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Ko. I just started working here for a week. Yes why? Nothing, but i think we need social media manager desperately. Social media? I see that you.. Already working on video but also making caption. Sometimes Mr Ed himself does the caption. So troublesome. Like often when i am with the others. For example at an event. We still have to think the caption and what content to upload. Score update and such. So troublesome. See? We lack of human resources actually. At that time, I also said that we need social media manager. But it seems that until now there aren’t any suitable candidates. Do you know anyone To? I think there might be a suitable one. I’ll ask for his CV later. Yeah that will do. Ask him to email us. Van. Van. Van? Where are the files (video) you took in Malaysia? Mr Ed asked. What? Malaysia’s file? Yesterday i already told Iyung to backup, ask Iyung. Hah? with me? Yesterday after i arrived at Jakarta i already told you to backup right? Where are the files? Try searching first because Mr.Ed asked for these. Iyung don”t have it bro, none. Have it? None. Then where are the files? Check it first Yung, I told you to backup yesterday. They are not here, Van! You haven’t copied them yesterday? I already told him to backup yesterday. Yesterday I asked Iyung for help right? Yesterday i previewed with you Yung, right? I said ” Yung, help to backup okay?” I said that yesterday. Didn’t you backup beforehand? I did not. Trying searching first. Search first Yung! Where’s the memory card? Try searching again. Found them? Don’t say you didn’t find them. The memory cards were already formatted bro. For shooting later. Really? So yesterday you haven’t backed up the files at all Yung? Yesterday I have shown you right? You knew that I have shown him the preview. I said ” Yung please backup” What to do now? Shouldn’t it be you Van? You are the one given the responsibility. It’s not that. Yesterday I was planning to put these videos into Saga series. That’s why i asked for your help. I brought the files here. I want to combine this video. I mean. What else to do? Like i said ” Yung help to back this up” Like that. I mean if you don’t have the files now, what can we do? Then how do we say this to Mr Ed? I want to bring the camera Sir. Bro later i want to bring the camera, please prepare. I want to prepare the stuff. I want to take pictures, want to take videos. Ya you prepare it yourself. Prepare please, help me bro. Anyway after you come back from there, we don’t have to bother shooting contents anymore. So you already prepared several contents over there. Let me try to recover the memory first! Give me the memory card. Because it’s hard if like this. How to say it? Can not Van. I cannot recover the files in Malaysia. I think its all gone. I’ve tried both memory cards. Can not. I have already told Mr Ed. What did Mr Ed say to you? No answer, only read. Only read? Just like that. I have to take this responsibility. Actually I. I do not want to show my disappointment to Iyung. What to do in this case bro? Our production team is still little. I do not want one of us to be fired. So it’s better I get fired rather than Iyung. Because actually i have already known his current condition. I do not want one of us to get kicked out. You better calm down first. Indeed the three of us previewed those videos yesterday. Indeed there was a part when you said. “Yung have you copied these into your computer”. Then Iyung replied ” didn’t you backup these in Malaysia?” And indeed you said you haven’t done so. But indeed a part of it is my fault too. Because that time. After Iyung got the memory cards, he previewed. Maybe he forgot. And indeed i told him to format. So. It wasn’t entirely your fault. But also mine as I told him to format himself. I didn’t ensure the backup before formatting. But what to do bro? I have. I have been working in this field for ten years, because of this mistake, i feel like what have i been doing? It hurts. I have never ever lost my files. Here we’re talking about M1 files. That will never happen again. But if. We announce. We shoot at Bogor or Bandung or wherever. I can I can do the shooting again. But this M1 cannot be re-do again. I am disappointed. This is all our fault. We are in this together. And like you Iyung, you often do like. I am telling you. If you haven’t finished doing something. You have to focus until the works are completed. Because you so often. Like when you were cleaning up the equipment’ and someone talked to you, your focus switched to him. In my point of view, it actually made you lose focus. Just like yesterday, memory card issue. which you should have already backed up. Thus you have not backed up the files because you forgot and done something else. That time. Iyung was doing announcement video for Riki. Whatever that is, that’s why I said. In this case, this is our fault as a team. So if one of us is wrong, we all are wrong. So there is no such thing. Like suddenly you get punishment. and the rest of us don’t., no such thing. So I want to state that it’s all our fault altogether. One person get punished, we all get punished together. Okay then, what else to do. No other choice, we have to talk to Mr Ed later. We have to admit our fault there. It’s okay, chill.. relax.. I go upstairs first. I told you Yung. Whoever that is in the future. Whether it’s me. Whether it’s Eko, Mr Chatchai, Mr Edward, Vera or whoever. Already did the backup, You need to re-ensure. Nothing wrong with backing up the video again. Instead of like this. I am here. Let me take the blame. It’s okay, Let me take the blame. I don’t want to point finger at someone else here. Let me go alone and let me take the blame for the team. I personally. Apologize. I apologize to you Van. Can you forgive me Van? I go upstairs first. Van? Sir. What’s the matter Van? M1 files are lost sir. The ones in Malaysia? Yes, formatted. I was shocked. Mr Edward suddenly called me with angry tone. He said your works are all messed up. So how was that happening? What happened? I already told Iyung to backup the files Sir. But maybe he forgot. Well i cannot blame him. But what did Mr Edward say? He only read Sir, no reply. This is no good. If Mr.Edward says nothing, that means it is so fatal. Huge problem! I have been friends with him for so long, if something like this happen.. That means it is so badly mess up. So what is your plan? What are you gonna do? I will go and take the blame. For the others because i realize. Our production team is still little. And i do not want any of us get kicked out from here Sir. So better for me to step up and take the blame. So you want to take the blame? Frankly speaking, I do not approve. If you go alone. I prefer the three of you go together. You have to take the blame as a team. Not individually. Understood? Understood sir! Okay don’t stay here too long, go work. Okay. Ko, go down here for a while. Okay. What’s the matter sir? So I have heard the story from Ivan. What about your version? The file problem in Malaysia? Yes. So when Ivan came back. He showed us the preview. After that, we observe several scenes taken by Ivan. And at that time. Iyung asked. “Van, have you copied the files?” Ivan said “not yet, copy it in your computer” And when we were about to shoot video. Indeed I told Iyung. Because it is our SOP, when we want to shoot, the memory cards have to be clean. So i told Iyung to format the memory card. So indeed. I didn’t ensure that the files have been backed up or not. I also forgot. In my opinion. This is your fault. Do you know why? Do you know why? Why sir? You are their leader. You are their leader. You are the head of the operation. Any mistakes your subordinates do That’s their leader’s fault. If your subordinates make something great. The credit goes to them. Yes. Even if the idea is yours, the credit still goes to them. You give them credit. But if they make mistake. It’s on you. Understood. I have already spoke with Ivan and Iyung Sir. That this is our fault altogether. This is our fault altogether. So there is no person feels guilty the most or whatever. If there are punishments. We all get punished because this is our fault altogether. So the three of you take care of this with Mr Edward. Sir later i will. If there is time, Later we just meet up with Mr Edward. Like that Sir. Ok Sir, thank you. Here are the files. All of them? Yes. Sir. Yo. Chai, I go next door first okay.

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