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21 Replies to “ISRO-CHANDRAYAAN 2 (3D Animation)”

  1. Ash 7 says:

    This proves that India can do anything if we work dedicatedly and put of a lot of hard work on doing it anyways congrats to ISRO as Chandrayaan becomes the first rocket in the planet to go to south side of moon

  2. Malai Indhu says:

    All the best guys your done a great job

  3. mattwersk says:

    Proud we Found Water on Moon now time to Search for it on Earth !! #watercrisis #humanity

  4. Vaishnavi Vaish says:

    Congratulations ISRO. we Indians are very proud of it. I hope you guys get huge success

  5. Sneha Yv says:

    Congrats isro…

  6. Sandip Majumder says:

    We r proud

  7. Pubg keeda says:

    Those 779 pakistani dislikers

  8. Tummala Saranya says:

    Beautiful video

  9. Surbhi Singh says:

    Proud to be INDIAN 🇮🇳ISRO🙌

  10. Rajni Gupta says:

    Well done

  11. Jamsheer Ahammed says:

    Proud to be an Indian.

  12. Afzal Hussain says:

    Remembering Abdul kalam sir on his death anniversary.
    Miss you sir
    Jai hind.

  13. KARTIK AGRAWAL says:

    Proud to be Indian

  14. Ravi Mehta says:

    Jai Hind

  15. Tajamul says:

    Why this rover was not named after KALAM
    APJ is missile man of India. He played key role to develop missile technology of india.

  16. manan shah says:


  17. Saumya Rawat says:

    incredible 🤸

  18. Priyadarshiniindira Das says:


  19. Praveen Ghanghor says:


  20. Naseema S says:

    India should grow all the fields in such a way…. Great minds always to better….I Love my country…. This success motivates all the students…..

  21. Mehul Khoiwal says:

    Awesome, fabulous….good job ISRO

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