LattePanda Alpha 864s – the Powerful Single Board Computer Review (it Play’s PUBG)

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Hey what’s going on guys !! this is Aamir Hussain and you are watching Trick i Know YouTube channel. this video is about Lattepanda Alpha this is a single board Windows 10 computer it comes with Intel 7th generation processor which allows you to do multitasking works like 4k video playback gaming video editing and any other
multitasking works which you can do in a regular PC I got this review unit from DFRobot do you know who they are if you want to make a robot go and check their website. so guys in this video I am going to explain what the LattePanda is
and how powerful this thing is So without wasting any time let’s get into
the video so guys let’s begin with the unboxing I got my parcel from DHL and here is the packing of the DFrobot with nice bubbly wrapper I have a knife to cut it off and here is our letter panda alpha the most powerful single board computer which is compatible with both Windows and Linux
operating systems whoa now let’s see what’s inside the box so here is the first look of our SBC with a nice packing let’s open it up and here is our
main board the user manual US based AC Lead European AC Lead black and golden letter panda stickers Wi-Fi and Bluetooth antennas and some nylon stand offs and finally we have a USB type-c power adapter for lattePanda alpha for all countries now have a look of our product you can see guys I am holding a Windows 10 desktop PC in my fingers and this thing is very powerful trust me guys very powerful than the other single board computers now guys jump over to the hardware specifications in the top of the board we have a power
switch HDMI port LAN port 3.5 mm audio jack type-c socket for power and
optional 12 volt battery in socket while in the bottom we have three USB 3.0 USB ports CMOS battery slot for BIOS a power LED indicator a set of GPIO pins for system and another set for Arduino in the center we have a cooling fan for our
CPU GPU and ram and also for e MMC storage chip in the backside we have M key m.2 slot for nvme SSD storage drives for additional LCD we have a display and Touch socket and also a micro SD card slot while in the other side of the back we have a key m dot to slot to add extension cards on it we have one more extension slot over there and inbuilt card for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi facility now let’s see some general specifications of the board first off first it supports dual OS windows plus Linux it comes with the 7th generation Intel Core m3 7y30 processor 8gb of LPDDR3 RAM Intel HD graphics 615 which supports 4k video at the rate of 60Hz Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.2 support microsoft high-definition audio and 64gbof eMMC inbuilt storage so this is about my review unit the new Lattepanda alpha have 8th generation Intel processor with the speed of up to 3.4 gigahertz and this latter pandaboard is faster than the following macbook and
the Lenovo laptop now guys move over to the setup part first I am going to install those nylon standoffs let me take those out first take the small screw insert it in the corner hole of the Lattepanda board then take the nylon standoff and tight it like this and do the same with the each corner
holes of the board here I did them all now it’s ready to put on the table now here how it looks now I am going to install those antennas these antennas have ability to stick on a surface if any custom case you have the installation of the antenna is so simple all you have to do just put the antenna wire end to the small round socket and push it using a screwdriver or a forceps it will rotate like this after a successful installation do same with the second antenna and check it by rotating it here is the closer look of the antenna which I have just installed all it will look like this after those installations now the next thing you have to do you have to choose your AC lead we have two ac lead one for the European countries and one for the US but in India we have options for the both so I am going with this one now take out the power adapter guys then open up the lead and plug it like this now it’s ready to use for interface I am using a logitech wireless keyboard and mouse and as a display I am using a LG 22 inch IPS display monitor now I am going to power up both devices with their adapters here the HDMI from the monitor plugs in type-c cable from the adapter and also I am plugging the dongle of my mouse and keyboard to start this device all you have to do just press the power button for three seconds and then release now guys have a look on the boot time this is the real boot time of Lattepanda alpha and this device have pre-installed Windows 10 Pro on it so it took 16 seconds to startup that’s amazing and faster than any normal desktop computers and like every normal desktop it have its own BIOS to change hardware settings and to install other operating systems like Mac OS Linux and Ubuntu yes guys you can also install Mac OS on this board I will make a separate video for it okay now I am inside the lattepanda computer I am recording this screen using a screen recorder and this is really a powerful SBC computer guys see how fast it is opening up the browser opens like a folder guys here is the Play Store incredibly fast now guys let me arrange it a little bit now I am going to test the performance of this lattepanda board first of all I’m going to connect my home Wi-Fi let’s see those antennas are working or
