Is the POCO F1 worth it in 2019? (after the Redmi K20 launch)

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22 Replies to “Is the POCO F1 worth it in 2019? (after the Redmi K20 launch)”

  1. du dj says:

    I m very Skeptical about updating my pocofone to latest Updates bcos many phone companies deliberately push updates which can ruin the old models to sold their new ones

  2. Dixit Bhabhor says:

    I am use poco f1 and I think it's best phone in world after 8 month . I will proudly say that this is my best choice

  3. Ranbir Suther says:

    I have 8gb variety but PUBG doesn't go that smooth, even on balance settings

  4. g ganesh says:

    Poco f1

  5. Jawad Hassan says:

    Poco f1 is tge way to go. The cameras are better. And it gives the same performance in games.

  6. Razaa Rayo says:

    people who buy phone around 20-22k are generally ok with some compromises for the price, Poco F1 is the biggest example of this and that's what we love about xioami. They give Value for money phone with compromises not noticable to users. But K20 is all rounder without compromises and high price, well personally I would have been ok if they haven't included the
    1. Holographic back glass
    2. Ultrawide and telephoto lens
    3. In display Fingerprint Sensor cuz
    they are slow
    These trade-off would have definitely lowered the k20 price to 18k-20k

  7. PAKISTAN mere Lode me says:

    Talking about notch .
    My pixle 2 doesn't even have a notch 🤣🤣🤣

  8. potpolima says:

    I think this phone is overrated.. the touch sensor of this phone is very low quality.. if you plan to play games, dont buy this phone

  9. Argha Kamal Ganguly says:

    Off topic.
    Do you have a mini fuss ball board in your office?.

  10. Veer Singh Rathore says:

    Koi mera comment padh rha he to poco me update ke baad heating issue, touch problem sab chli gyi he or ab mije mera mobile complete lag rha he or Google camra video recording colour bhot hi pyaare or details leta he. 18ke iske brabar koi nhi he

  11. CHHABI SARKAR says:

    Poco heating problem

  12. Satya singh says:

    I don't know why all reviewer gives that much importance to " in display fingerprint" while fingerprint sensor on body perform better and logical… in display fingerprint sensor may stop work if you drop down your phone and touch don't work properly. But that not the case with sensor on body

  13. NEERAJ KUMAR says:

    Arey thank you bhau !

  14. sakthiprasath anbu says:


  15. sakthiprasath anbu says:

    Is there any announcement about poco f2 or any bit information about it.

  16. sakthiprasath anbu says:

    You are rocking brother I love your English version than the Tamil it is awesome.

  17. Bhima Charan says:

    Voice me koi atak gaya hai

  18. Rajat Chakrabarty says:

    Ash wht about poco f2??

  19. Rishabh Sharma says:

    This is what Xiaomi wanted . They overpriced k20 so that their must be room left for poco F1 and mi A3 pro buyers .

  20. Osama Saif says:

    At the end if if the k20 was lunched at 19k price then it would be better to replace with pocco f1 so it means that k20 is better to have in 2k19 then f1.. so the man reason for you to choose f1 over k20 is just price then come on fuck that and go for k20 I mean just look at the design man and yeah there is not much difference in the performance of sd 855 and sd 730 specially when you play games like pubg.. good luck bro

  21. shubham kumbhalwar says:

    Realme x is better than redmik20 in terms of prize . Go for realme 💯👍

  22. AMAN SINGH says:

    What about the battery backup and screen on time….

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