37 Replies to “ITZY "IT'z ICY" VISUAL FILM #LIA”

  1. nsayti says:

    lia is such a visual

  2. ROSÉ PARK says:


  3. EVINA LMX says:

    i love itzy , but in a positive way this gives me kill this love teasers vibe , i really love this vibe tho so unique ♥️

  4. TV수혁 says:

    리아 최고….. 한글 댓글이 너무 없네요 ㅜ ㅠ

  5. DDOONG H says:

    I love you so much you deserve the world ❤️

  6. God Jihyo says:

    Unpopular Opinion:Lia should be the second visual in Itzy.

  7. Sabira Kozubaeva says:


  8. smol cat says:

    WoW so REGAL

  9. treasurejm says:

    she's literally a princess

  10. Phoebe says:

    Lia looks so classy

  11. iou ae says:


  12. Yänä Renaé says:

    Belated happy birthday to our dearest liaaa

  13. zahra suherman19 says:

    Love youuu

  14. Eanna Trias says:


  15. Le Bi says:

    I love her so much

  16. Le Bi says:

    Wow. Amazing

  17. Aurora_ Ross says:

    So beautiful❤️

  18. nahla sasi kirana says:

    Fuck! She is pretty😠💗💗💗

  19. Nadaa Svr says:

    The power of princess💞

  20. Nekora Art says:

    shes so elegant

  21. Lily Editz says:

    Why is she giving me Ariana vibes? Lol. I love the vibe this gives <3 Expensive, high class, and….mysterious?

  22. mina penguin says:

    Lia looks gorgeous, every time I see her, my heart beats faster •×•

  23. Tatiana Lema says:

    그녀는 시각적 인 가치가있는 아름다움이며, 계속 빛나는 별입니다.

  24. dubi BEAR says:

    nice beat coming something good

  25. peacheshyo TM says:

    i'm not gay i'm not gay i'm not gay i'm not gay i'm not gay i'm not gay……….

  26. Shouq ARMY. says:


  27. Haechan’uwu says:

    Lia is so freaking gorgeous-

  28. Kookie's cookies says:

    Princesses left shocked

  29. Kookie's cookies says:


  30. Kookie's cookies says:


  31. Kookie's cookies says:


  32. ARMYAGHASEONCEMIDZY got7 bts says:

    Rip reply button

  33. Random Person says:

    I swear Itzy are all visuals

  34. doo-bop says:

    lia is an irl disney princess

  35. Skyler Keck says:

    She looks so mature here but then I remember she's 19 lol

  36. Catherine Pham says:

    I feel like she's giving off ariana grande vibes. Funny, they both have the cancer zodiac

  37. NT MIYEL says:

    Why lia is not a visual????

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