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July 24, 2019 posted by

My name is Cass. You may see me as homeless,
but I'm actually a certified nursing assistant,
as well as a phlebotomist. I actually left home
on my own free will, but the reason why is 'cause my
parents were a little abusive, and I just got tired
of what I was going through. I actually drove out here
in a vehicle, then the cops towed my car
and left me out here with nothing
but what's on my back now. So all I have is just a tent,
clothes, and a sleeping bag. I've had to grow up
at such a young age, and I've always been
the helpful type of person that likes to care for people. I even help other
homeless people. If they need something and I have a little extra
that I don't need, I'll kick it down to them
and let them get something. Like, if I have some extra food,
I give it to someone else. My dream is to become a nurse
in a big hospital, where I can help and save
people's lives every day. That's the only dream
I really have, and that has been my dream
since I was 15 years old. I love being able to, you know, go in and know
that I'm helping people. I want to be the one
that has like 10 seconds to save someone's life. Like, between life or death. I like having
that adrenaline rush of knowing
that you could be the — you're the only one
that can save this person.


37 Replies to “Keep Your Eye on Your Dreams | Stories from the Street”

  1. kc Diaz says:

    God provides everything.. it will come to you.

  2. Josh K says:

    She is not really homeless she has a tent but she still has a caring heart even with that small home BLESS HER

  3. Elyse Lane says:

    She is so genuinely beautiful.

  4. RehAdventures says:

    I don't know this one makes me cry over and over.

  5. cardiomegaly01 says:

    Wow!!! I pray that her dreams will come true!

  6. Marsella D. Fyngold says:

    I feel like there should be another part to this whole project. Not just talking to people on the street and raising awareness, but some sort of program for anyone who wants some hands, they can hire these people. They're evidently able bodied, with hearts of gold, sharp minds willing to learn, and big dreams. Or some sort of a housing program so they can have a home address or some way of being contacted when they apply for work.

  7. davdgg says:

    Why this videos have so few visits?

  8. Linda Zhang says:

    It really inspires me, when I meet or witness people who have a great dream, or a direction in their life that they really aspire to

  9. Rowan Gavin says:

    Holy Shit – I've seen that Lumosity ad like a hundred times and only just noticed that the guy has the same name as me. Could this be one hell of a clever marketing ploy? Slightly creeped out…

  10. Audleigh Devi says:

    Without employment, how can she scrape together enough money to move?

    Yes, there are plenty of empty spaces where people could live but they'd have to gain the legal right to live there. Also, strip malls and warehouses would have to be rezoned for habitation. All that is expensive. That's why the community needs to be the ones to set it up. The homeless don't have the resources to do that, themselves.

  11. The Chopra Well says:

    What a beautiful story – thank you!

  12. thathoopy says:

    Soul Pancake is so wonderful. Great piece.

  13. Lolp Cake says:

    you go cass.

  14. MsFrosteetoes says:

    Cass appears to me to be cognitive enough to find employment and housing on her own efforts. Even if she scraped enough together to go to another location. I don't feel sorry for her. I see so many abandoned houses, warehouses, strip malls that could all be rehabbed to house many homeless of all types.

  15. Audleigh Devi says:

    Correct me if I'm wrong but you're saying that Cass deserves help more than someone with mental illness or substance dependency? I'd be more likely to agree with what I thought 74lorentzen was saying. Helping one person at a time is a nice feel good cause but it would do a lot more good to devise safety-nets for all homeless people. Housing, medical care, education, job placement, therapy. This is something our communities could provide and in return become a larger, stronger community.

  16. jimbolimboboy says:

    Stuff like this makes me wonder what's wrong with the world..

  17. Cris Sings says:

    I hope somebody gives her the chance to cach a break and improve her life.

  18. MsFrosteetoes says:

    Well, I can appreciate what you're saying but Cass seems to be cognitive and not mentally ill. Many of the homeless have either drug or alcohol dependency or are mentally ill. I could be wrong about Cass too. Sociopaths are really convincing.

  19. Neztnerol Nosaj says:

    OH, "we want to help Cass…" There are like 3 million homeless people in the US, people. Wake The Fuck UP, morons!

  20. Ilana Regalado says:

    We Want To Help Cass!

  21. stapleclipper says:

    I absolutely love this series! It really challenges me to think about how I perceive the homeless people I see.

  22. Katie Salmers says:

    What can we do to help?

  23. ELStands says:

    What city is Cass in? How can we help?

  24. ArtSchoolAftermath says:

    I hope you guys gave her money for doing this

  25. N M says:

    @opaqueify I was just about to say that.

  26. Ivan Diaz says:

    What the hell is wrong with America?

  27. fisherdigital says:

    There is more to being homeless then the one thing that put you on the street. I was homeless for 9 months in my 20's. But it did me good, I think. I hope she finds what she is looking for in life.

  28. Audleigh Devi says:

    Its so heartwarming and wonderful to see SoulPancake giving these people voices on YouTube. The way most Americans view the homeless community is completely ill informed and stereotypical. We, as a culture, understand so little of what brings people to these circumstances and easily shrug them off saying they did it to themselves. Its so often not the case.

    I hope that through these videos people are given more opportunity and a chance to take their lives back.

  29. Audleigh Devi says:

    Nearly all employers require a person to have a place of residence before they will consider them for the job.

    After we signed the New Deal generations ago, something called the New Deal 2 was proposed. It would have given healthcare and housing to all Americans. All these years later this is still a highly controversial idea. Erring on the side of kindness and humanity seems the most sane route to me. I strongly believe there should be universal housing. I know it sounds idealistic to many.

  30. stella says:

    …you do realize there's an economic recession going on, and the hospitals probably aren't hiring that much.

  31. dtizzle says:

    Cass is a beautiful person.

  32. Gonk says:

    Why doesn't she just get a job at the nearest Hospital? she can camp outside of it…

  33. rockndude121 says:

    Oh so sad now I'm crying … What a hero .. <3

  34. 24boss2424 says:


  35. flipmcflop2 says:

    awww <3

  36. rockchic492 says:

    This was absolutely beautiful! =3

  37. SamShaps says:

    Beautiful as always

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