Introduction To Graphic Design – Lecture 1 (Pixellab For Beginners)

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Hi Guys. My name is Emkay Junior. You are
welcome to the first ever tutorial on this channel. If you want to learn graphics design the easy
way, then you are in the right place. Hit the subscribe button and remember to turn
on post notifications. Let’s begin right away. I’d briefly explain what graphics design entails.
The best way to look at graphics design is the visual communication and process of solving
problems through the use of typography, photography and illustration. What does this mean? It
simply means recreating your inner thought. I don’t want to bore you with a lot of details,
but as we get further into the course, you’d get to understand. I tend to advice beginners to start the process
of learning graphics design from their mobile phones.
This is the easiest and fastest way to learn graphics design. Enough talk. Let’s get underway. In this tutorial, you’d learn how to install
a particular software called Pixellab. I’d advice that you get a good android phone,
as it is very flexible and open source. First off, open the google play store app
on your phone. Type Pixellab in the search box. SEARCH. As you can see, I already have mine installed.
Click install. After installation is successful, you are good to go.
I’ll drop a link to the app in the description below. So that’s the overview of this graphics design
beginners course. Once you have downloaded the app, let’s get into it. And we are going
to begin with the first tutorial in the course. Interface introduction to Pixellab. See you
in the next video.

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