LIVE! Subscriber Logo Design Submissions CDM EP:5 🤯

July 29, 2019 posted by


12 Replies to “LIVE! Subscriber Logo Design Submissions CDM EP:5 🤯”

  1. Hussain Mehmood says:

    How can i Participate in upcoming Design Challenges?

  2. Raj Dhillon says:

    Ahh also missed the live stream! also did not see my submission so resubmitted – hope to see in the next one! 😀

  3. Faizan Yousaf says:

    Unfortunately missed it. made my submission, two times, a week ago but it didn't appear. Hope to see in next videos. just wanna know if there was any problem with my file which caused this. thanks for the live stream. I really liked this one 1:00:44

  4. Yash Rotliwala says:

    Hey Will! you forgot to put up voting polls?

  5. Touhid Mashood says:

    i like the first one, the designer must have put in a lot of effort into the design so that will peterson likes it

  6. Data Assassin says:

    Dude can you review school logos/seals? Pleaseeeee

  7. Piktro says:

    Sent in my submission a few weeks ago and didn’t make it into any of the videos so far, it seems silly to resubmit, but I would love to get some feedback on it. Is it possible it got overlooked?

  8. Excellence Adigun says:

    I really liked Andrew Tadd’s submission, but I think he could have made the use of the ‘Z’ more obvious in his design. If he used half arrows the ’Z’ would have been easier to see (use the lower half of the top arrow and the upper half of the bottom arrow). Also, I agree with Will and Brandon that enclosing the logo in a circle will make it look more complete. Best of luck

  9. Brad says:

    Hi I sent in a couple of times too, not sure it's been received? Thanks, Brad O'Connor

  10. Daniel Young says:

    Missed it live. Just watched now. Thanks for the feedback, Will and Brandon!

  11. Michaël says:

    The second logo in this video is the precise same idea as a submission I did 2 weeks ago xD

  12. Michael Doane says:

    Hey Will. I made a submission about 2 weeks ago and was simply wondering how to know my works been received? I know you have a lot of submissions to look at but I would like to just know that my work will be evaluated and didn't get lost somewhere. Thanks!

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