iOS 12.4 Released! Review & RIP iPhone 6/5s

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48 Replies to “iOS 12.4 Released! Review & RIP iPhone 6/5s”

  1. Vincebond 007 says:

    Where do you get that logo 0:17 i want that

  2. Ella Dela Cruz says:

    And here I am, still using iPhone 6.

  3. Trill says:

    People that got six’s crying right now

  4. Happy Cupcake says:

    There's no point to have software update that long. The battery will die long before that. There's also no point in paying to replace the battery as by the time the battery died the phone will be too slow to sluggish to use. Apple will slow it down with each software updates.

  5. Eric Garcia says:

    Where is the Apple credit card I’ve been waiting

  6. m. hamza says:

    i own xs max 12.4 has issues its a bit slow , battery drains faster , camera lags after taking a picture

  7. Baked Potatoes 41 says:

    I have the iPhone 5e yeeeet
    I’m poor.

  8. Adrian Olea says:

    Can we connect ps4 controller now ?

  9. Sebas M says:

    It should be illegal for Apple to deliver 500 megabytes updates every now and then, they pretty much asume you have a 64 or more gygabyte storage (32 seems like much but it isnt). These updates most times are cosmetic bullshit.

  10. Games For Cykits says:

    Yeeeea not gonna update, just gonna stay on 11.4 so I can keep my jailbreak till a JB comes to 12.4

  11. Khalil Linden says:

    Anybody else have an iPhone X, XS, or XS Max and have the problem when you tap the screen to wake the phone up or even raise the phone to wake it, you find yourself tapping the screen more then one time? Pretty annoying…

  12. Daniela Byy says:

    I Still have 6

  13. Maha Kameli says:

    My 5s completely stopped working and now it’s disabled for no reason may god bless my phone

  14. Erik Gundermann says:

    how he sys how much snappier the iphone is with the new updates and just failes on every try

  15. Blackmetaldemon says:

    I'm good with my 6s

  16. GodOfMechas says:

    my 6s is serving me very well still, only issue is a degraded battery health, which I plan to change once I update to iOS 13

  17. Jose Carmona says:

    I have iOS 13 on my iPhone 6s

  18. Lead Farmer says:


  19. SOURA NATH says:

    My 5s fingerprint is not working so what can I do

  20. Maalik Gaming channel says:

    What is Geekbench … should i download it

  21. busywl69 says:

    my SE still works like a dream

  22. De Royal Way says:

    Hi everything apple pro, there is a glitch on YouTube where when you open it half of the screen is black and the half is YouTube squished together I don’t think apple will reply to me but for sure you and I don’t know if it’s a iPhone 6 problem but it’s happening to mine thank you 🙏

  23. Owen Blue says:

    5s is my phone

  24. Dallen Watts says:

    So can i still use my iPhone 6 or nah

  25. E Mendoza says:

    “Significant upgrade” – shows absolutely nothing new nothing better

  26. Clear Mind says:

    Funny that nobody ever talks about the phone feature, this is a phone.

  27. Parnit S says:

    this review shows – there's only so much you can cover about Apple

  28. Joshua Calhoun says:

    Do you think they will fix this “Ghost Touching” issue on the iPhone X!?

  29. Free Will says:

    You were wrong a few months ago you said 6s and down won’t get iOS 13 !!! 6s and up is getting iOS 13 …👎

  30. Superiorquad says:

    What is the difference between the 6 and the 6s?

  31. Thando Thabiso says:

    Battery gate on the horizon for iphone 8 <

  32. Kaden D says:

    Did anyone hear iphone 12R

  33. kianan fields says:

    Will 9.3.6 effect jailbreak?

  34. Ghostjacob123 says:

    Please on iPhone 6 I will thank you so much

  35. Ghostjacob123 says:

    New video of how to jailbreak ios12.4

  36. Peyton Beach says:

    I have a 6s plus 😬 I probably have 1 year of support left

  37. Yung E says:

    My iPhone 6 giving out battery lasts like an hour it’ll be on one percent forever dies at 70% then comes back on with 2% battery life lmao apps crash all the time.. and now my SIM card can’t be read lmao wth apple 😂

  38. ImGlad imYellow says:

    Used 5s for 7 years. SEVEN. My very first phone. And the reason was exactly as this guy explained, the phone was very fast and never had any issues with it. Until I held a newer iPhone which I think was an 8+, I considered buying a newer model. Now I rock XS. Will probably keep it for 2 years since I can afford to buy another one and not have to keep it for seven this time around lol

  39. IceRook says:

    Definite good point with Apple, you will get unparalleled support.

  40. IceRook says:

    I love the iPhone Xs, but also love it due to the real name…. "excess" which it is… excessive.

  41. IceRook says:

    2:01 All you need to know….

  42. Nesly Leonvil says:

    It’s sad that apple hasn’t really changed the design of their phones. To see how many of the old flagships stayed the same. As well not that much of a difference to the UI same look for the most part

  43. Alex Z says:

    Got to get me a cable from

  44. Mike says:

    I still use a 6plus I got on release, and haven’t gotten new one because I want headphone jack.

  45. 420Akillese says:

    You people are too dramatic. There's a update out. No need to panic over some numbers. No phones are fading away making you feel like you must have the latest of the latest just to feel safe and good about your selfs after watching this guys fast talking video. Still using iPhones 4 – 5s. When the next update is out I still will. No other iPhones do anything different than these. Internet, music, communication, videos. The only way to improve it is, make them live a small drop even in a case. You could take a 80's Nokia, throw it a someone down the street and still make a call. Now drop a phone out of your pocket and it's a screen replacement at least.

  46. Link Girl YT says:

    My iphone 4 is my first iPhone it has 4 years of use.


    My iPhone 6 is finally outdated 😔

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