Lenovo G510 Notebook Unboxing and Review

July 30, 2019 posted by

Hello everyone it is me Ronald from TechniqBox and today I am going to do the unboxing and video review of Lenovo G510. It is a mid range notebook from Lenovo Let me open the seal and let me open this clip The box is made out of cardboard And let me open the box Here is the notebook coverd with styrofoam Here we have the notebook. Here we have the driver CD from Lenovo. Here we have the instruction manuals in different languages. Here is the power cable. It has the Indian pins. Here is the power brick itself with the Lenovo logo as you can see and here is the pin Let me take the notebook. Here it is. It has a textured cover. it’s a fingerprint magnet and here is the Lenovo logo. Let me show you the ports. Here is the lock an then you have the heat sink. You have the VGA port, ethernetport, HDMI port and two USB 3.0 ports and a 3.5mm audio jack port. Here you have indicator lights for Battery etc. is the SD card slot and here is the DVD drive. USB 2.0 port and a charging port. on the back you have the battery case with unlock switches. Let me open it. Here is the notebook. looks pretty good and here is the keyboard of it. It is a full keyboard here are the stickers of AMD Radeon and Intel Core i5 processor. Let me get on to the specs. It has Windows 8 installed and it is a DOS machine Display of it is pretty good and here is the the keyword it’s a full keyboard and accutype keyboard from Lenovo. Pretty nice in typing and nice feedback. Here is the look of notebook. It has a nice trackpad with left and right clicks. pretty good, really smooth. and really good for pinch to zoom and other gestures. Here is the DVD drive. reads and writes DVD’s and CD ROM’s. pretty fast. Here is the charging pin. you can plug it in either sides. It works. Pretty nice. battery on this laptop is pretty good
and stays for a decent period of time. Let me get on to the review. Here is the laptop. Some features of this laptop is written here like onekey recovery, HDMI out accutype keyboard and it has a silent fan. Here is the dolby logo and model number of this laptop is G510. Here is the trackpad which I have showed you earlier. Here is the AMD Radeon HD 8570m logo and Intel core i5 logo. Here is the Lenovo logo. on the top you have a decent webcam. and other closing things. Here is the on key and let me take this keyboard protector off. Here is the on and of key. Here are the speakers. And now let me on this laptop. Here are the indicator lights. and it is booting up right now. It is booting to windows 8 which I have installed. It has a pretty fast boot time. abou 10 second boot time and here is the metro user interface of Windows 8 I have done a video walkthrough on Windows 8. Check that out I will give the link in the description. Here is the desktop interface. Let me show you the properties, specs of my computer by going into properties. Here we have the Windows 8 logo and there are the other specs. Windows experience index score. I am running a 64-bit operating system now I have 4 gigs of DDR3 RAM on this laptop. It’s pretty fast and let me show you the switchable graphics option. It will launch the AMD Catalyst program in
order to set default graphics card for different games. You can either use Intel HD graphics or AMD Radeon HD 8570m graphics. seventy graphics is and the catalyst
application Here is the AMD catalyst application. You can click add application to add shortcuts of the games for making it use your AMD graphics card and it performs better Okay. Let me show you the device manager there’s the device manager and let me open the display adapters option Here is the AMD Radeon HD8570m am and then surely don’t and let me show you the processors. Here is the Intel Core i5 processor at 2.5 GHz looks pretty well. works really good. Nice laptop for day to day usage. Let me turn it off now. You have to click on settings and then, power option and then you have to click on
shut down for shutting down your system. It showdowns pretty quick. It is a really nice laptop. Let me close this for now. That is it. Thanks for watching. Please click on the like button that helps me a lot. subscribe for more videos thanks for
watching Bye. See in the next video


11 Replies to “Lenovo G510 Notebook Unboxing and Review”

  1. Hudson lueker says:

    Hi i want to know if this is a powerful pc for gaming. My mom has an iMac with an i3 processor and 4 gigs of ram, yet it is smooth on most steam games and mine craft would this be good for gaming as well?

  2. George V says:

    I think I should get one.

  3. Mesut Kaya says:

    thanks for review

  4. Sue B says:

    Nice review – thank you 🙂

  5. Jason Gabriel B. says:

    Nice review 😀 xD i have a Lenovo g510 too , but he have : 2 GB Amd Radeon HD 8750m , 6 GB ram and 1 TB … I love it 😀 xD

  6. BELKADI Driss says:

    Thank's ^^ can I ask you a question ? Can you take a picture of the screen to see the quality of the screen ?

  7. Oblivion says:

    I let you 🙂

  8. Ali Rahimi says:

    I have the same laptop but with some higher specs (1TB, 6GB RAM..) but there is one thing missing. I don't have a CD drive, but there is clearly a slot for it. Why is this?

  9. Robert Edge says:

    my friend haves the laptop but higher specs 1TB 6GB RAM and two graphics card r7 265m and a intel hd graphics 4600 and the i5 4200m 2.4ghz

  10. Stay fit together says:

    nice review very helpful for me

  11. Johannes N says:

    Looks just like th G500

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