Lenovo Thunderbolt 3 Graphics Dock review: Glorious external NVIDIA GTX 1050 graphics

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  1. אור פאר says:

    Cool but why not make a version with gtx 1060 or even 1070?

  2. S Bludger says:

    Id be in if what was a 1060..a better one is likely not far off..

  3. Shadi Alahmadi says:

    The comments though.

    Some are not understanding the point of this. You don't buy this as a graphic card for your laptop. This is a Thunderbolt 3 dock with the added benefit of an embedded graphic card.

  4. Keyboard G says:

    What is the use case? Modern laptops can drive multiple 4k displays. You don't render on a 1050.

  5. Kristian Kuluk Frederiksen says:

    This is cool, i think i’m gonna buy one, not for gaming, but for work we use Lenovo products, and this can add 3 monitors at 4K and that’s what i need or to 1440p monitors, the dockingstations have limitations.

  6. David Hee says:

    I too always imagined an eGPU would be like this. Thanks for making this video and pointing out what to do if a laptop has an dedicated GPU.

  7. Hunter Poelsma says:

    If they could get a 1060 in there, then it would be very, very interesting.

  8. Amie Wea says:

    This is cool! Nice Lenovo!

  9. Bradley Thatcher says:

    Thanks for this! I have a Yoga 730 and love it. I was looking at this to play some games while at home. I hope this is a precursor to an 11 series version.

  10. pheotonia says:

    This should work well with the QNAP NAS systems that have thunderbolt 3 but no internal graphics cards with them.

  11. datitanblade2005 says:

    Great idea. Waiting for a more affordable option.

  12. DalesDeadBug139 says:

    Could consoles essentially use something like this to upgrade current gen hardware?

  13. RJLVillareal says:

    Can I get a link to that cute wallpaper?

  14. Rojsa.com واردات تخصصی لپ تاپ says:

    Wish there was more Thunderbolt Dock reviews… they are pretty common now 🙂

  15. Sina Brad says:

    What are the games that you were playing? The look pretty cool!

  16. Slixbrah says:

    If it was GTX 1060

  17. Movie Buzz Magic says:

    What game is he playing

  18. Mrunank L says:

    TB3 four lanes required?

  19. The Urban Rebel says:

    If they come up with a GTX1060Ti version, it would great

  20. Jared M says:

    So much better than Linus Tech Sponsored!

  21. Sam Please says:

    Can this works with macbook pro 13inch?

  22. swiss moneybag says:

    I buy if it went on sell for 300.

  23. Hansel Law says:

    now this is interesting. much more so than all those graphics box.

  24. Chad Zahara says:

    This is actually really cool. I love the portability of it and it's priced well. I may have to get one of these.

  25. nyfixed says:

    is the gtx1050 good enough to power the oculus swift or HTC vive?

  26. Tony Stark says:

    kinda hope it's equipped with GTX 1060. lil bit more horsepower, y'know.

  27. elbone138 says:

    A $400 1050 eGPU? Sign me up! Will you take $800 for it?

    Total ripoff. You can buy a laptop with a 1050 for around that price, or a Gaming Box 1070 eGPU for around $150 more.

  28. Gobble Ducky says:

    Very interesting. I wonder if there's a market for an eGPU with a Nvidia Quattro built in. Since the X1 are more marketed for business, being able to do CAD would be really interesting.

  29. az zahar says:

    So, Lenovo can built a tb3 dock but not putting one in Y530???

  30. Redwan Hasan says:

    Stupid I/O situation, no USB port on the back, so if you plan on keeping it on a desk with Monitor, mouse, keyboard and just plug in your laptop that you carry with you it won't be elegant, you gonna have to route those USB cables to the front to which won't look good.
    Plus a bare green LED? Why not a Nvidia logo that lights up?

    Who the hell designs this things!

  31. Raine Petersen says:

    My laptop has a GTX 1060. If I use this simply to connect two displays to my laptop will I still be able to use my 1060?

  32. mpalen19 says:

    A dock first and a graphics adapter 2nd is what I want out of one of those docks. If only the price could be closer to other Thunderbolt 3 docks like $150 – $$250 then this thing would be a no-brainer.

  33. TechLeatherCraft says:

    I like it… Dan, do you think it will help / work with video editing on Adobe Premiere Pro on something like a Dell XPS 13 9370?

  34. Chad Christman says:

    How about using a tablet and this display dock. I've havent seen this docks for tablets.

  35. אלכס נחשונוב says:

    hey daniel , could you please do a comparison between the mate book x pro and the x1 carbon ?

  36. Noah C says:

    Now there’s a dongle I’d buy.

  37. Rabolisk says:

    $400 for a GTX 1050. This doesn't sound good either way.

