Klipsch 5.1.2 ATMOS w Epson 6050 4K projector Dragonfly ALR 120 inch Screen

July 29, 2019 posted by


9 Replies to “Klipsch 5.1.2 ATMOS w Epson 6050 4K projector Dragonfly ALR 120 inch Screen”

  1. GjbMcN says:

    Looking at rooms like that I often wonder if you could use mini Gantry systems to build onto not into the walls. You often see systems like that at hifi and AV shows

  2. Col says:

    well done. Can you give us more detail on the Screen and the added LED Kit. How is it mounted on the back of the screen? is it remote controlled?

  3. Daniel Church says:

    Looks great love your videos and installs. Wondering why you don’t seem to ever use AT screens and mount the in wall speakers behind the screen, especially with big screens like 133 inch and larger?

  4. anotherchanceful says:

    What a dream home theatre room

  5. john smith says:

    can u use atmos if u put speakers on the back or front wall hooked up it hight channel..?..and witch wall would you recomend….my seating is on the back wall….great work guys…..

  6. Gowtham PJ says:

    The center speakers seems to be at the ear level but the fronts are wayyy above the recommended height.

  7. Jeremy Gage says:

    The screen looks bad ,why is it wrinkled all over?

  8. Retro Force says:

    Looking good guys👍
    I'm watching this video in my home theater. I can hear everything, I even hear the rumbling. 😄

  9. Tristan Jones says:

    You got a mention on AVS Forum in the Epson 5050/6050 owners thread for your fantastic prices on the 6050.

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