not now here I am connected to the internet now let’s see some inner specifications here is my system properties Windows 10 Pro manufactured by Lattepanda Intel Core m3 processor and 8gb RAM let me show you more in Dxdiag here it is language English and it’s compatible with DirectX 12 here is the Intel HD graphics properties 4gb total memory and 128mb display memory here is the Microsoft HD audio properties here is the sound 2 and this is the input devices connected with the Lattepanda Alpha the first thing I am very excited to test is 4k video support it’s really support the 4k video let’s check it out searching a 4k video on Google and here I found a 4k video on YouTube let’s play it and here we are running the 4k video on this tiny SBC board Wow really very more powerful than all other single board computers over there let me add a little bit zoom here so it’s running at 1440p @ 60 Hertz let’s set up it to 2160p @ 60 frames now it’s still running guys you can see full 4k video in this lattepanda board let’s watch it in a full screen so that was the 4k test of this device and which is very impressive I really like it now guys I am going to test the eMMC 64gb storage in will in this board let’s see how fast it is Here I am starting the crystal disk mark software so the test is over and here is the final results the read/write speed of the inbuilt memory now I am going to test the heaven benchmark and the superstation benchmark on this device let’s start with the heaven benchmark with the 1080p settings I am getting 8 to 10 frames per second it slightly heavy for the Intel HD graphics but in the 720p resolution here I am getting 20 to 25 frames this is nice to play games in average medium settings for the single board computers this is very enough guys and here you can see the frame is hitting over 30 frame per seconds now I am going to test it on super position oh its superposition guys I’m going to test it with the 720p resolution and Here I am getting 10 to 15 frames I don’t know how this frame works and how you are identify which frame is best for the game I just believe to play games directly without testing any frames so guys now I am going to install the PUBGG mobile the emulated version on this Lattepanda alpha computer let’s see how this game performs with the Intel HD graphics the game is almost installed guys and here it is it opened very fastly guys I forget to record now let me login to my account so I can show you the performance of this game in this lattepanda alpha board so the game is started let me remove those ads and here you can see the game is running very perfectly I am moving my character it’s moving fast and I am now going to play the game in medium settings I am not trying the ultra and the extreme setting right now because I don’t have connected any external graphic card for this device leave this topic for the next video guys now I’m going to play this game and I am playing the game with the wireless keyboard guys here it is some guys commented on my old egpu video that it’s fake because I am not touching the keyboard rather than playing on laptop keyboard I always like to play with her wireless keyboard and mouse so the game is loaded guys and you can see here is not any lag I’m running here and there now in the plane you can see there is not any type of lag issues the game is running smoothly in medium settings here I jumped on the lipovka area guys let me show you my short gameplay here I found some guns on the warehouse now I’m going to find some enemies how smoothly the game is running in this single board computer guys let me show you in the full-screen guys playing pubg in a full screen helps to identify the enemy from the far range Here I am seeing both running on the road now I’m going to kill him and what the hell it was a trap I am dead he must be a noob master Thor where are you noob master just
killed me the freaking Noob master let’s play the another game and what is this my name on the plane you are seeing guys I am the top player now here is the
short gameplay guys you can see how fast the game is running without any issue sorry for the sound I have not connected any speakers to the board so that was the pubg mobile emulator
version gameplay next I tried to install the fortnight but unfortunately I failed because now fortnight takes over 40 gigabytes to install on a hard drive but currently I have only 35 GB available but don’t worry guys I will soon arrange a m.2 SSD to install this game and I will show you in my next video so those were the basic tests of this single board Windows 10 computer tell me in the comments which section is more interesting for you and what new projects I will bring you in the next video so that was my review on Lattepanda alpha the most powerful Windows 10 single board computer hope you like this video if you really liked hit that like button and subscribe my channel with the bell icon for more video updates like this and if you think my video is interesting share this video with your friends and families and if you want to buy this product check out the link in the video description so thanks a lot for watching guys see you in my next video you


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