Introducing Verto From Image to 3D Experience

February 26, 2020 posted by

Until now, if you wanted to create a three-dimensional
model for your online store you would need the skills of a 3D professional
to create the model And a renderist to apply textures, light,
and reflections to produce a high-quality 3D imaging. Another option is to send your product to
a professional photographer studio To photograph the object in 360 degrees. Verto changes the rules of the game All that is required is a snap from your smartphone That is uploaded to our system
(it takes no more than a few seconds) Our technology automatically transforms your product’s images into a three-dimensional model And in less than two hours you will receive
a link to your model, ready for you to use If you are an online retailer and want to
show off your products in 3D, by using verto you save on shipping and insurance costs Time Money professional modelist and studio The smart system also creates virtual jewelry
collection out of one single model whose design can be customized by your customers
to fit their personal tastes and desires. It’s easy to display the models on your online store, just copy the link into your website
and you are ready to go. By creating virtual models,
you can easily create full collections in 3D that can be available for sale online without the need to manufacture the products and have it on stock virtual collections can also significantly
reduce your inventory costs Did you know that on average 40% of manufactured
jewelry stock is never sold and sent back to the factory to be dismantled
and remade into new items With Verto, Jewelry can be created on demand. In fact, production can even begin after your clients designed their vision. And the possibilities are endless. Verto’s Technology can be used for all products in all types of industries.

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