iPhone 11 is SO BORING

July 25, 2019 posted by

bored now there's a feeling among some people in the tech community that the next iPhone looks too much like the last iPhone which looked pretty much exactly like the iPhone before that Apple's design has become stale they say iterative boring I wrote that back in September of 2013 after the iPhone 5 was announced even though it had a taller screen and unibody frame it still looked far too much like the iPhone 4 and 4s in that it was still a rounded rectangle with flat sides a home button and a screen a few years later the iPhone 5s version of that design came back as the iPhone se and all we heard was how great a design it was and how happy people were to have it back ditto last year when the new iPad pros returned with their own retro flat sides and now we want that design back on the iPhone as well because we're people we're easily bored but we hate change that's why everything old is our favorite new again but it's also why we often need to step back and get a little perspective so hit subscribe Avada Kedavra that building just so YouTube will actually tell you when the next video goes live and then let's get into it I'm Rene Ricci and this is vector now yell at me in the comments if you've all heard this one before tick-tock there's an all-new or at least fairly new phone designed one year but then just something iterative the next the new one is super exciting and overwhelming but then the repeat is just not that whelming at all I'm talking of course about the Samsung Galaxy s5 and six and seven oh wait the S eight and nine no I'm kidding gotcha did I get you I'm actually talking about the Huawei P 20 and P 30 no sorry I'm talking about the Moto Z 3 and Z 4 I mean the g6 and g7 no pixel and pixel – and pixel and no stop – stop exact size of bezels and number and placement of buttons and colors and textures and a few mechanical keyboards and tutors what raise and lower a few cameras here and there aside you get the idea phones our phones the iPhone 3G was so much like the original iPhone that Apple didn't even give it its own model it was just considered a variation on the first with 3G GPS and a full plastic shell instead of just a plastic skirt and the 3GS was all but indistinguishable from the 3G iPhone 4 was a new design sure screen and home button and all that but so industrial so bronze so lekha but iPhone 4s just boosted the internals and yeah fixed antennae iPhone 5 and 5s well I led with the complaints about them right at the top the iPhone 5 was taller than the iPhone 4 of course and had an aluminum unibody rather than a steel or glass sandwich chassis but round wreck gun around wrecked right iPhone 5s was basically rebuilt at the atomic level but deliberately made to look like the 5 even though the amount of effort put into it could have easily made it look like anything the iPhone 6 and 6-plus were big and bigger and rounded and rounded her the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus once again started over with completely new aluminum gasketing stealing strengthening and more but also again were made to look as exactly as possible like the ones before same for iPhone 7 and 7 plus crazy jet black finish and deletion of the headphone jack and two cameras notwithstanding and iPhone 8 and 8 plus the same again I'll be it with the return of the glass sandwich chassis to enable wireless charging colors varied but only slightly which is too bad and I'll come back to that in a minute then came I phone tenth and bye-bye went the home button in the first truly completely reconsideration of design since the original launched a decade before except that yeah if you held it just right it looked a hell a lot like that original and then the iPhone 10s looked just like the iPhone 10 and now the iPhone 11 is rumoured to look pretty much the same again big honking camera bump aside one reason for that is that Apple had a Platonic ideal a form I phone in mind since the very beginning it's a vault as technology has evolved and it's gone from curved to flat and back again in the detailing but year after year it's been a relentless drive towards that ideal that naked slab of glass with as little as possible of anything or everything else around it and there are ideals for an object with a screen that we can hold in our hand and fit in our pockets and that can efficiently display the text and graphics that we want to display some form of rectangle round it to take some of the sharper edges off just makes the most sense that's why pretty much everyone is pretty much still driving in that direction another reason is that when the casing is static it gives every other component team a static target to aim for it's why we used to talk about one year being an external upgrade and the next internal everyone on the chipset and camera and antenna and battery and you name it and stick a part number on it teams doesn't have to worry about hitting a moving target and so it can make much more aggressive strides forward once in a while we get big updates to what feels like everything but those are much harder to pull off which is why they're far fewer and further between also and this is super hard for anyone who works in the industry to remember but most people simply don't upgrade their phones every year I mean all of us nerds in blogs and podcasts and videos do but most people not at all once upon a time it was every two years on contract now every two to four and sometimes that upgrade isn't new but a hand-me-down or an aftermarket purchase instead everything from the expectation of debt to the on we experienced by all of us who see or cover a dozen or more new devices a year is not at all what's going through the heads of people just trying to decide if they should upgrade their 2015 phone not how much the 2019 one looks like the 2018 one but regardless there's a lot of tension and a lot of pushback as well first as much as we hate change and change for changes sake is often folly while howdy is new and different fun and exciting we experienced a very real hit when we first see and first get something that feels