IT'S TIME TO ADDRESS THE GRAPHICS DEBATE. (Pokémon Sword & Shield No National Dex Controversy)

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the graphics of the upcoming sword and shield games have definitely been a major focal point for fans but in the past week things have gotten especially crazy because of something in particular that has happened that we're gonna get into a little bit later in the video now the complaints about the graphics have kind of come in three waves the first occurred immediately upon the initial reveal of the games where a smaller group of people express their disappointment that the game didn't look breath of the wild esque in quality because that's what they had come to expect of the switch home console the second occurred after e3 and the Nintendo treehouse presentation in which we saw actual live gameplay of the game for the first time I'm sure you guys remember this clip that I had shown previously [Laughter] [Laughter] one thing that I've consistently heard since the second wave came about is o people only started complaining about the graphics after they got upset about the National Dex not being in the game first of all this just simply is not true as I said people were definitely complaining about the graphics right off the bat although the complaints did intensify after the treehouse presentation but there is a reason for this now what I'm about to say is a very very key point the reason why people complain so much about the graphics is twofold first the live treehouse gameplay exposed many more graphical issues than we could see in the heavily edited trailers second there is the reasoning for both why the National pokedex is gone and why many Pokemon won't be transfer both the sword and shield if you'll remember there were two primary reasons that Masuda gave for this to balance the battle system and because Game Freak is creating the games with much higher fidelity with higher quality animations now the battling system can obviously be balanced without deleting people's favorite Pokemon from existence such as by just not allowing the unbalanced Pokemon to be used in certain online battling playlists but still allowing those Pokemon to continue existing and being used in the game itself so that means that the primary reason was that it was just too much work given that Game Freak was focused so heavily on these higher fidelity games with higher quality animations and adding all the pokemon in would have taken too much time and/or sources naturally then fans said okay well the National Dex and some of my favorite Pokemon will be gone at the expense of having time to thoroughly develop higher quality graphics and animations well let's go back and take a look at these graphics and animations and upon reflection they see this on the whole fans are not upset about the graphics merely because they're lashing out and nitpicking due to anger about the national vex they're upset about the graphics because they see numerous problems which we'll get into despite them having been used as the justification for not having the National Dex and many of the pokemon in the games and that is a very important distinction to be made now an extension of this second wave has occurred that I would argue is a third wave of complaints all on its own and it's a response to a singular tweet that sparked massive debate across the Pokemon community the tweet was initially posted on July 12th by Twitter users mo Chiu and I believe that it has been since taken down but not before it received thousands upon thousands of likes and retweets the tweet reads as follows okay so it turns out the Pokemon models are not actually reused from the 3ds they're actually new models they look similar because I imagine they were recreated to look the same but they are actually new so that explains a lot when I first saw this tweet I was super curious as to what they were talking about so I opened up the picture that was attached turns out it was referencing a reddit post that says when they switched over from the 3ds to Nintendo's switch the frame rates and quality were both different in this article they revealed that when they went to transfer models and keep animations into sword and shield they didn't transfer over right forcing them to rebuild them by scratch keep in mind Game Freak only has 143 employees only half of which are working on Pokemon the other half on town so basically while the same animations of Pokemon themselves are copied and pasted most if not all Pokemon models had to be redone on top of that issue Dynomax enforces gamefreak to produce extra models for each and every Pokemon because you just can't take the same model and increase its size by 10 and expect it to look half decent I seriously wish that Game Freak had repeated this information in their response this reddit post itself was compiled of paraphrased and sometimes fabricated statements taken from a Nintendo everything article which itself was a summary of an original film itsu interview with amore and Masuda so before we dissect this all and check the accuracy let me just put this into perspective the tweet that everyone's using as an excuse for the lack of national dex was a summary of a reddit post which was a summary of a Nintendo everything article which itself was a summary of the interview a summary of a summary of a summary of a Mitsu article surely there isn't any misinformation in it right wrong first of all I would just like to dispel the notion that this is new sudden information this interview is from June 13th at the e3 event itself second the interview itself states nowhere that the 3d s animations and models didn't transfer over to the switch correctly thirdly Game Freak is indeed divided into two development teams team one which is working on the Gear project including town which is actually the team that has priority within the company according to a new a which I've talked about in a previous video and team two is dedicated to Pokemon