LINDA COTE – Printmaking "Rockies Girl" Greeting Card

July 26, 2019 posted by


4 Replies to “LINDA COTE – Printmaking "Rockies Girl" Greeting Card”

  1. Jenny Hughes says:

    Lovely print – so strong, you are very talented, well done! The music is nice and calm too, thanks.

  2. Rachel Lane says:

    I love your videos Linda, I've learnt so much from you! I have just bought a press like this but I've been using it the other way up-with the paper at the bottom on the sponge…it didn't come with instructions…so maybe I should be doing it the other way up!!! 😉 Could you please do a video on how you compose your images please? I find that a particular challenge and would appreciate your thoughts on this. Thank you for all your generosity in sharing your work and knowledge, your process is absolutely fascinating!

  3. LindaCoteStudio says:

    Thanks, John! I appreciate it — and thanks for subscribing, too!

  4. John Dorig says:

    Nicely done…..a pleasure to watch.

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