really new and fresh it lights us up and that's why when we don't get something new and different never mind how sensible and practical it is we don't get that hit either we don't get lit up we can't let down like palpably we can feel it second is fashion or more appropriately trend we don't just like to feel something new we like to be seen with it so that others have to feel something when they see us with something new as well it's what let's a show-off front flex whatever it is you want to call it we can't be seen having the latest and the greatest if the latest and greatest part of what we have can't be seen but that doesn't really require change it requires the illusion of change don't change our ports or take away our home buttons or headphone jacks will cut you but make us feel like it's new anyway add a color change the finish move that punch hole from here to there line up those cameras vertically instead of horizontally or the other way around it's something Apple has done OK in the past including and especially with the gold iPhone 5s everyone was iPhone 5s looks like iPhone 5 so boring what gold version hit it team Coco so ostentatious make fun of it well you mean it's sold out it's so hot I simply have to have it give it to me now and Apple learned from that and leant into it hard with rose gold and has played around with it more extensively on the mid-range models like the iPhone 5c and now the iPhone 10 are but nowhere nearly as much at least not on the high ends for my taste as some of the metallic colors and gradients and effects we've seen so aggressively from other companies I'd even say without an idea of sales numbers or their effects on them stupendously from other companies sure Apple or Samsung or Huawei or whoever could make a triangular phone or a doughnut-shaped phone actually I'm not entirely sure one or two of them haven't announced exactly that already but my point is it would be different absolutely but it wouldn't be better and changing for the sake of different and not better why oh so very great for media headlines and hits is oh so very terrible for the long-term viability of companies and just like last year where the target upgrade market was the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s this year that target market will most likely be the iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 and they won't care very much if at all how different the 11 is from the 10s because what crazy nerd world are we all living in anyway and then one day they'll make sensors that work under the display and optical and sonic fingerprint readers will be as good as the old time you I need capacitive ones and there'll be some computational breakthrough that halves the z-index needed for lenses and the knotch will die the bump will go the way of the dodo and for a few generations we'll get those naked iPhone glass screens and be just as bored of those then as we are of these now until we either take it even further and get fully on transparent Tony Stark hologram phones or we go completely in the other direction and demand fine Karelian knobby gnarly Millennium Falcon style designs which say it with me now we'll also get super bored with super fast because human but if there's one thing that can protect us from ourselves and pretty much everything else online it's euro they're a launch partner for Apple's new iOS 13 home kit secure router feature so what you can get right now is total network protection hero Plus offers the ability to block malicious and unwanted content across your entire network also advanced security by checking the sites you visit against a database of millions of known threats euro plus prevents you from accidentally visiting malicious sites without slowing anything down also content blocking hero+ automatically tag sites that contain violent illegal or adult content so you can choose what your kids can and cannot visit right in the ero app then add locking get rid of annoying ads and popups on all your devices ad blocking also improves load times for add heavy sites so you can browse and stream faster than ever before you get third-party security apps VPN protection from encrypt me password management from one password and antivirus software from Malwarebytes best of all its ultra easy to set up just plug it in and never think about Wi-Fi again get $100 off the Eero base unit and two beacons package and one year of zero plus by going to eurocom slash vector and using promo code vector at checkout thanks Eero and thanks to all of you always for supporting the show now I'm sure I'm gonna get a bunch of comments about defending Apple or whatever but truth is I'm defending design here Samsung Huawei moto whomever fight for all of them I never liked the notch though I've grown desensitized to it even on the pixel three I don't like camera bumps though I love better glass on phones and this new iPhone 11 leaked camera design is never not going to look like the surprise face emoji to me never not and to be 100% totally honest with you I'm loving this period of experimentation where we're getting things like hole punches and even though mechanical cheaters pop up and down or flip around I mean I've got hardware failure concerns about them but they're fun and I like that they're trying but I'm not gonna pretend like all the phones from all the companies aren't all still variations on that same singular slab and that's okay the Porsche 911 is so iterative it's not just a classic it's a cliche same goes for many iconic car brands and watch brands and camera brands because brands what I'm defending here is us we deserve good products not dodgy ones that get a crap ton of attention but can't or won't ship not trends or gimmicks designed as innovation which is seriously one of the most misunderstood and misused terms in tech but good solid products that just keep getting better at least that's what I think now it's your turn hit like if you do hit subscribe if you haven't already and then hit up the comments and let me know what do you hate more boredom change or both thank you so much for watching and see you next video