we don't know the sizes of these teams however so saying half and half is a guess at best however in the reddit post this is portrayed as an excuse as to why the National Dex isn't in the game when it is in fact the problem itself with the full power of Game Freak this would have most certainly been possible as it was in X&Y when they made over seven hundred and twenty-one models plus forms essentially from scratch forth we don't know if dinah maxing requires entirely new models some people in animations say that they likely would but that they can also possibly be scaled but even if they do again this is not an excuse this is a problem it would mean Dyna maxing took priority over completing the national banks now finally the big point this post claims that all of the pokemon models had to be done from scratch and that is why they don't have enough time to include all of the Pokemon there was huge debate on Twitter over whether this part of the interview was translated from Japanese correctly because it seems so absurd I personally had my girlfriend reach out to one of her friends who lives in Japan who is fluent in both English and Japanese and we had her translate that part of the article she said that she understood it as meaning that the new switch hardware requires the model of the game to be built from scratch granted she is not familiar with game development and is not a huge Pokemon fan so who knows these kinds of conceptualizations could be foreign to her I say this because Joe Merrick of Serie B came out saying that his professional translator reportedly agreed that it meant the individual models of the Pokemon themselves were done from scratch however Joe maintains that the reasons for this are unknown and it's currently unknown if this is the case for all of the Pokemon or just some additionally there's the possibility that familiar an scribers very well could have just Miss written Oh more ease words down with some slight error that could change the meaning entirely however we have definitely seen the exact same animations used from the 3ds and sword and shield for the switch such as four characters Pokemon models and for some Pokemon Move animations additionally there have been several analyses and by reputable graphic designers and animators showing that the models themselves in terms of Polly's and vertexes are identical and that the only thing different is the textures and shading from what I understand this level of similarity would be nearly impossible to accomplish without bringing forth the older models to use as a foundation besides if they truly did have to make them from scratch why would they make them the exact same wouldn't they update and upgrade them for a new home console instead of having straight lines and points in gear doses whiskers and even if they did just copy the style of the old models is that really from scratch since you have a complete base to work off of and just imitate we've also seen these models in let's go Pikachu and Eevee to do they have to remake all of them there we never heard anything about that what about the four full generations worth of models that are present in Pokemon go furthermore with the failure to reuse and upgrade past models demonstrate incompetency on game freak's behalf by all accounts it would seem that this statement by oh Mori was either a miss writing by the famous new transcribers or he merely misspoke or exaggerated which is very possible when you're improvising in casual conversation it's also interesting that neither Masuda nor ohmori have repeated this kind of answer since June 13th even though they've addressed fan concerns and other media about the same problem a few times apparently without actually data mining the game itself which won't be possible until it's either leaked or releases we won't be able to absolutely confirm either way but it does seem quite suspect indeed both logically and in terms of what numerous graphic designers have pointed out the premature and often immature celebrations by some pokey supers as to the translation being correct means little to nothing the transcribers could have easily gotten it wrong people can miss speak exaggerated or even lie to save face which I'm not saying was done here but it remains a possibility nonetheless and until we have absolute confirmation nothing is certain but the evidence sure does seem to stack against them having been made by scratch and much of the other content of the sources that these people were obtaining this from were false to promote a certain viewpoint and this goes for everyone be careful not to believe things too quickly to promote your side of the debate people are of course going to want to spread misinformation to appeal to one's confirmation bias the fact remains though even if this from scratch models situation was the case the division of labor between pokémon and town within gamefreak and the failure to prioritize Pokemon is what causes this to be a problem in the first place because without it the models would surely be done without having to delete many fans favorite aspects of the game anyway there we go everyone an analysis of the graphic situation with Pokemon sword and shield if you enjoyed this video make sure you like and subscribe with notifications on so you're the first to see new videos and so you don't miss future uploads make sure to also let me know what you think about the sword and shield graphics before we go I do want to give a quick plug to my Twitter page where I talk about my thoughts and keep you guys updated on video progress and my discourse server where we've got an awesome Pokemon community that loves to chat all about these topics if you're interested in joining along with either one the links will be in the description below so make sure to check them out anyway thanks so much for watching everyone this has been Silk Spectre and I'll see you guys next time for some more Pokemon content

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