Justice – CES 2019 RTX Tech Demo

July 31, 2019 posted by

[Jensen]: And so here,
we’re looking at Justice. Let’s talk us through this. [Calvin]: The reflection on the floor
and on the vases, RTX off, RTX on. [Jensen]: And notice for all the
computer architects in the audience you recognize what I mean by
screen space reflection. Notice the top of the cart
is not in the frame. If it’s not drawn in the frame,
it’s not in the screen. If it’s not in screen space,
then the Rasterizer and the programmable shader
has no way to reflect from it and so the information doesn’t exist. In the case of ray tracing,
the information is all exists. Okay, so this particular effect
called screen space. A screen space reflection
is used for dynamic reflections, simply doesn’t work and it breaks when the object
is not visible in the screen. So this is an example of that. Notice on the vases,
none of the objects are visible. And therefore, if RTX was off
all the reflections go away. Okay, Calvin, let’s keep going. Look at the ground.
Look at all the vases. In this particular case, not only
are we reflecting on the water, the water is reflecting light
that bounces on top, it’s called a caustic,
underneath that bridge. Lighting underneath that bridge
is called a caustic. This is real-time caustics, the first time that I think
ray trace caustics has ever been done in the game. Look at under the bridge
on the boat. It’s just really exquisite
and beautiful. Okay. In this next scene, you’re gonna see
fireworks reflected off the ground. And the reason for that is because
there’s fireworks out in the distance. The fireworks are even
outside of the frame. And everything just works by itself. We could zoom into anything
with a reflective surface and it’s doing reflections properly. Look at that. It’s subtle, it’s exquisite. All you have to do is create
this ray tracing data structure, we call the BVH,
you have to trace the rays which the APIs all provide for
and you have to apply the necessary reflectivity
of the materials and then everything else just works.
Calvin, good job. Thank you. [Calvin]: Thank you, Jensen.


100 Replies to “Justice – CES 2019 RTX Tech Demo”

  1. opiershy says:

    I realy, realy, realy, realy want the next gen to be atleast 3000 USD, now its too CHEAP for me… FFS…

  2. Henni Abdou says:

    The RTX will bring Justice

  3. Unnamed channel says:

    Still GTX user.

  4. Henni Abdou says:

    This game with RTX ON is a magic world

  5. TheOneAndOnlySame says:

    With RTX technology: suddenly all surfaces need to be made in liquid mercury.

  6. The Ultimate Irishman says:

    900$ for 754mm2 die and new technology meanwhile amd wants 600$+ for 7nm 331mm2 die + HBM2 which price is 320$ alone

  7. AM R says:

    This is how Shenmue III should be…

  8. Skilleq . . . says:

    Rtx add only reflects?

  9. Barbino says:

    This game is going to look beautiful with RTX on, I can't wait.

  10. Mark Lee says:

    reflection looks stunning.

  11. Hao Wang says:

    nice card, bad game

  12. All-rounder Ansh says:

    RTX is Awesome!!

  13. Yeeter-16 says:

    Awesome! Love the RTX

  14. Reginald Parlim says:

    Reigns from above

  15. Henni Abdou says:

    This is cool but it needs more polishing

  16. REKCEP says:

    After this tech demo, did the RTX card died and caught fire?

  17. Marek Horak says:

    That car is not in the frame, so it simply don't work and I will play other game. Look at those ugly vases. They outside. They outsaaaaaiiid….

  18. Ty Larson says:


  19. all time best says:

    Nice dude

  20. Georgiana Muthi says:

    Love these graphics😍

  21. Gábor Jánosi says:

    Taco taco, burrito burrito!

  22. Henni Abdou says:

    I like RTX it is insane

  23. ptsix360 says:

    I would like to see this in the future games

  24. Rane says:

    A bit overdone but cool nonetheless

  25. Majula Dark S. says:

    O cara que esta falando é brasileiro? "look the vasos…the vases".

  26. Yellow Man Dan says:


  27. john doe says:


  28. Henni Abdou says:

    RTX is a cool thing

  29. Meliodas says:

    Gooshhhhh i really hope i win the giveaway

  30. Ромка Сидоров says:

    Were is physx????????.?.?????…..?.???.?…?.?…?.????

  31. Lee McDaid - Donegal 60fps says:

    Gameplay… Gameplay………GAMEFUCKINGPLAY!!!!

  32. petroOwl says:

    Wow, I never knew about this game, thanks guys.

  33. Carl Busani says:


  34. pobopower says:

    TIL that nvidia thinks that everything is a mirror
    yeah, no. it looks stupid

  35. ahmed Rehima says:

    Imagine if i actually won, lol

  36. ppipe says:

    All I want is any graphic card for my first pc

  37. ObiWan R7ema says:

    roses are red
    NVIDIA is great
    i don't want to sell my kidney to get the 2080

  38. Zul Fadhli Zaiman says:

    the reflection are look are

  39. Henni Abdou says:

    Justice is powered by RTX

  40. Matthew Popelka says:

    The water looks so real. Looking forward to rtx being more mainstream.

  41. Kasun Rajapakse says:

    Really exciting stuff. That being said, way too pricey for the general consumer.

  42. Henni Abdou says:

    This is a full support rtx game

  43. Henni Abdou says:

    I like all the reflections

  44. Tan Han Liang says:


  45. Akari Dainaru says:


  46. Tin Do says:

    This is surreal

  47. Jack Lee says:

    (insert comment about how cool rtx is) crosses fingers

  48. Henni Abdou says:

    Too much magic from RTX

  49. Your Boy JC says:

    Gimme that 2080 ti

  50. Henni Abdou says:

    RTX ………. It is on

  51. Gaming Session says:


  52. Gaming Session says:

    This game looks awesome
    Wish I had it

  53. Vrikkiegikk says:

    Nothing in real life is that shiny

  54. Mogen Cheng says:

    this will make vr so much better

  55. Fallout Wanderer 2077 says:

    Although this comparison isn't fair or truly Representative on/off (there are other techniques/tricks etc) Ray Tracing iscan be an incredible advancement moving forward, however, we're still a few years away imo, I'd say at least 1 more GPU generation + devs taking the time to learn how to utilize the tech. to the fullest. Performance cost is enormous.

