Linoleum Printmaking Process

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so in seven in eighth grade we are doing an art project with linoleum prints so you cut out linoleum and you print it just like these it's a really cool long process that requires a lot of patience and materials it was really funny when we did it so um there are two ways to do the linoleum prints and one of them was first you would sketch out the design on paper using a pencil and then you would use that sketch to copy it on to Anna linoleum plate using a light pencil and then using that um guide with the pencil you would use a tool that would have carve out the the linoleum on from the plate and it would give you a design with grooves and little swirls and whatever um and then we would put ink on that plate and so it would the ink would just go onto the very top of the linoleum and so it would just give you a design from that color of the ink and you would put the linoleum face down onto the paper and press it down real real hard to have the ink then go onto the paper with the design that was one way you know imprint project is you can instead of actually putting the sketch onto the plate you can cut out individual different pieces of the linoleum and individually print each of those with the ink so what you can do is once you cut it out and ink each individual little piece and then you put them each separately on to the paper and on the press and then when you run it to the press peel each piece off of the paper and the ink will be there and it it's all you can have it separated and you keep doing that until you've got your whole picture printed and you can just keep doing that it turns out really cool when you're done with it it was actually a really really challenging thing to do because you had to we actually used real sharp tools sort of like knives but not exactly to actually carve out the linoleum and so what I found the hardest part to be for me was carving out the design that I used on my linoleum because it took forever it would sometimes they would just stop and you couldn't actually carve it and sometimes would break and it was just a really long process and it was frustrating sometimes so yeah I think the hardest part for me was inking each individual piece of linoleum because you had to it's small and you've got to get the roller over it and it's very frustrating when you can't get the paint to stay on because you keep trying to roll it but if you get too much or too little your print won't turn out right so I found that challenging and frustrating but it was good

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