iPhone 11 Is Getting Weird

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alright guys welcome back to another video and let's talk about the iPhone 11 series because frankly we got some even more interesting stuff just when when you thought that there's no mores to talk about the iPhone Leben and you're pretty sick of the overall design there's more to it and there's some pretty weird things going on with the iPhone 11 but overall I really do feel like it should pack a decent punch to go against this year's major smartphones out there so if you haven't noticed iPhone Lebon well it's iPhone 11 it's actually pretty controversial and we will be getting into the overall design and some really crazy stuff and what's the overall difference of the overall phone alright so Apple is now widely tipped to be unveiling its next generation iPhone at an event in September now Evan blast actually got his hands on these Verizon smartphone roadmaps which are really important because Verizon is actually one of the biggest smartphone carriers out there and you probably had them and pretty much Verizon has this little road map which shows all the smart phones that will be launched you got the note series you got the pixel series and then you get Apple's iPhone 11 launching in the middle of September so it's pretty cool and the so-called iPhone 11 or the iPhone X I if the company wants to go with the Roman numerals is having some minor upgrades and we may be seeing a major design change and some really cool hardware specs all right so the company might pretty much Spurs up the two-year old industrial design with a lovely type of nod to its heritage now there's a major tipster speaking to Mac rumors which is one of the biggest tech sites out there for leaks smartphones especially in the Apple Department the source is well-connected inside the overall company has a really reliable track record and MacRumors claims that it's actually pretty legit so what's the prediction well Apple is planning to bring back the rainbow logo that used all the way back to this products in 1998 and this design was pretty much taken away and given out as a single colored variants like the logos we see nowadays on the iPad pro the new iPhones and MacBook Pro so people are like well you're really gonna bring back the original fruit centric logo which is pretty cool-looking can I have a little retro kind of feel Apple is one of those companies who love to have these sort of color and weird aesthetic sales like the red iPhone editions those sold really well you got the jet black iPhones those so really well – you got the matte black iPhones those were loved by a lot of people as well kind of get the idea Apple is a major company out there who loves switching up colors but they're also really simple and packed some history to it so you get different colors green yellow orange red purple and blue now pretty much this looks kind of awesome and the logo was launched back then to run up the Apple – which sported the first color display on a PC so I'm not really sure what's going on it would be pretty cool if CEO Tim Cook actually would on stage and was like hey we brought back like the old retro rainbow logo check this out iPhone 11 all the way and if you haven't notice seemly a head of the MacBook Air event last year Apple teased the announcement by send down invites of a unique design of its corporate logo and the company played a bunch of these emanated versions of the logos on a loop with so many different colors and we may be seeing this brand new six color logo coming in to maybe drive sales from passionate longtime Apple fans I don't know but it does seem like a pretty cool strategy to me since things are getting so new to a point that everyone wants to get retro stuff all right cameras this is what the iPhone 11 max and the iPhone 11 is really talking about everyone wants to know the overall cameras so it's getting a giant came on the bear back it's a stovetop camera which everyone gives it the nickname and the reason why is you could put a bunch of pots on these little circles on the very back it's kind of funny but you do get like the flash the tof Center which is surprisingly really important for augments rally features now after that one guy who really loves AR features and if you're like me who wants to play Minecraft earth then AR features and that camera module on the bareback is definitely giving you the best augments rally feature out there so you do get a very gorgeous black back finish keep in mind that that glass on the back is consecutive it actually goes from the back all the way up to the cameras it's one layer of glass not two layers of glass like the XS max it's pretty awesome and if you crack the back you have a major risk of cracking your overall camera lens which pretty much isn't good because it's gonna cost you a lot to fix it also the front display it looks exactly like the regular iPhone 10s there's not much to it you're getting the same display you're getting the overawed notch but you probably will be getting a better selfie camera and a much faster face ID combine that with the iOS 13 software you're not only getting some of the coolest notification design looks you also get dark mode face ID is actually a lot faster combined with a new face ID of the iPhone 11 so everything would be a lot better security features will honestly be top-notch I will say also 18 watt USB see power adapter included okay so Apple is finally gonna ditch the pitiful little 5 watt USB power adapter for a favor of an 18 watt USB power adapter finally coz when I'm charging my iPhone on that little brick it literally takes me two and a half hours to charge it from zero to like 90 or 100% now this latest rumor comes from Mac o guitarra who claims its information comes from Chinese suppliers and all three iPhone models are gonna be getting this USBC adapter brick and the ports and also everything you need to charge a smartphone I'll include it in the box you don't get a wireless charge pat though your phone is a wireless charging pad itself so we get to wireless power share or bilateral wireless charging and it's like a two-way wireless charging feature so you know how Apple canceled air power well the whole reason why is why would you buy a wireless charging pad wouldn't could charge your air pods on top of your smart phone that was the idea of Apple and mean chiku one of the biggest Apple analysts out there and he's actually surprisingly accurate and he's saying Apple plans to make the iPhone batteries like a lot bigger like the successor to the iPhone 10s could be having a battery that's 25% bigger it's huge they're wanting to give you a 2-day battery life which I'm all down for cuz my smartphone loses charge and dies within seven p-m of every single day it's kind of frustrating also the overall design okay it's kind of controversial and it looks exactly like the iPhone 10s there isn't really much to it and maybe you will be getting a retro rainbow logo on the bare back and maybe that could justify you to bind the overall smartphone but overall I really do feel like looking at all these different renders hands on dummy leaks and moldings it's there's not much difference now you do get a gorgeous triple lens camera on the bare back now by the smartphone is like buying the iPhone 6 to the iPhone 7 you're only getting a major camera upgrade except this time you're getting some cool insight features faster charging bilateral wireless charging and the gorgeous a 13 processor so there's a report from digit times one of the biggest leaks smartphone news outlets out there as well staying that the 2019 iPhones will be having a processor called the a 13 it will be a 7 nanometre CPU manufactured by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company there's also a report in Bloomberg in May saying that TSMC has entered test production of the chip in April and full production is going to really soon so it's actually really awesome and I can't wait for the apples 8:13 processor if you look at the overall Geekbench benchmarks the asus rog 2 smartphone which is has the newest snap during a 55 plus scored exactly the same as the 812 chip so if Apple wants to be a step ahead of all of its other Android guys out there they have to launch an 8 13 and rumors are saying it's like the best chip ever multi-core scores are probably hitting around 13,000 and that's actually really cool and it makes a big gap between itself and the Android chip makers out there which usually hover one generation behind the Apple 8 13 and the Apple 12 processors alright and that's pretty much about it you're not giving the headphone jack back since Apple is trying to use all of its space possible to shove as much charge into the overall device price-wise super expensive and your problem have to sell your car for it and pretty much everyone is saying that it's $1300 with a starting price of the iPhone 11 Wow that is expensive and then you probably like a shell out 1400 or $1500 for the iPhone 11 max that's also really expensive if you want something budget-friendly you should probably look at the iPhone 11 R which starts prices at 950 to $900 that's still really expensive so if you really love a R and if you really love to have a brand new Apple device to flex on your friends this is like the perfect time to do it and this is a perfect smartphone to go for the camera in my opinion is top-notch quality so thanks for watching in comment below


