Installing AMD Catalyst on Ubuntu 14.04 (GUI Mode)

July 31, 2019 posted by

Hey guys, Penguin Recordings here. In this
video, I’m going to guide you on installing AMD’s driver in Ubuntu 14.04. So, first off
we’re going to set the root password. So, open up a new Terminal and type in sudo passwd
root and type in your password. Hit Enter. Type in your password once more. Hit Enter.
And type in your password for the third time and hit Enter. So, now we’ve updated the root
password. Now, we’re going to install gksu. This is needed to make it easier for us to
install the AMD driver later on. So, open a new Terminal. Type in sudo apt dash get
install gksu and type in your password. When asked, type y and hit Enter. Once it is done,
you may close the Terminal. Now open the location where you downloaded the driver. If it is
a zip file, you’ll want to right click it and click extract here. Now, double click
the folder that you just extracted. Now, you’re going to want to right click the driver and
go to properties. Under the permissions tab, make sure that Allow Executing File As A Program
is ticked. You may now close the window. Now, go to the very top left of your screen and
go to Edit Preferences. Now, go to behavior and make sure that ‘Run Executable text files
when they are opened’ is selected. This will allow us to double click the driver and have
it run. So, now double click the driver. You will be asked for your password. Type it in…
and hit OK. So, now we will have the driver installation up and running in a graphical
user interface form. Make sure ‘Install driver version number on X.Org version number’ is
selected. And then click continue. Read the license agreement. And then click I Agree.
And lastly, click Automatic and then click continue. The installation may take a while
so please be patient. Once it is done, you may click the Exit button. Now, you must restart
your computer for the driver to take effect. It will ask you, and you just need to click
Yes. Now, after you’ve restarted go to Ubuntu’s dash and then type in AMD. If you have the
AMD Catalyst Control Centre listed there, then you have successfully installed the driver
on Ubuntu 14.04. Congratulations! You have the driver installed 🙂 Thanks for watching
guys. I hope this video helps you.


100 Replies to “Installing AMD Catalyst on Ubuntu 14.04 (GUI Mode)”

  1. Robson Xavier says:

    Muito obrigado pela dica! Sou iniciante em Linux , e você me deu uma grande ajuda !!


  2. maliq ibrohaem says:

    after I installed catalyst 14.9
    I can't boot to ubuntu, but I still can boot in recovery mode
    I want to uninstall this driver using
    sudo apt-get remove –purge xorg-driver-fglrx fglrx*

    but it says
    package 'fglrx-glx' is not installd, so not remove
    package 'fglrx-control-qt2' is not installd, so not remove
    package 'xfree86driver-driver-fglrx-dev' is not installd, so not remove
    package 'xorg-driver-fglrx-dev' is not installd, so not remove
    E: Unable to locate package xorg-driver-fglrx

    pliss help . .

  3. Alguém Mais says:

    I have a AMD A4-1200 and I wanna migrate to Linux but i have some difficulty with the graphic driver.
    can i use this method on Ubuntu 14.10?

  4. Ismail Zouaoui says:

    Thank you Brother

  5. Jason Setley says:

    your a life saver, just switched to linux and i cant thank you enough. im trying linux mint 17. rebecca

  6. stoneybridger says:

    Lol, like this is ever going to work! "Go to the top left, click Edit and click Preferences." there is no option to click anything in this area, i worked out the top bar changes depending on what window is front,

     so the folder with the driver in top bar just say files and cant click anyware, try to run the driver and a box comes up with a pile of text in and a progress bar that move so slowly it cant be right. love it when someone makes it look so easy, but in the real world it takes a noob days of searching the web to try figure it out 🙁

  7. superkrabban says:

    Anyone got it working with Ubuntu 14.10 yet? I have tried several times without success. There seems to be some kind of a problem.

  8. Berk Can says:

    it says install requires prequisites??? Please hellp 🙁

  9. Alexander T. says:

    Sup Penguin Recordings, thanks for the tuto vid! Could you make one for Nvidia pls?

