Let's Draw 3-D Shapes Together!

July 27, 2019 posted by


24 Replies to “Let's Draw 3-D Shapes Together!”

  1. Salty Boat says:

    I’m using this for year 6 work 😂😂

  2. Adrian Michael says:

    My 6.5 year old kindergartener just used this to make shape people on the moon. I wish Youtube allowed pictures…you would love it.

  3. esponjateo says:

    Thank you

  4. Kristen Brown says:

    Thank you for the tips i loved the way you explained the concepts. new sub here😘😍

  5. Andre Mello says:

    that was so awesome! you got 396 likes and 69 don't likes. i described!

  6. Daniela Campese says:

    amazing so clever too

  7. Navreet Kaur says:

    thanks for this video it helps me alot

  8. Geethu krish says:

    Frnds d video starts at 1:57 sec…

  9. Jumana beegum A says:


  10. Rug Rug says:

    Blow your fucking nose, jesus christ

  11. Zehra Fistik says:

    1st grade? Man I'm in 5th grade and I'm watching this!

  12. D Dawg says:

    Im in 8th grade

  13. James Stokely says:

    it was good in all but you are to clingy for this world

  14. JL - 08MD - Williams Parkway Sr PS (1424) says:

    why you do that

  15. ايمان حرب says:

    شكرا اكتيررر هههه معرفتش ترسمها هه 😔😕😂😂😂😅😉😊😶

  16. Anet De Armas says:

    I'm in 3rd grade

  17. Yaramya Yasharalah says:

    that's  my   homework

  18. ARTURO CASTRO says:


  19. Marvin Martinez says:

    I'm in first grade Atlantis school

  20. Ballad Of Death says:

    1st grade ? I'm using this for collage 🙂 , your hand's steady though but i'm hand's so shaky , whenever i try to draw a straight line my hand just go zigzag 😞 .

  21. Ishaan Jacob says:

    she sucks

  22. abara :3 says:

    I suck toes at drawing. Hopefully this would help with my posture TYSM x

  23. raneemo al shamiri says:

    wow your good🤓

  24. raneemo al shamiri says:

    wow your good🤓

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