Make Cartoon/Vector AVATAR on YOUR PHONE! | Tutorial

July 29, 2019 posted by


13 Replies to “Make Cartoon/Vector AVATAR on YOUR PHONE! | Tutorial”

  1. Grabster says:

    Feels great to be back!
    If you've enjoyed this video, you'll enjoy this one where i teach you How to make Portrait Mode Effect 🔥

  2. ProBottX says:

    How to make intro like you sir please tell.

  3. XxNyαnTMxX Yt says:

    hooray ita been along day without you my friend

  4. JB THE PRO says:

    Nice video dude. I tried using it and it worked but my file kept rotating which I think was my fault.

  5. Nixras says:

    How to make awsome mcpe intro on android

  6. Seekndstory DM says:

    Hi i found link about apps using adb here is the link

  7. Jackal R6S says:

    How do you film like that
    Also if it is a chroma screen , can you share it?

  8. Technical Solutions by Anu says:

    Great to see you back

  9. FaMon Iza says:

    I was waiting for a new video and here we are with this bomb.
    Awesome tutorial bro, I always wanted to have a vector avatar for my channel and social media dp's.
    Thanks 😊

  10. asmodeus says:


  11. Prodify Cycling says:

    Make a video on how to create intro video with Kinemaster.

  12. Findominator says:

    Great to see you back uwu

  13. Tube Techie says:

    Pretty cool video Grabster, how you made the shadow was pretty cool!

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