  10. Un Subb says:

    i, i did all that you showed and t was realy easy to follow but when i try to open  the driver folder it tells me  "pluma has not been able to detect the character encoding.
    Please check that you are not trying to open a binary file.
    Select a character encoding from the menu and try again."
    so i dont know what`s happening, why is it happening and is there anyway i can fix it. can u give a suggestion?

  11. Andres Hernandez says:

    I followed this, but the drives are a .deb file I got from×86%2064

    It just gives me the error:  Dependency is not satisfiable: fglrx-core

  12. Jtinnon says:

    So i guess i cant do this method with an ati radeon x1300 256mb video card?  I have ubuntu 14.04LTS can you help me out with this one?

  13. Sareaven says:

    as i went through the tutorial, things were working as you said they were. Then i downloaded the driver for the Radeon HD5450 graphics card for Ubuntu 14.04 and there is no file that ends in .run. none at all. when i extracted the files i only got 4 folders, "DEBIAN, etc, lib, and usr" inside these folders are still no ".run" files, any thoughts, sorry there is a lot there :/

  14. Aji Priyo says:

    How about ATI Radeon HD 8240 .. I am Follow the Tutorial on Video , But my Laptop is freeze on Booting ,, Why ? 

  15. Penguin Recordings says:

    @Aji Priyo, this guide video is meant for desktop graphics only. Your card is a mobile card, meant for laptops. This means it works in tandem with another brand of graphics, essentially it's Hybrid Graphics. I cannot help you here, I'm sorry :/

  16. BrainSeepsOut says:

    I'm confused as to why you want us to change our root password to something so easy to break.

  17. Udit Solanki says:

    Thanks a ton, man! It worked really well.. Kudos!!

  18. Mandar Powale says:

    hey, while following your steps everything went smootly until I tried the execute the file, it gave me an error saying "Please installed the required pre-requisites before proceeding with AMD Catalyst installation. Please check file usr/share/ati/fglrx-install.log for more details".

  19. Ali Hussaini says:

    can you help to install my labtop driver its cpu is  Intel® Core™ i5-2410M CPU @ 2.30GHz × 4  and
     Intel® Core™ i5-2410M CPU @ 2.30GHz × 4 please help me

  20. Funkificator says:

    Hi! I had been using Ubuntu for maximum one hour (for the very first time ever) and i followed this guide, which worked beautifully! It removed the twitching screen I was suffering from. I have a MSI GX640 with a AMD 6970m, core i7 720QM and 8 GB ram.

    Actually, I also got the strange message that more modules needed to be installed or whatever, but it worked anyway, I did not have to write any more code in the terminal….

    Thanks alot!!

  21. 1203jjt says:

    Thanks a lot.  I was able to follow this video successfully 🙂

  22. Chris Blaisdell says:

    Hi, 3 hours later i'm getting quite all went well until the box came up prompting the driver install, now i know my problem is 1 of 2 things..

    1.I have an intel cpu
    2.I'm running ubuntu as a VM.

    There has to be a way around the integrated driver…right?

  23. Mandar Powale says:

    Hi I installed fresh copy of UBUNTU to dual boot with win 7 ult, when i type 'sudo apt-get install gksu' i get error message 'E: Unable to locate package gksu'

  24. Mandar Powale says:

    Do I have to enable posix shared memory before install ?

  25. Kevin Graham says:

    When I am setting it up it says "There were errors during package generation. Details can be found in /usr/share/atu/fdlrx-install.log" Then it brings me to the exit screen. Help!

  26. Andrew Pliakis says:

    Could you please also add a note of the commands needed for reinstalling the open source drivers in case we need to revert in order to update to a more recent driver in the future?

    I know that the installation command is
    sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-ati

    but am not sure about the uninstallation.
    Will I have to purge all of xorg and reinstall?