  38. Rigel Sinco says:

    This is exactly what I was looking for way back then. EGPUs like the Razer Core are nice but for me they're bulky that they somewhat defeat the purpose.

  39. Stuart Dunne says:

    I have a 2018 X1 Carbon – i5 model. Do you think these are compatible. I know you oused one with your X1 but the lenovo website seems fairly positive they are not supported

  40. Yao Yang says:

    Does this product support driver directly from Nvidia? Or it requires the driver from Lenovo?

  41. C7 says:

    Buys an external graphics dock. Puts GTX 1050 in it. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA

  42. JayJapanB says:

    Make the PSU internal.

  43. Fritz Asuro says:

    It's nice, but what I want is Nvidia to make a compact external GTX 1060, 1070, and 1080. So far, the AORUS GTX Gaming Box is the most compact solution we can get.

  44. Andrew Osei says:

    Looks like a very useful and innovative device… I'd say thunderbolt can't power up a 1050ti or 1060 that's why Lenovo didn't make one with those… If not why the heck didn't they???


    shared https://www.facebook.com/uhdworld.essecifilmpro/

  46. Martin Sjöberg says:

    Will it charge the Huawei laptop? Asking because the charger jack is a separate usb-c, none thunderbolt port.

  47. carbon says:

    How about the compatibility? Would this work on a 13 inch HP Spectre?

  48. Alexandre Maranhao says:

    Made it with an 1050 ti or an Radeon 580x and you'll get me

  49. Octavio Quintana says:

    Make a 1060 and I am in

  50. WizardNumberNext says:

    my question is
    can I dedicate such device to Virtual Machine?
    I am have user of Virtual Machines in my home lab, which does pretty much everything including heavy network usage (10GbE is a norm now), heavy SSDs (yes including NVME in RAID) and well testing, testing and more testing, as I am running ebay shop with enterprise grade computer parts.

  51. Papito Play Arena says:

    cool 😀

  52. Muhammad Afiq says:

    Is it compatible with TB3 in Yoga 720-13IKB?

  53. jauffins says:

    These are on sale for $280 right now, and that's honestly not a bad price considering the form factor and the fact that most eGPU enclosures are $200+ just for the enclosure.

  54. MatBenavidez says:

    So does it actually have 4 gb of video ram? I thought the gtx 1050 only had 2.

  55. wtf says:

    Can I plug this in my phone to play Minecraft?

  56. Danilo Carbone says:

    400 $ 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  57. Lisa Black Cat says:

    how do you use this device?

  58. Hailun Yang says:

    Is it compatible with Thinkpad X1 carbon 2018?

  59. عبدالله رويشد says:

    This guy looks like Pyter Baelish

  60. IIIJFRIII says:

    So worth it. It's so small, that's a big thing. I hope they make ones with higher GPU's. I really love thinkpads but I'm not a business person so getting one or any ultra book is kinda not smart for me. But with is its possible.

  61. Andoni Salegi says:

    If you put this with a lenovo yoga 720 15 inch and gtx 1050, you get 2 gpus? Is it true that thunderbolt of the yoga 720 only uses 2 lanes of 16 instead 4?

  62. MarkBTW says:

    Anyone know the roughly how many watts it will use for general gaming? I know the GTX 1050 itself can run on less than 75 watts. My Thinkpad T470 is super efficient on its own so this would be amazing for gaming on a solar system.

  63. Joe Conn says:

    Have it, it’s excellent. On my X1Y3 it gives me the graphics to play Fortnite, CAD, and mess with some games from my old Steam library, so can’t ask for much more. I am looking forward to this being a continuing product with future upgrades (GTX 1080 and beyond)…

  64. RiTu says:

    it's sometimes listed at $270 if you have the perks discount

  65. Bo Gao says:

    This is exactly what I need! Something that allows me to run CS:GO and other relatively less GPU intensive games at home and travel light, while maintaining only one computer (so no license issues, no sync issues, no multiple software update issues, etc.).

  66. Jesse says:

    Im not the first, nor the last who knows that you do look like a terrorist.

  67. Rogue-Spear says:

    I just wanted to say that I recently bought the ultrabook that is used in this video and it's my favourite laptop. It's absolutely phenomenal.

  68. Rogue-Spear says:

    I'm going to wait another year or 2. This eGPU business is still in its infancy.

  69. Hasan Alhasan says:

    so its basically a non portable system. you need an external screen to get the best expreince.. and you need to pay the price for that graphics doc, as well as the price of the screen , and keep them at one place no moving. right?

  70. Philipp Stenkamp says:

    Thanks for mentioning the compatibility with your Huawei Matebook X Pro with the MX150!
    I got the T480s with the MX150 and was wondering if this dock would work with it.

  71. mehdi199996 says:

    does this work on other laptop aswell?

    like Porsche Design Book One 2-i-1, or only on lenovo ?