  56. Jack is not in the box says:

    "Everything just works." -Bethesda

  57. maxsKi Moose says:

    Notice if you n n notice n notice if you no notice if .. then the if it's no then in the screen space then the reflection is the used for reflection then rtx if you notice then

  58. monstercolorfun co says:

    the water looked like digital grime. the rest was ok.

  59. MarioLoco03 says:

    Im fine with the GTX. I don't need to spend this much money just for reflections and shadows in my games.

  60. 9,999,999,999 views says:

    Remaster remake reflection Era in gaming.

  61. Cichincho nana says:

    wow i can see my face when the RTX on.. amazing

  62. Cmdr Flint says:

    Quite impressed with realtime raytraced caustics, performance looked decent too, nice 🙂

  63. BlackVirtue says:

    What´s the point of all these gimmicks if it halves the performance? I´m not gonna play 40fps 1080p too look at choppy reflections, I´d rather play 120 FPS with simpler graphics.
    Games are not about visuals , games are about interactions, mechanics, content.

  64. Uk Gamer says:

    The crytek demo is better

  65. Mofu Mofu says:

    We need xianxia games

  66. Danny White says:

    it just works

  67. Ken McKell says:

    Just downloaded the real-time demo for this. VERY impressive, works great, etc.

  68. Aname Goeshere says:


  69. l i f e says:

    When the tech is better than the games…

  70. nomercy8989 says:

    The way I see it.
    Nvidia: We have so much performance we don't know what to do with it so we make effects that look the same as the ones that have been made for decades but now they require 1000x the performance.

  71. korinogaro1988 says:

    Lol, RT gives you reflections of the objects that are not on the screen so it not only murders performance because GPU needs time to calculate lights, shadows and reflections but it also stops devs from using rendering optimisations like rendering only stuff you see. They need to render everything so you GPU has data about objects that can throw shadows or be reflected but are not in the frame… Good job NVidia, nothing like killing performance in more than one way.

  72. อิสระ ฉิมพรประพันธ์ says:

    It's good for a new standard for the future and I like this.

    Someday I want to experience the technology that gives a virtual touch. Until I could not separate it from being true or deceived.

  73. ShadowTheLight says:

    I would say everything is way too reflective to be realistic but then I realized they still have to show off what it can do before they show what it will do.

  74. viperanaf says:

    RTX off is a lot more realistic btw

  75. hentai loveeerrr says:

    Imagine that if ps or xbox for cheaper console supporting rtx graphics

  76. Ace of Spades says:

    Yeah, if only it didn't have such huge impact on performance, then it would have been great, otherwise it's piece of shit that everyone can live without.

  77. james randy says:

    human eye cannot see raytracing without RTX GPU

  78. John Smith says:


  79. Hermetic Dragon says:

    3D graphics 90's
    HD graphics 00's
    Ray Traced graphics 20's

  80. Flag says:

    the game itself looks awful

  81. GoodVibesTV says:

    Crysis 2 had pretty decent ray traced caustics

  82. Chris Bard says:


  83. gamergrig says:

    Какие же вы балбесы! Это все было уже лет 5-10 назад. Во многих старых играх есть отражения. Очередной развод!

  84. GSXR 1000 says:

    reflections are shit LOOK AT QUAKE 2 THIS IS THE BEST LOOKING GAME EVER AGAIN, not that justice shit

  85. HyperCube says:

    The ps4 doesn't have ray tracing does it?

  86. KevinHerronArt says:

    i know things are cranked up for Demo purposes but i feel like a lot of art direction was lost making me less sold this will make my gaming experience prettier and engaging. Those reflections in the puddles needed to be toned down, if you take a still from the ingame cinematic an illustrator would have a lot of work to do directing your eye. I rather see a demo of side by side gameplay-videos with art-directed RTX features on and off so it feels like gaming on medium vs. ultra …not a zoomed in puddle i don't care about.

  87. SnowGear the Destroyer says:

    When ur pc is 5 yrs old, ands its soo old because you cant afford a new one

  88. Marios Tsaousis says:

    Came for the giveaway, stayed for the spectacle. What a time to be alive! In a little while, we are going to have wearable prosthetics, that depict reality better than it looks!

  89. BytemeVV - says:


  90. Hugo Fernandes says:

    man !!! enough with REFLECTIONS.. we get it…. but what we really want is realistic shadows !!! not realistic reflections.. what makes things look real is shadows not relfections.

  91. Riasat Salmin Sami says:


    Look at all the Vaas?


    Vaas Montenegro?

  92. LozerClub says:

    Amazing. You'd think that reflections would work like that by default but until you see it, it's hard to imagine. Games with real time mirrors in hallways to look around corners at players in a pvp scenario is getting me excited.

  93. Chan Soe says:


  94. ElitistMagi says:

    It just works mang

  95. MrStevens says:

    Yes but can I see on the warrior's eyeball the reflection of the katana blade reflecting the offscreen fireworks reflection on the water's reflected caustics?!

  96. pav5000 says:

    Reflections are correct but shaders are awful. Other demos without RTX but with good shading and texturing looks more real than this crap.

  97. velezf216o says:

    The framerate was never mentioned.

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