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[Upendra] ‘In the Mad House,
you get paid for not doing much work.’ ‘Hitting the bell icon is also
not too much to ask for.’ ‘So let’s hit it…
Let’s subscribe as well.’ [Tom] Upendra… Get me a water bottle. Water bottle is right beside you,
Mr. Thomas Sandulu. Oh. Then give it to me. [mind voice] Psst! She’s a bigger lazy bug
than me. Hello, Tom…
Is Upendra home? Yeah. She’s pretending to be cleaning the floor. Okay, listen. Watchman has got my courier. My passport is in it. Ask Upendra to collect it. I don’t want you touching it. Let me tell him. Give me that. Tommy! Don’t touch it! [mind voice] Look at the villain. – You should kill him. Come on!
– [courier boy] Sir! – Who is it?
-You’ve got courier, sir. Sir… Upendra… Upendra! Bah! Upendra!
[courier boy] Sir! [exhales deeply] Alright… I’m really busy today. Leave it at the door. Okay, sir. Mr. Thomas Sandulu… Charulatha ma’am said an important
courier will be arriving for her. Who’s that? Is she our neighbor? Oh! You mean Charu? Yeah, right. Courier is at the door…
Get it inside. Alright. [door creaks] [grunting] I’m so tired! I don’t get it.
There’s no courier outside. Shit! We lost the courier?! Oh my god! Where did he leave it? Shit! Hello… Hey, Billu! Where did you leave the courier?
I kept it at the door, sir. Collect it as soon as possible. You know there are a lot of thieves
in the area. Really? Okay. Okay. You think Passport is that important? Okay. What do we tell Charu about
who lost it? “Mad House!” “These conversations on life” “They go over Einstein’s head” “It’s the beginning of many tales” It’s time chaos surrounds us” “Watch them closely…” “They’re all gathered under one roof” “Fun times are calling” “Mad House!” Oh my god! There’s nothing I can do to calm her down. If you had made the effort to walk
a little sooner… We wouldn’t have lost the courier. Upendra!!! I’ll make 3 rotis and 2 curries today. But I eat 5 every day. Charulatha ma’am and Jyoti Varalakshmi ma’am
will kill you anyway. Do you think they’ll kill you before lunch? Upendra!!! That’s not the case. She knows me.
Charu knows everything about me. I’m innocent. Sincere. A little fat. But very cute! So she won’t scold me. I can prove my innocence. [dialing]
They will kill you! [dialing] Hey, Charu… What’s up? What the hell, man! Nonsense! I’m so frustrated I want to kill someone.
What is it? She might kill you brutally if she’s angry. Okay. I called casually. Shut up! Hang the call.
Shame on you! Useless fellow! [clicks tongue] Not good. We should act like we’re not aware
of the passport, Upendra. But you are aware, right? Jyoti Varalakshmi ma’am… Ugh! Stop saying Jyoti Varalakshmi ma’am. Don’t tell anyone that we lost
the passport. Both of us will be in trouble
if anyone finds out. So we know nothing about it. Got it? Okay. Thank god! [peppy music fades] Charu, wait. Charu! [Tom yells] Charu! Is everything okay? What okay? She almost got us arrested. [sighs] Arrested? Wow!
Keep talking. What happened? You really want to know? She went to the traffic police
and asked… ‘Hey, dude! How much
was the collection today?’ Wow! Very interesting! Change of topic. Keep talking.
[sighs] Keep talking. I was just trying to make conversation. He can’t fine us for that. I’m a teacher…
Teachers are friendly by nature. Sorry. Charu. – Don’t!
– Very interesting! Keep talking. Mr. Thomas Sandulu…
You’re doing a bit much. You’ll get caught. Charu! Jo, just shut up and get out! You think you’re some heroine? Is that how you talk to the police? [door shuts] What’s wrong, Charu? Relax! We’re all adults, right? Cracking adult jokes won’t do it. We need to act like adults sometimes. Let’s not fight, right? Yeah… We’re all friends, aren’t we? We should always be together.
We shouldn’t fight. How was that? We’re safe, right? So… Your passport has arrived, right? Let’s start on the VISA work.
What do you say, Tom? Charulatha ma’am, I’ve got work to do.
I’m leaving. Upendra! Did my passport arrive? It did. Mr. Thomas Sandulu… He lost it. [audience laughter] Tom! Charu, please cool down and then we’ll talk. No. Very interesting! Keep talking. Tom! You are…! Out! How could you? Do you know how important
that passport is to Charu? Tom, I asked you to be careful
with the passport. How do I go to the US now? [sighs] Shant, save me. Girls… Girls, give him a chance. Tell them what went wrong, Tom. The passport is missing. He ruined my life. Tom, you can’t handle
one small responsibility? Shame on you! Useless fellow! You’re pretty much useless
in this apartment. [sighing] Shant…
– I’ll handle it. No! Let him talk! He’s not a useless fellow! He must’ve done something useful. Tell them, Tom! [mind voice] What have I done
that was useful? Yeah! Actually… Hmm? [Shant sighing] Not a single thing? Okay. Carry on, girls. Yeah! He does nothing. Except for eating, sleeping, watching TV
and ruining things on time. [sighs] Shant! That’s… That’s event management. [mind voice] Well said!
