Living small: when home is a 150-square-foot RV

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RVs are designed so that they can run off of just their batteries what I use in electricity in a month is about the same as the average American household uses in one day same with water all the plants that are super efficient instead of having a compressor in the refrigerator it uses the gas absorption ammonia cycle plus the coils instead of being underneath like a lot of fridges do just for aesthetics which means the heat rises back into it the coils are outside so the refrigerator's actually built into the RV the air goes all the way through and has a vent off on the roof and the heat vents right out over the roof none of that comes in the house or back into the fridge my light fixtures this is 1 watt LED bulb I put on three or four of these little bulbs and it's enough to see by if I really do need it bright the incandescent that came with it are like a wasteful 15 watts and helps again having low ceilings because the light gets diffused the further it has to travel the water pressure is a lot lower than the most houses and that's something anyone could do RV or not you just go out to wherever the main water is and close it part of the way with aerators on the faucets you don't notice a lot of difference I mean the water flows for having low water pressure like that an addition I have a six gallon hot water tank versus about a hundred for a standard house that's built today and that's really all you need for a 10-15 minute shower I can take a nice long shower shave and brush my teeth and still I'm using between a twentieth and a 50th of what most houses use in a day in water the toilet for example there's no tank you just put water manually into the bowl exactly as much as you need there's two handles instead of just one one puts water in so you can put in as much or as little as you need and the other one turns it so you notice when I came in it's kind of a warm day I have the air conditioning on I don't really make that much sacrifices I'm not trying to live like neo hippie I'll run the air conditioner when it's hot but still at the end of the month my electric bills are four dollars and 63 cents even with the air conditioner makes so little difference in power because the place is so small I think it's about a hundred and fifty square feet and because the ceilings are low it's not just the square footage but the total volume of air it needs to cool is a lot less all my windows are tinted this is just from auto parts store it's like five dollars for a wall that was enough to cover every window you put it on with a squeegee and it blocks like 90% of radiant heat coming in since we live in a country with so much excess I think it's important to have scavengers it's basically what I do


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  1. Gary G says:

    I know this is an old video but could you do a follow up video next year to see how Bakari is doing ten years later

  2. Bakari Kafele says:

    UPDATE: The trailer in the video is gone now. I got a job as a property manager for an apartment building that included rent, so I sold the RV trailer.
    Well, I tried to… it was actually stolen while it was empty and waiting, literally the day before I was supposed to make the sale. Insurance ended up paying out.
    After the manager job, I got engaged and we lived with the in-laws for a year.
    Thanks to 15 years of living cheap in an RV (this trailer was my 3rd), I saved up enough money to buy a 4-unit property.
    Now I live in one, and the rent from the other 3 pay the mortgage, plus taxes, insurance, and utilities. I basically only have to make enough money for food, so I can stay home with my new son most days each week.

    I enjoyed living in RVs, traveling, living small and efficient. Add in the freedom its given me now, it was most definitely "worth it"

  3. denise duggins says:

    I really like the layout…

  4. Linda Lundy says:

    He’s got a lot for 150 ft.

  5. Joe Boxter says:

    Fridge runs on gas or electricity?
    Water heater gas or electricity?
    Appliances original or upgrade?
    How old is the trailer?

  6. membear says:

    This guy has a great set up

  7. Bobby Broadway says:

    This was one of the first video's I watched on living small back in 2009 before I bought my first camper It was a 74 ozark traveler for $500.

  8. SEANMCAD says:

    more videos on RV living would be nice. Maybe RV communities doing something creative with living ideas, or even how common it really is in rural america and how 'tiny movement' really overlooks it

  9. Kathleen Schallock says:

    Very smart man!

  10. chris niner says:

    I have been offgrid since 1997, getting your electric use down to 1/10 the average is possible, 1/30 is hard to believe…even if you are using propane instead… Yeah, I tried that, then realized that a Sunfrost fridge is the way to go. Those things gobble propane!

  11. n1ztb says:

    Partially closing your water valve lowers the FLOW, not the PRESSURE.

  12. Danne George says:

    Great video and helpful. I am thinking of downsizing from my 800 sq ft house I rent to an RV or trailer or a tiny home. Lot's to think about and know before I can make my choice. Thanks for sharing with us.

  13. Joe Woo says:

    Great job!

  14. norman graves says:

    I call Bull Shit.. I have lived in a much smaller motorhome than that Trailer (19' bumper to bumper) In Arizona where temps can reach 115 in the shade my elec. bill averaged $35 a month and 150 sq feet BULL FUCKING SHIT. my 19 ft motorhome is 780 sq. ft and half the size of your trailer. I walk 3 steps from the bed to the bathroom. one more to the drivers seat. My ceiling is much lower than yours, I stand 5'7 1/4" just standing my head touches the AC cover which is only 2 inches from the ceiling.

  15. Table Server says:

    No matter how small the RV, there's room for a Table Server. Quality tables that fold or disassemble for storage and come with their own carry bag. Ideal for happy hour under the stars, or to prevent spills while barreling down the highway.

  16. AN - Alechia Neathery says:

    I'd like to see more of the video,the video stop and there was still more on the video. The video want to start over.

  17. Wade Patton says:

    The electricity charge is not reflecting the other energy costs used in heating the water, cooling the fridge, or the ac unit if they are running on LPG. Small is efficient, but let's don't "mislead" the gullible.

  18. Daniel Caron says:

    I showed this video to the wife, but she is too sleepy now.

  19. macsigo says:

    I Live long Time in Trailer Like That…

  20. illmade2 says:

    Its funny that people make this sound like a new thing, I spent most of my high school years living in a travel trailer with my parents travelling from park to park. During the school year we stayed in one area so Dad could work and I could go to school but during the summer he'd take off and we traveled, there were people all over that did the same thing, then it went out of style and most people gave up the trailer life now it's back again and all the rage.

  21. Woz Berry says:

    Cool shit.

  22. 1234altimaser says:

    How much is for park rent?

  23. Bakari Kafele says:

    lol – yeah… maintenance manager of a small apartment building. 10 second commute to work, and even lower rent than an RV space

  24. Bakari Kafele says:

    This RV is now for sale!!

    (3 double"u"s) craigslist (dot org) /eby/rvs/4134851757.html

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