  27. Mandar Powale says:

    I managed to get the stuff installed. A few packages were missing. I wanted to know if it was mandatory to enable posix shared memory. Because when i read the discription of install process on AMD website. It says that many things have to be done prior to AMD Driver install.
    Sharing Posix memory was one of them.

  28. michael johnson says:

    I can not figure this out. i can not find the right drivers and i also can not find lick Properties and open the Permissions tab.
    Make sure "Allow executing file as program" is ticked.. I have a amd radeon hd 6310 graphics  card and a hp 2000 series laptop. can u help me figure out what to do?

  29. Corbin Fahy-McLear says:

    Hey, if you're still replying to these – When I try to run the Driver I get an Error saying 'you need to run this installer as the superuser'. I have followed everything else in the tutorial.

  30. Penguin Recordings says:

    +Corbin Fahy-McLear did you put your password without issue when it asked for it? Since it's asking you for superuser admin, that should have been covered in the video at 2:05 where it asks your for your admin password. Did the prompt appear?

  31. Stefan Peshev says:

    After whole one day reading many, many suggestions, this solved my problem.
    I'm using Win 8.1 and Ububntu 14.04 side by side. My card is Radeon 6850.
    Thank you very much for your help!

  32. Mr Snakes says:

    Wow I derped four times when figuring this sorta thing out.

    First I ran the .run as a script, which caused Unity to uninstall it self and freeze my computer.
    Managed to fix that.
    Figured how to pull up the setup file.
    Except I picked the wrong one so I was faced with SuSE and Redhat random crap, I installed redhat something by accident.
    Had to uninstall again.
    I did it again except I clicked Ubuntu trusty, was wondering afterwards why everything was weird.
    Wine decides to uninstall that, was wondering why, then I watch this video.
    And realised I got the very first option wrong.

    So thank you good sir!

  33. Martin Hinrichs says:


  34. bloozism says:

    hey man, how did you get this to run in the GUI mode? i got it in the terminal, reading AMD Catalyst(TM) Proprietary Driver Installer/Packager
    Detected configuration:
    Architecture: x86_64 (64-bit)
    X Server: X.Org 6.9 or later 64-bit

    and i'm not sure where to go from here. when i try to close the terminal it complains that i'm ending a running process, but i dont know how to interact with the shell script.

  35. Kevin Jan says:

    hey man, my laptop is 64bit and im using a 32bit linux, which driver should i choose ?

  36. Penguin Recordings says:

    +Jake Freeman you will need the 32bit driver since that's what your OS architecture is.

  37. Hugo Nilsson says:

    when i run the installer it says "there was errors during the installation…" and then it chows u where the logg is and if you check the logg this is it:

    NOTE: If your system has logged the missing packages required for installation, install them in the order as per the log file to resolve package-dependency issues.
    Supported adapter detected.
    Check if system has the tools required for installation.
    Uninstalling any previously installed drivers.

    Creating symlink /var/lib/dkms/fglrx/14.20/source ->

    DKMS: add completed.

    Kernel preparation unnecessary for this kernel.  Skipping…

    Building module:
    cleaning build area….
    cd /var/lib/dkms/fglrx/14.20/build; sh –nohints –uname_r=3.16.0-34-generic –norootcheck….(bad exit status: 1)
    [Error] Kernel Module : Failed to build fglrx-14.20 with DKMS
    [Error] Kernel Module : Removing fglrx-14.20 from DKMS

    Deleting module version: 14.20
    completely from the DKMS tree.
    [Reboot] Kernel Module : update-initramfs

    And then it tells me to reboot and when you have, it wont start ubuntu again until I re-install the whole system. This happened twice (the second time is right now so i havent rebooted yet).


  38. Federico Ribero says:

    Hi Penguin. I've followed all this steps but i still have the same error:
    "" One or more tools required for installation cannot be found on the system. Install the required tools before installing the fglrx driver. Optionally, run the installer with the –force option to install without the tools. Forcing install will disable AMD hardware acceleration and may make your system unstable. Not recommended. See /usr/share/ati/fglrx-install.log for more details. ""

    I don't know what can I do. Can you help me? Thanks very much.