23 Replies to “iPhone 11 is SO BORING”

  1. wigglesize says:

    I've gotta be honest, I have no clue what people are talking when they say they are bored of the present. The iPhone X was totally different, even more so than the S8 And really combined hardware and software in a beautiful way. Now we are on the S version with the max option which is the best phone I've ever used. The iPhone 11 will be an improvement on what we have now.
    A sign of refinement is when the next iteration is very close to what you had before. It means that what you have now is so good that improving upon it can't be done easily. If the only improvement to the iPhone 11 was that they improved the camera, it would still be my next phone.
    I left Samsung last year because there biggest thing was making a phone that could fold. I have no use or trust for a company that puts it's time into fruitless endeavours to appear inovatove whilst actually wasting time. Apple is investing in security and software refinement. The hardware they use and how they design it has become trivial at this point. When I hold an iPhone XS I don't see how it could be improved. The notch is a beautiful feature, the raised camera offers a tactile element to the phones futuristic smoothnes. The only thing left to improve is battery and and software.
    The future will only be interesting if we enjoy the present and stop yearning for the past as our memory creates a fake sense of how much better it was.

  2. ImperfectNinja says:

    This is the exact reason why they don’t change the phones design much because people want change but don’t like change

  3. Jose M. procdla says:

    Is not because with get bored is Apple mess your phones after few years so you can buy another one so with do the same you want me to buy a phone every year make a new phone ever year

  4. Stephan Clark says:

    I have the iPhone 8 Plus so I’ma just cop the iPhone 11 I was thinking about waiting but nothing has changed lol whoever buy this especially if you have an iPhone XS MAX or X in general and you get this phone you just dumb only you’re a regular customer and not a content creator a lot of people really need to think and save their money this year not buy the iPhone 11 show apple that you’re not stupid and won’t buy just anything for them this is unacceptable lol

  5. Chris Ayres says:

    5s and SE still number 1

  6. BleakVision says:

    Not reducing the size of the notch in two years is just lazy and Tim Cook counting beans again.

  7. Doc Rock says:

    So good to work with you yesterday and LG VOR yesterday. I was so honored and you guys are awesome. #aloha

  8. Siddhartth says:

    Once we get to that all screen design people will stop complaining about the design atleast. My ideal handheld/palm/pocket computer is a Huwawei's Mate X running iOS with an SPen insitu.

  9. Beau Cyphre says:

    Thanks for this video and the clear statements! It’s hilarious to always want something new.