  72. Алексей Ненадов says:

    если говорить об играх то лучше для таких целей и за такие деньги PS4pro взять)

  73. Mookly Twenty Two says:

    should it work with my carbon 5gen? I have a 7th gen core i7 processor, but two thunderbolt 3 ports. I saw one comment one place that said it must be 8th gen, but everywhere else has said the thunderbolt 3 port was all it needed.

  74. Tigerex966 says:

    Cool I wish they would make a surface connect version as it would sell out immediately

  75. Tony Johansson says:

    This is totally what I wanted! When I get a Thunderbolt 3 laptop I will totally mark this down as my next purchase. The size of this is perfect for on the go. If I were a student who also wanted to game on a decent budget. Get a nice thunderbolt 3 laptop with intel only graphics, then have a setup at home with this dock, monitor, keyboard & mouse. Gonna be recommending this.

  76. Andy Turfer says:

    I'm gonna get me one of these for my T480 (which is running Linux) so I can do my CUDA stuff.

  77. Hanan Ag says:

    It's 280$ right now on Black Friday sale….🤗😁 (Lenovo Us)

  78. HeiderTV says:

    Is it work for xps 15 9560?

  79. R.a. Wheeler says:

    I bought a Latitude with an MX130 DDR5 version, it's not a bad card. Great for CAD and stuff. But it too has a Thunderbolt 3 port and I use Dell's new Thunderbolt dock. I don't like mixing products, but I sure wished I had seen this before I bought mine. Heck my dock was $270 on it's own. Few more bucks for an external GPU? wow..

  80. MSciaBR says:

    Works with ideapad 330?

  81. Zahin Hussain says:

    sir i have usb 3.1 gen 1 c port so can i use this?

  82. Quang Tran says:

    Will it work with HP elitebook 1030 g2? Thanks for your great review

  83. SOULRAK DEUZ says:


  84. Arnav Chadha says:

    The RX 580 is $400 on amazon

  85. Tiopadin says:

    i found one with a gtx 1070 for $500, would I be able to play vr on my laptop with an external graphics setup? (my CPU is good, an i7 and 8 GB of ram)

  86. warlok9 says:

    Would this increase video editing and rendering speeds?

  87. Georg Rettenbacher says:

    Cool would be more options for the graphics .. p2000 or p4000 and maybe a 1060 or 1080 chip 👌

  88. Balisi Bakanisi says:

    I’m really disappointed that it only has one thunderbolt port… Lenovo sells think vision monitors that have thunderbolt connectors and USBs on the monitor… with only one port on this device you lose access to The USB ports on the monitor… yet their non GPH dock has 2 thunderbolt connectors.

  89. Sabih Zulfiqar says:

    Alpha M👀

  90. Honest Mike says:

    This actually seems like a fantastic way to turn my work ultrabook into something that can play some games when I'm stuck in a hotel room.

    It's considerably smaller than a second gaming capable laptop.

  91. Timmy Turner says:

    Seeing this review a year after because I'm jumping the fence on getting a 2 in 1, (the Eve V tablet) and looking at eGPU options.

    Too many driver issues from Lenovo so I may end up going with something else.
    However I wanted to comment on the fact I love that this reviewer was testing this with fighting games. UMvC3 is more my style but I main Frank West too lol.

  92. Chris Ayala says:

    Any advice on getting my HP spectre to recognize this device? Anything I plug into the dock is not recognized. I even tried installing the Lenovo driver

  93. D Λ N G Ξ Я R O O M says:

    will this work with mbp?

  94. Artform Insights! says:

    It was your review that made me buy it. Just for everyone's knowledge, it works with my Dell XPS 13 (9380) as well as Razer Blade Stealth (2019). Quite happy about how portable and well it works with laptops on the go for gaming actually! I will do a review just on gaming with this. Thanks Daniel for the insights!

  95. Carboxylated says:

    Been using my Lenovo eGPU for over 3 months now. It handles medium to high gaming at 75frames running on a spectre D22 at 74.9hz. Im running mine TB3 connected to an Intel NUC which has the i7 coffee lake, 512gb samsung NVME were my games are installed on. 32gb of RAM running at 2666mhz. All this and it’s tiny as hell! Its amazing and I couldnt be happier with it. The 1050 all thought its old it still handles games perfectly

  96. App Magician says:

    would this work with a 2018 mac mini?

  97. Chocolate Giddyup says:

    hopefully we get a refresh soon (Lenovo has been having a ton of sales on it recently, so hopefully they're clearing stock before releasing a 2050 version).

  98. Dulana Wijeratne says:



  99. Hawkeeye 5 says:

    I have an integrated GPU and a notebook quadro in my laptop to run 3d modeling, any ideas on how this might perform with the GPU I am already running?

  100. Danang Widiantoro says:

    does it support macos?

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