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alright guys what's up and right now let's talk about iPhone 11 so there's a bunch of really cool features coming out for the iPhone 11 but of course there's some bad things out there like well you're not really getting like a revolutionary design you're not really getting a lot of new changes and you will be paying about $1300 for the starting price of the iPhone 11 which is absolutely crazy so right now I just woken up from a nap and I just saw like a bunch of different features for the iPhone 11 and I'll be listing all the stuff that's packed into this tiny thin device and some of them will be worth the money to buy especially very really really big Apple fan alright so first things first the design this is what everyone wants to know so you're giving the 5.8 inch design you're getting me 6.1 inch our design and then you're getting these 6.5 inch design which is the premium model so the iPhone 11 it's looking like the regular iPhone 10s in derailer iPhone 10 on the front panel you get a notch you get an OLED screen you get the bezels on the side which is exactly alike there's nothing unique about the front panel it seems like Apple just feels like they've received the highest screens of a body ratio for the iPhone 11 and this is how it is I'm pretty respectful about it because you don't really need to change up to the overall design too much if you feel like that's like the highest screens body ratio design to get it's kind of a good transition from the s8 to the s9 or the note 8 to the note 9 it's kind of like a little chill transition phase but this is kind of like Apple's third time doing it and if they're doing a fourth time I'm honest it'll be pretty sick of it so the sides is pretty interesting now you will be getting a lower power which is actually really nice because every time when I adjust the overall volume with two fingers I always press the volume buttons and a shutdown buttons at the same time and I screenshot and snapchat which is the biggest sin but right now Apple is moving the power button about a few millimeters lower to accommodate the overall Siri features and to not start screenshotting a bunch of snapchat images and the sides you will be getting a really weird looking mute button for some reason Apple just felt the need to give you a credible looking mute button and that's pretty much it you get a very beautiful brushed stainless steel finish on the sides which I really really like on the bare back is where the main design component is you get an incredible triple lens camera on the bare back you're getting the flash you're getting the tof sensor the time of flight center which bounces infrared light away from a phone to an object and it bounces back giving you the exact distance it's really really cool and I really love it so next is displace you're getting a very very nice OLED display and it's like exactly the OLED display on the iPhone 10's max and it's actually really cool and they pretty much push LG display to build its own OLED display production facilities I'm not really sure which company's gonna supply Apple for the displace this year but it's definitely somebody and they're gonna make a bunch of money from it and it's pretty nice and it definitely will be making it lighter and thinner at the overall OLED display with a lot be vivid and more colorful it's more vibrant and fresh and also iOS 13 the dark mode don't work absolutely fantastic on the OLED display so every time you see any sort of a dark coloring Apple's iPhone 11 pretty much just turns that pixel off and you save a ton of battery especially when you're watching like a really dark movie or a really dark Netflix show you save a good amount of power next is 3d touch now we're getting a bunch of rumors saying that Apple may be eliminating 3d touch but it will only be in the lowered price 6.1 inch iPhone 11 are maybe seeing Apple elaborating in the overwrought 3d touch for the more expensive iPhones but then again we're not really sure especially a bunch of blog sites and also tech sites out there are saying Apple is removing 3d touch to cut the price down a little bit 8:13 processor Wow is this going to be amazing a13 processor will be a big step ahead of the 812 processor now the whole reason why Apple needs sweet launching the 13 is because a lot of Android chips out there are slowly catching up to the Apple if you look at the Geekbench benchmarks for the snapdragon 855 plus on the asus rog 2 smartphone the benchmarks for that is exactly like the one of the a 12 so a 13 is 7 we could be getting a giant boost and pretty much keep a bunch of aimed with smartphones from catching up too much rear cameras this is what the fun is really going to start because this is at Apple's main highlight of the show there are a bunch of rumors suggesting that Apple will be introducing a 3d deficits in technology but that's been delayed you're getting a very nice set of cameras on the very back and it looks like a bunch of little stoves which you cook on and according to Bloomberg Apple is working on a feature that will be using that extra pixel of data to provide tools to automatically repair photos or videos there's gonna be a lot of brand new software features the whole reason why Apple was just upgrading the overall cameras is because OS 13 is like the best software to accommodate these sets of really crazy-looking cameras and Apple is gonna be arranging these in a triangle formation leading it to be having a very compact camera module in the bare yes you may think it's kind of ugly but in fact it's compacting some of the best features out there and it could be better than a lot of Android cameras out there Apple is having something really cool up their sleeves so front facing true depth camera system there's a bunch of rumors saying that Apple is planned to be making a bunch of changes to the front facing true depth camera system that enables face ID Apple analyst mean she cooed believes that the new iPhone 11 are and also the 11 will be featuring a brand new flood emulator that will improve bass IV by lowering the impact of the visible light from the overall environment this is pretty nice sometimes I'll use face ID Apple's system isn't really responsive when I wear like a giant hoodie sometimes it doesn't really work that well but with iOS 13 software and be brand new true def camera system we might be getting a much better face ID system a lot faster and it's gonna make your life much easier so next is Apple pixel supports this is really cool I do organic chemistry in school and it kind of sucks to draw the little structures on your phones using the tips are finger and when they're stylus breaks down it's a big hassle Apple pencil support could definitely make a lot easier for your life especially when y'all could draw things on your iPhone Apple pencil is only available for iPads but we may be seeing these types of technologies and software features on the iPhone because the displays are honestly just so big and that'll be pretty cool actually because if they do that I'm definitely buying one other rumors include a bilateral wireless charging system this is what you call the Samsung Galaxy essence wireless power share so pretty much the back of the iPhone will be a wireless charging pad so it'll be pretty cool so the whole reason why Apple killed off air power is to simply have this feature and why would you ever buy air power when your whole phone is a air-powered charging pad bigger batteries you're getting a much bigger battery you might be getting a 5.7 to a 10 percent increase in the over a milliamps of the I felt Levin it's gonna be really nice and I'm really excited to see what Apple is doing Ultra Ben wideband supports the 2019 iPhone lineup could be including support for this feature and will definitely offer it a lot of major improvements in indoor positioning and navigation which is nice USB see there's been mixed rumors about Apple potentially transitioning to USB C in the 2019 iPhone 11 it will be actually pretty nice and I could definitely use a bunch of USB C flash drives which will be awesome you might be getting a 18 watt USB power adapter so Apple smartphone is charged incredibly slow it's kind of crappy but with this we may be seeing Apple pretty much above another charging speeds and going toe-to-toe with a lot of Android companies out there and Wi-Fi six this is the last thing and pretty much Wi-Fi six is this chip inside of our smart phone that brains higher data rates increase capacity gives you better performance in dense environments like concerts and sporting events and once again improve power efficiency and mostly batteries honestly that's what the main thing is about which is really really much needed because smartphone batteries now they suck but anyway thanks for watching comment below this is everything I have for you guys today definitely check out what Apple has to feature I know it's not like the best smartphone by Apple but there are some pretty cool improvements especially that juicy juicy came on the bear back so thanks watching