  10. Can I get a 1,000,000 subs without any videos ? says:

    What elese do you want from a phone a phone is supposed to make phone calls that’s it the fact we can play some consol games on there take amazing photos email search the Internet is already more than we need what else do we need from phones 😂

  11. Thamsanqa Mvayo says:

    I'm on iPhone X and still using iPad Air 2. My daughter is still on iPhone 6S Plus, it's working very well. I'll probably look on upgrading late next year, maybe. Us normal users are excited when we get our phone because it's usually quite a bit different from the last phone we had.

  12. Rick Terscale says:

    We hate change? What happened to people embracing change?
    Maybe we've come to the point where innovation can only go so far. It has gone as far as possible.
    Or maybe we haven't yet uncovered the next paradigm shift.
    To be honest, as far as design is concerned I really don't think there is much room for change, considering that iPhones and even Android phones are so slim already.
    The next big leap forward, the true paradigm shift, will occur when they achieve the holy grail in touch screens ….. the race is on for that, and that will change everything. Everyone will want to upgrade their iPads/iPhones/Android phones. Blind people will be able to touch their screen and feel braille. The possibilities are endless.

  13. Mike Wollf says:

    Your forced laugh every 2 seconds is oh so annoying. Re-watch your video before you post. Your content is great, but sometimes you exaggerate a tad much with the fake emotional undertones and overlong stretch of the subject matter to pass the 10 min. mark. Your points could've been made in 5. As such, your vid about boring iPhone was boring after a while.

  14. Maisonier says:

    This may be the ugliest design of an Apple product ever.

    Poor Jobs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fuZ6ypueK8M

  15. Sri Sari says:

    Yeah but this will be the most wanted phone….

  16. Eyezor says:

    I’m stuck with my iPhone 6 Plus.

  17. Ari Network says:

    Rene, you are good at what you do.

  18. vegangsta says:

    I think people are bored of the lack of innovation and the fact that the os looks the same as it always has done. It's got nothing to do with what it looks like on the outside

  19. Jonas Silva says:

    I I want an iPhone, that does not break. I wanna an iPhone that is not made of glass on the back or an unbreakable glass. I want USB-C, I want to buy apps outside of the Apple Store. I want to download movies and files as it were an USB drive on it. I want it future proof, give me 5G. I am using a X 256, and I won’t change this year, I’m not a picture guy, without the camera what else is new? Not in the business to throw money away, plus I do not have the need of people seeing my new phone. Mine is encased on a Otterbox Strada folio, nobody can see it anyways.

  20. Saiyan Barber says:

    Don’t be a corporate d*ck rider bro 🤦‍♂️

  21. rabote007 says:

    I must say i was at first apalked at the new ipad mini 5 design but once on my hands is my favourite device EVER and im 41 years old, portability power and functionality of 22 nd centryur

  22. Sam M. says:

    This was 10 minutes of repeating the same point – change just for novelty's sake is an endless treadmill. But there are certainly things that can be improved. The notch could be made smaller. The camera bump could be eliminated (instead of made uglier). Casing materials could be improved, both for appearance as well as for grip.

    Because ultimately, the spec bump from the XS to 11 can't be enough to justify the phone's existence.

    Personally, I think this is another example of the inertia of a poor decision carrying a dead-end technology forward well past its obsolescence, because Apple's collective ego is the sunk cost fallacy personified. Face ID may have been necessary for the iPhone X because under-screen fingerprint sensor technology wasn't ready for prime time. But the massive notch looks downright comical compared to many other flagships that have minimal teardrop notches.

    The iPhone 11 looks like a phone from 3 years ago, except from the back, where the new camera array makes it look like a bad prototype that accidentally shipped. I can't imagine this selling too well. Pointing out that all novelty wears out doesn't change the fact that people do want novelty, or at the very least they don't want the same basic design to get uglier over time.

  23. ASMR TingleTime says:

    iPhone isn't boring. Smartphones are boring. Living Room is going to be big again with Apple moving to services and going more multiplatform. Would love iOS to power desktop class monitor plug in.

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