  39. iwilltakeyourpie says:

    Thank you for this! I was having problems with the .deb files when installing this. I tried the generic Linux version and followed the guide. Thanks!

  40. Honky says:

    Will this work in LXLE? I've installed all packages (17 IIRC) via GDebi but still have no Catalyst

  41. Amin Ben says:

    thank you man!

  42. tiagong Akyat says:

    I cant locate the file. where can i find it

  43. valy dream says:

    Thanks worked perfectly …

  44. AmazingGamer says:

    superrrrr helpful!!!!!

  45. woodywong76 says:

    Thanks so much. Great video!

  46. Order | Sakamoto says:

    How do you run executable text files on Linux Mint? The preferences don't show any option for that.

  47. 8uddishh says:

    Does this work for A10 kaveri

  48. KHI. says:

    When i try to install it show me "Please install the required pre-requisites for package generation before proceeding with AMD Catalyst installation" PLS HELP

  49. Eduardo Jose Torcello says:

    ta na na na na 'na …. Leader!!!

  50. Chris Risner says:

    Hey there – I already had Catalyst Control center on Ubuntu 14.04.02 LTS. It visually looks like the version that you show at the end of your video. Unfortunately, this doesn't have any of the controls that the last version of Catalyst Control Center does for Windows. I very much want to tweak the performance like being able to check overdrive and adjust the max fan speeds, etc. Is this possible on Linux/Ubuntu?

  51. Hari Krishnan says:

    Thankyou very much! I followed your instructions, but had to install additional repositories and apply system-wide language. Works fine. Is there a way to install Realtek HD Audio drivers with Control panel!?

  52. anurag rawat says:

    hi friend .. I have an error
    Please check file usr/share/ati/fglrx-install.log for more details.
    how it can be resolved ..

    now i install
    sudo apt-get install fglrx-updates

    my device is
    VGA compatible controller [0300]: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Thames [Radeon HD 7500M/7600M Series] [1002:6840] (prog-if 00 [VGA controller])
    Subsystem: Hewlett-Packard Company Radeon HD 7670M [103c:184a]

  53. Veniamin Hotco says:

    Thank You! 😀

  54. megadeth22885 says:

    ubuntu is trash, use a real distro that isnt trying to hijack the entire linux community and push everyone out of it

  55. ThoughtlessTuber says:

    By default "" is enabled. If I try to do the steps on your video, won't it conflict?

  56. Penguin Recordings says:

    +Jose Renzo Santiago Are you trying to drag the file out? I experience
    that error sometimes as well. If you click the Extract button and choose
    a destination, does it work? Alternatively, you can right click it and
    click 'Extract here' for a quicker way. Let me know if any of those

  57. Zac Wadholm says:

    your english is well spoken unlike the other 99% of Ubuntu videos on youtube

  58. Shone Harcourt says:

    first thing right off the bat… lookes nothing like what you have up… steam os?

  59. MosQQuito 42 says:

    Thank you man for quick tutorial , working fine on 15.9 also 🙂 big up

  60. Шатлык Аннагелдиев says:

    Thank u very much!
    I've installed it finally

  61. Jonny says:

    Thank you, helps a ton.

  62. David Cohen says:

    In the final screen of the graphical installer, before exiting hit 'View installl log'. Wait for it. It will pull it up in a terminal. If you were missing dependencies it will tell you which, and in what sequence you should install them, which you should do at this point. On a fresh OS where you haven't installed them previously, the list will probably look like this:

    Alternatively, install the dependencies before you begin anything else (recommended).

    Install these in sequence, using sudo apt-get install. Also, before rebooting, generate a new /etc/X11/xorg.conf as needed: e.g., with
    sudo aticonfig –initial -f, or sudo amdconfig –initial -f –adapter=all for multi-gpu scenarios, or otherwise depending on your setup, see documentation. Now reboot.

