8 Replies to “Making IceCream using Affinity Designer on Ipad Pro”

  1. ice2climber says:

    You make it look like it’s easy. Awesome job. Where did you make the animation at the end of the video?

  2. Marcos Brito 3D Art says:

    Cool stuff

  3. Susan Schmitz says:

    And you make it look sooooo easy!

  4. Susan Schmitz says:


  5. Tommy McDuffie says:

    A little off subject but I see you use an apple pen? What's your take on it? I've heard some pretty bad things about it but you seem to do just fine with it.

  6. Paulo Batista says:

    Very good my brother

  7. michael opp says:

    Very inspiring.

  8. Mateus Neri Audio Designer says:

    Awesome technique!! Good work, Jhow

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