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hey guys I'm grant Owens you're watching we found music we're joined by our friend light in the studio today your new single is out now notice you mm-hmm and you just performed that for us yeah and what else did you perform so work it out which was released a few months ago now and then a Spanish version of my song jib drop which we know and love we know the original and we actually presented your first show ever yes which was packed and that was the beginning of our love affair and you've been amazing releasing all these tracks and now you're with network and just just putting out music yep again and again you have a forthcoming EP out yeah coming up yeah yeah it's gonna have notice you and then the next single will be rabbit-hole amazing yeah so that'll be when can we expect that that is October awesome so lots to come no no it's okay so yeah you've been having a constant output of music kind of what are you writing about and what what do you hope to continue to do this year as far as your releases yeah so my first EP was called thoughts and this next EP is called more thoughts and cool it's very this what I've been writing about you know it's always very personal what I'm going through a lot of the songs I have this thing called light thoughts their daily posts that I do on my Instagram and social media and it's really just things that pop into my head so I'm constantly writing down that stuff and a lot of many songs notice II rabbit-hole they started from a light thought when I get in studio like look through my nose or through my actual past post and right from there that's great it's kind of one of them that's where the song comes from is just getting your thoughts out there I think that's important yeah so yeah so that's you have all these songs coming out you also do the Los Angeles songwriters collective tell us more about that yeah I have been a part of growing that for many years now it's been so awesome to just see it blossom from like baby days to just it's really needed I feel in Los Angeles and something I'm super proud of to be a part of just having community for songwriters and people move here and it's like how do I get plugged into LA and we just want to be that that place where they can get plugged in and so yeah that is something that I'm always doing every Monday and then I also start where's that out every Monday usually it is in we have like our headquarters in Chinatown downtown LA yeah where can people go to find out more and how they can just go to LA songwriters oh and have you found that you've met people that you've collaborated in other facets from from this group yeah yeah it's a great beginning to talk about collaborations and totally just finding your candy and supporting one another and yeah are you from Los Angeles yourself I'm from Orange County okay we're we're out cow oh yeah I'm from Orange County as well my house party in Laguna which is wonderful yeah well that's cool so you've been building that community and I've recently just started el es Shi oh so it's like a side chapter for the ladies um yeah we just had our first event and was amazing and everyone was felt just great energy so I'm gonna continue planning uh Aliyah she events great yes the right landscape for that all the support possible yeah well and now you also have a Echo Park rising show coming up yeah so that is August 15th yeah I've never played a kopeck rising either so it's a it's the cool thing is everybody's gonna be in one space they're probably gonna go see other bands so they'll already be there so hopefully oh no excuse to come see yeah yeah I'll be there I'll play what time you got 8:30 or so I think I saw eight o'clock yeah eight o'clock on August 15th this mi tropic okay cool and of course we'll have you back on our weekly concert series we you've had several times yeah probably do a hi-hat show at some point anything else going on you want to talk about I mean you're gonna have a EP coming out and then sort of a constant flow of music seems like you've been doing that yeah that's definitely the notice you out today and then we have two more singles on the way on another video so just continuing to create and I'm really excited about everything I feel like this next EP it's just a good representative representation of where I am now and it's been really great it's a season in my life where I can reflect on everything as a whole and I haven't been like I haven't been in a relationship and I think that has opened up a whole other aspect of writing you know where you can write about life and like me personally when I'm going through know outside of that cuz a lot of the times you know a lot of that's a totally different perspective not Oh totally it's just like a next chapter so this is that next chapter well we look forward to hearing how that is different from your earlier work yeah so you have any sort of dream quote collaborations or artists that you would love to tour with dream class oh my gosh so many such a hard question I will I ever loved een yes okay she's amazing we were talking about that before this her love effect for everyone means she was so cool like I don't she just broke through in like a very authentic way that I resonated with when she first and clearly a lot of people did um I was just like wow she's like has attitude she writes her own songs I loved that and I know she's releasing new music again which is not easy yeah John Mayer is like someone I just I've always loved his it from the beginning I'm seeing him in concert at the ball um yeah I love I'm just constantly listening to new music I'm a music fan me too um yes you are I just there's so much incredible music out there mm-hmm do you sometimes discover music by going out to shows and you don't realize you know oh wow you know yeah totally it's what's your main way of discovering music definitely going out but a lot of playlists I think I come across a ton of stuff you you've made it to the new music playlist a number of times on Spotify yeah it must have been a thrill what does that mean to make it to the Spotify a new music Friday playlist these days yeah it's like wow it feels great because there's so much music coming all the time and then you get one of those spots as I go awesome and yeah I just appreciate play listing it's I've discovered like I said a lot this there's one called lorem on Spotify that I've been really into how do you spell that hello REM lorem okay yeah and there's like a number of artists that I feel like I discovered on there I've been really into lolo zuy is that how you pronounce it oh yeah yeah Louis great and then I heard I don't know how to pronounce I don't want to butcher it I'm not gonna pronounce um also MX M tuned okay oh yeah really good I mix em too it's crazy to see the build in a fan base for her because she's entirely independent yeah she's not gonna sign anytime soon she's just sort of built this cultivated a fan base with this new crazy music industry were in where it's like you have so much reach you have the potential to build that on your own it's not easy yeah like but she did it yeah that's cool right on well thanks for stoppin chatting with us check out these sessions that we have on our site with light and we will have her soon make sure to check her out live at the semi truck on August 15th for Echo Park rising and the new single is notice you out today yeah thank you so much and we will talk with you soon as always light on we found new music

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