there are many props many backgrounds in our TV studio which the students can use according to their requirement zoo mashhad ah 90.8 FL 90.8 FM Sano Sharda you're listening to evening life with me such in mass communication is a major asset of this university this department has developed into a very big department with all the basic infrastructure you have FM radio which is currently running for almost 12 hours every day and the local community is totally involved in that so no Sharda 90.8 FM yes lot of students are participating in this radio community radio and we are actually introducing students on regular basis they are preparing shows they are learning radio skills editing skills how to conceive new ideas how to create a program or of those particular ideas round up those roms a Alcala de una cheese has ill as easier than woke up in trauma Chicago today about the gig at idle ago jitna give back oh she's cut off Monday to Friday supernova in silicon para but it's a mustika Malka Malka suck some others infotainment assad man who town Octus odd are you maybe bahador yeah information after pancha tom music otaku chota oculi or years of samba Obata share the university get mass comm Department key we just say mass communication caves student cubed is a Jew teacher Sumerian see Cottingham but artists and art and may be used to psychic power to posterity of enemies he handsome here or control Lucas operate cut the nk7 addiction / calm connect as a script writing my up never be better than a movie so ta the students in Opera shoes Kenyatta a table of Neapolitan chana chaat because she anchored will not charge you but not jothee so BA hebba sorry mass comm Department of Calcutta or was life kovanda egg geo or Gina's own attention Lanigan attention vinegar is sure the NIDA positive mass comm Department has a great great future and I think not for this institution but across the country because the future is all about digital context so there's there's no dust you know they they extremely you know very very fortunately for all the schools

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