Madden 20 vs Madden 19 Graphics Comparison! WOW….

July 26, 2019 posted by


26 Replies to “Madden 20 vs Madden 19 Graphics Comparison! WOW….”

  1. EricRayweather says:

    Official Madden 20 Gameplay!

  2. p25duke says:

    Or im just losing my marbles

  3. p25duke says:

    I think 1:43 is swap

  4. Clean Logic Fantasy Baseball says:

    Man those new JETS uniforms are HORRIBLE. Thankfully Baker GX Mayfield and the Cleveland Browns makes the Jets IRRELEVANT 4 LYFE

  5. Ninja Mafia Saiden says:

    The graphics aren't different what the heck look at 20 it looks way different look at the faces

  6. barnun2525 says:

    Seems like on 19 on every single player u can actually see the metal buttons from the shoulder pads coming through the jersey. In the 20 screen shots that is missing. 19 way more detailed in regards to the jersey look. But is darker.

  7. IT’S VJP says:

    Game is still 80% the exact same

  8. 7kayne7 says:

    Great. And all this time..I thought my TV was going bad Lol.

  9. Alejandro Granado says:

    Hopefully Greg Olson looks at least close to how he really looks. His madden 19 franchise avatar was hilariously off

  10. James Soroe says:

    Agreed, Madden 19 was a dark time.

  11. Saucy Dangles says:

    Just looking at this, the lighting seems better but the shadows seem worse

  12. Corey Morgan says:

    Yea i noticed that in some stadiums the lighting was super dark like the cowboys, colts n seahawks stadiums r 3 that come to mind, i think its important thy fixed that for 20

  13. beavereater36 says:

    I wish madden would put in at halftime highlites of other games going on in your season like 2k did.That was the kickass part of 2k that I wish madden would add.

  14. 182 zebraheads says:

    Did you ripp that music from nfl 2k5 crib? damn that song sounds like something that would be in that game

  15. Andres Mitre says:

    So we need to pay 70 dollars for the new lightning lol

  16. Samuel Vilanova says:

    The players appearance looks so weird so bulky the looks like 2k back in the day that’s my only issue with game which is why I’m still playing 18 looks better

  17. Kaseem Thornes says:

    Can you show gameplay comparison between 19&20

  18. Sheph Boi says:

    The jersey ripples are different this year. They actually move with the players unlike in the past.

  19. G money Nation says:

    This game is going to be lit i can tell already

  20. garrett marshall says:

    4:54 why does Todd Gurley look like he just snorted lines

  21. DomiNEAST says:

    The Madden 20 faces look so real!

  22. Gavin Markoff says:

    Yeah, but this is the game that looked wayyyyyyy too bright on release anyway. I'm not sure that it's really better…

  23. Batmack Gaming says:

    Look like the DC Snyder cut vs when they lightened it up after he left the project

  24. Leart Dedushi says:

    they wrong for making lamar jackson’s nose so big lmao

  25. Joey Perrotta says:

    I wonder if they’ll create new player models for the new systems. Everyone looks too similar in body frame. The arms look too skinny.

    As for madden 20, the lighting is night and day (no pun) to 19. Visually it is way more appealing and even the face scans stick out more which is a nice plus.

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