Lenovo Yoga Book C930 Unboxing & Review

January 4, 2020 posted by

so I happened to have this chance to get
my hands on the Lenovo yoga book c930 so I thought I’d make a video about it
what I see here is a hybrid of a laptop and the tablet maybe a bit of an
e-reader too but we’ll talk about that later
this whole device is very elegant and delicate you can knock twice to open it up
like this and fold it however you like hence the name yoga book let’s talk
about laptop mode most people will probably start with using it as a laptop
and open it up like this it comes with a really great display and it’s loaded
with Windows 10 and I 5 processor with 4 gigs of RAM everyday use such as editing
photos browsing websites or writing shouldn’t be a problem but definitely
not video editing due to the lack of video graphic card however the real
problem is the typing experience it doesn’t have a physical keyboard it’s an
e ink screen keyboard you don’t get the traditional keyboard feedback when
touched it vibrates to provide heptic feedbacks it takes some time to get used
to this kind of typing and I personally still find it hard to type like this
without looking at the keyboard due to the lack of response for it the switch
between sketch mode and keyboard mode it’s a bit slow if you just use the
sketch then it’s totally fine and it works really well keep in mind though this
device doesn’t have a headphone jack I will let that sink in the yoga book C 930 is
crazy thin and lightweight you can also open it up like this to watch videos
that were simply closed it and use it as a tablet like so this yoga but makes it
great tablet because it’s so lightweight and it has a 10 inch display the screen
experience is really good it’s perfect to watch video on this and the speaker
doesn’t sound too shabby as well you can also use this as an e-reader you can
read books here just like any other e reader or a Kindle however the screen is not
backlit like all the other e readers out there so you can’t read in the dark or type in
the dark another thing I found is that you can’t select text or highlight text
in e reader you can only take a screenshot of the section you want the
battery life of the e-reader is not as good as the Kindle
it runs about 14 hours where the Kindle runs about a few weeks because the angle is flat on a surface so it’s perfect to draw on it when I was using the stylus I
did find myself have to be constantly aware of the not
to click on a side button you can also customize settings of your stylus to fit
your need lenovo is using its own software and doesn’t connect the windows
10 like the Wacom tablet does which lets you open a Photoshop and illustrator to
start real time drawing so that means this device it’s pretty much just for
note-taking and sketching however I do wish that it’ll work with Lightroom or
Photoshop maybe one day if you are using this laptop just for regular schoolwork
like taking notes you should be fine if you just want to bring one thing with you
and be as minimal as possible this could be the one for you and as long as you
don’t do any hardcore stuff on this such as video editing or running any of those
like super professional softwares I feel like this laptop is trying too hard to
be everything therefore it doesn’t really shine in any of the categories
that is trying to be but it’s a good glimpse of what our future laptops might look
like alright that’s it for today if you like this video don’t forget to like and
subscribe thank you so much for watching I’ll see you guys in the next one

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