32 Replies to “iPhone 11 Is Getting Weird”

  1. NOEMAN JAWADI says:

    Do peoples still love iphones?

  2. juan mendoza says:

    At least the all black color looks good dam cool.

  3. Sister swag satanic salamanda says:

    That is the ugliest phone I’ve EVER SEEN, it’s that ugly I might actually change to Samsung. And I don’t like Samsung😬

  4. nishant3984 says:

    Its soo ugly 🤣

  5. Sostenes Alcobias says:

    Oh no! Just one more speculation.



  7. Jerry Makhamre says:

    Why u say ios like “owl os” it’s I – os lol

  8. Joey Ortiz says:

    It's been weird!! 😅😂🤣

  9. This Arctic says:

    All these models the YouTubers are getting are inaccurate, there is no metal ridge around the camera housing. It's one piece of glass that molds up to the camera bump like the video says.

  10. Paul Na Ranong says:

    Apple is dead

  11. Sam Renshaw says:

    Just get a xr lol battery life is higher than the sun

  12. King Genji says:

    Nobody: …
    Literally Nobody: …
    One Berry: "I know, let's keep uploading videos on iPhone 11 with the same information as the last video but different title"

  13. TheSkilledz says:

    New logo will turn iPhone into Gayphone

  14. iDark Traxx says:

    Me: I am going to get the iPhone 11

    One Berry: it costs 1300 dollars

    Me: never mind

    One Berry: but the iPhone 11r should cost about 900 dollars

    Me: still

  15. Matthew Cooper says:

    Rainbow logo is ugly!!!

  16. Matthew Cooper says:

    The camera surround should be all black, not color matched!!! 🙁

  17. Dara English says:

    Love iPhones 11

  18. Dara English says:

    Love iPhones 11

  19. Ivelin Stanchev says:

    Iphoene 💯💯💯

  20. Aryan Amir_07 says:

    This won’t get 1k likes

  21. Souza Designer says:


  22. Tom Archwood says:

    When you use Samsung phones and advertisements for the next iPhone

  23. xcalibur1011 says:

    be smart! take care of your smartphone and don,t believe the hype of 5g from the cellular networks trying to promote their mimi waves signal which can only travel short distances blocked by trees and glass in buildings and affected by weather.
    with 4glte enhanced let them prove why you should upgrade and not lower their prices thinking that u$ consumers who buy their high price
    product$ like apple and remove the headphone jack because of courage sheesh! what an insult and they would,nt have the decency to give people a free pair
    of air pods and tim cook wants to bring back the rainbow color apple logo, what is this world coming to?
    when steve jobs was alive (RIP!) the ipod nano had an radio fm tuner which i still have that was great to listen to in case of an emergency

    for every station in your area that by NOW! an iphone should have without apple,s okey dokey repetitious yearly keynote song and dance bs.
    and those fools who go every year and sit in the audience and applaud like trained seals there,s an app! for that.
    so don,t be a dummy and have them put their words in your mouth and let you think what,s best for you


  24. Christopher Zaidan says:

    The price will 100% not be that much money bro

  25. Haych Kae says:

    Chillllll, it's just a phone 😂

  26. InsaneFanta says:

    Android Q will surpass Apple's Android marshmallow features

  27. InsaneFanta says:

    One Berry: the S10+ is Awesome
    Later when apple is about to release their phone
    One Berry and everyone else: the iPhone 11, welll…. Uhhh.. it's a yes, but a no

  28. Ditz3n says:

    I'm going to buy it anyways. Had a Oneplus for 1 year now and I really hate going from apple to Android. I lost a lot of things I used to love. I'm going to buy it and then exchange it next year to the 2020 one for a smaller cost. 🙂 I'm not even caring about the ugly camera since it just makes up for better pictures in the end 🙂

  29. Faiaz Malekzadeh says:

    1300 price tag no way 😂😂 I don’t believe that

  30. XitouXV says:

    Sometimes it feels like I'm the only one excited for this new iPhone, which I'm going to buy after using android for so long.

  31. Uchenna Agwu says:

    Nah am getting the Note10+ instead.

  32. BatDeMan says:

    This iphone:👁👁👁

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