– What? You know he tied my scarf to
the cupboard to move the beer can. That’s… engineering! Yeah! [Jo] He broke all my chargers
by over using them. Now we’re hanging clothes on those wires. [sighs] I’m not sure what I can call that. Sorry. Actually I’m a scientist, bro! Enough! Get out! You think you’re good at everything?
Go and live on your own. – What nonsense!
– Shut up! You also get out! You…! You…! Loser! What?! She just called you a loser, bro! L-O-S-E-R! I heard her. You don’t have to repeat it
so many times. You’re off your limits, Charu. Yeah. Apologize to us. We’ll leave the house otherwise. What do you say, Shant? Yeah. Apologize. I’m not saying sorry. You won’t apologize, huh? Then we’re not friends anymore. We should separate. Give us our part of the house
and draw lines. That’s it! What do you say, Shant? Umm… Yeah! You have to draw the line! Really? Great idea! We have no interest to keep you around. I’ll draw the line right now. You better. [sighs] Done!
Go to your side of the line. Hope you’re happy there. Goodbye! [peppy music fades] Don’t walk with me. [audience laughter] I’m not walking with you. Jo almost got Charu arrested. You lost her passport. Why did I get kicked out
along with you? Be happy to spend some quality time
with me, bro. [scoffs] Congratulations to myself. – Come. Let’s go home.
– No, bro! We’re not going home until
they apologize to us. There’s something called self-respect. If I’m not wrong… They’ll start missing us in about 2 seconds. [sighing] I don’t know why I’m feeling so happy. I know, right? They’re so annoying. But, Jo… I need to get my passport back. Yes! L-U-C-K-Y! Lucky!
[Tom] He’s gone mad. [exhales sharply] Okay. Let’s go, bro. But you just said something
about self-respect. I’m hungry, bro. Self-respect versus Hunger! Hunger wins! [audience laughter] Actually I’m also pretty hungry. But we can’t just go home.
Ego issues! Yeah, tell me.
Where are you? I’m at the park.
Idea! Where are we meeting?
Give me the exact address. Okay. See you there. Emergency! It’s an emergency! Oh, is it? Hello? Emergency! It’s an emergency! Huh? What? Your friend… Shant! Shant! Yeah. It’s an emergency! Oh shit! Emergency! It’s an emergency!
Come on, Charu! Emergency! It’s an emergency!
But what happened? [dialing] Don’t give your so randomly, okay? [smiles hysterically] Guys are always prank-calling
beautiful girls. We climbed all the way down
for nothing. [gasps] Didn’t I tell you?
They sneaked in like a couple of thieves. [grunts] Let’s play with them. [phone buzzing] It’s Jo calling. Maybe to apologize. [laughing hysterically] Ssup, Jo? Where are you? Not home for sure. Oh, really? If you’re not home, then who is? Who knows? We’re outside. Who else would be home
if not you guys? Okay. Okay. I got it. It’s the thief who stole your passport
this morning. Thief?! Are you serious?! Yeah. Yeah. It’s the thief. Very dangerous! – Seriously?!
– Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Go and see for yourself. True! We can hear his voice. Do you hear any voices now? No. Not now. But guys… Please come and do something. [scoffs] Apologize to us and we’ll come. No way! [Both] Fine! Sorry! Alright. Look around you and find a rod. We’ll be there by then. Okay. Okay. Bye. [door creaking] Come, let’s go. Why aren’t they here yet? Come fast! Come fast! [panting] Hey, Jo. Come on, guys! We saved you today. So be thankful. Psst! Please open the door. By the way… You shouldn’t be scared at all
when you spot a thief. You shouldn’t run away. Okay? – We have to be brave.
– Hey! My makeup kit is inside. Please open the door quickly. My passport, Shant! Come on! Tom! [whispers] Fake it! Fake it! Be brave, guys! Be brave! Let’s do it! [door creaks] Tom! He has my makeup kit. Shant, my passport! Let’s not leave him! Go! Attack! [squealing]
Attack! Attack! Why’d you tell me he’s from the military? Why did you do this to me? Why did you lie? How could you insult such a big writer? It’s the 1st of April! Tom is angry!
You fooled me, huh? Wait and see. I’ll get my revenge. I’ll fool all of you by evening.


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