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  1. Andre Reid says:


  2. Christopher Zaidan says:

    Nah the price will most likely stay the same apples sales are decreasing they wouldn't do that

  3. F O says:

    Is this a parody or you are being serious? I can't tell

  4. Gene Paradiso says:

    This could be a disastrous year for iPhones.

  5. Leroy Crawford says:

    :0 1,300 Crazy money that's macbook pro territory!

  6. Alan Tran says:

    It is so dumb

  7. Sagar says:

    This is not worth watching. Don’t waste your time peps

  8. TheLuckystar 10 says:

    Bring back headphone jacks

  9. Donald Ducko says:

    Apple is blowing it design wise. They need to return to the FLAT aluminum all around the edge. Hold the original iPhone and it’s still the best iPhone ever.

  10. Thatlameone says:

    1300$??? Bitch 😂 I’m gonna need a BETTER BATTERY!!!!!!!!

  11. Ahmed Ali says:

    Note 10 or iphone 11?

  12. Steve Crawl says:

    I want it I get it

  13. I’m a Chair says:

    $1300 I’m still buying

  14. neoh mike81 says:

    I don’t think it’s going to be a 1300 starting price.

  15. Christian Beso says:

    I thought the 2020 iPhones will have the TOF 3D Sensors and not this year?

  16. Al Tanvir Alam says:

    6:15 mute switch.

  17. Mark Smith says:

    I will just wait for the price drop on the XR and pick one of those up. I had one for 5 months and it was a really good device! Mark in Iowa.

  18. DJ Movies says:

    Pressure intensive 3D Touch is going away and will be iOS based …… I guess !!!!

  19. Jake Cravens says:

    Hmmm apple same old thing? Sounds right

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