  63. Hernan Javier says:

    I'm new in the linux world… And this is the most explicit and simple guide i ever seen. Thanks dude!

  64. Dante Nero says:

    im using elementary OS when i clic it it open scratch , i dont now how open with what

  65. Cameron A. says:

    Thank you very much for this!

  66. Mikhail Gaevoy says:

    i've entered the password when double-clicked on the file and then nothing happens

  67. bufny says:

    linux 17.3 / error install ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4200
     "Reading package lists… Done
    Building dependency tree
    Reading state information… Done
    gksu is already the newest version.
    0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded "
    PLS Help !!!

  68. Dominik Dóczi says:

    I have a question. Is it work for AMD Mobility Radeon HD 3200?

  69. alejandro sanchez says:

    in Debian?

  70. Gaetano Sottile says:

    i need your help. I tried to follow your guide but when i run the file instaler, i have the follow msg:
    One or more tools required for installation cannot be found on the system.
    the required tools before installing the fglrx driver. Optionally, run
    the installer with –force option to install without the tools.
    Forcing install will disable AMD hardware acceleration and may make your system instable. Not reccomended.
    See /usr/share/ati/fglrx-install.log for more details.

    I tried to read posts, forum etc but nothing. Can you help me?

  71. Gaetano Sottile says:

    I have an ATI Radeon HD 4870×2 and Ubuntu 14.4 LTS

  72. AboveasBelow says:

    Can this be done with Crimson Edition 15.12? There is no more Catalyst and the Crimson Edition folders are quite different with many driver files.

  73. Robert Farquhar says:

    A previous install blah blah blah whatever Idk how to fix this 🙁

  74. prakash desai says:

    Great video, I have MSI R4670-2D1G/D3 Chipset of AMD Graphics Card

    is your way work with my GPU?

  75. tigergreene says:

    Thank you for this!
    Is this tutorial still accurate today (5/19/16)? Are there any steps you would change or amend, assuming still using Ubuntu 14.04?
    I'll be installing on an AMD A6-7400K APU (integrated R5 graphics).

  76. charlie-g says:

    cant find the file anywhere not sure what i did wrong searched linux_amd with no results alos amd no results im new on linux so im stuck

  77. Garrett Ma says:

    Is this exactly the same for Zorin OS?

  78. Johnson J. Productions says:

    after doing this I just get stuck on the login screen and it seems each time I type my password to get in the desktop I crash and it goes back to the login screen

  79. Duko says:

    I'm getting an error after instalation. The installer says it's installed correctly but when I restart I get terrible bugging. Here is a copy of the error:
    NOTE: If your system has logged the missing packages required for installation, install them in the order as per the log file to resolve package-dependency issues.
    Package dh-modaliases is missing from the system. Install it using the command apt-get install dh-modaliases.
    Package execstack is missing from the system. Install it using the command apt-get install execstack.
    Package debhelper is missing from the system. Install it using the command apt-get install debhelper.
    Package dkms is missing from the system. Install it using the command apt-get install dkms.
    Package lib32gcc1 is missing from the system. Install it using the command apt-get install lib32gcc1.
    Supported adapter detected.
    Check if system has the tools required for installation.
    Uninstalling any previously installed drivers.
    Unloading radeon module…
    rmmod: ERROR: Module radeon is in use
    Unloading drm module…
    rmmod: ERROR: Module drm is in use by: ttm drm_kms_helper radeon
    [Message] Kernel Module : Trying to install a precompiled kernel module.
    [Message] Kernel Module : Precompiled kernel module version mismatched.
    [Message] Kernel Module : Found kernel module build environment, generating kernel module now.
    AMD kernel module generator version 2.1
    doing Makefile based build for kernel 2.6.x and higher
    rm -rf .c *.h *.o *.ko *.a .?? *.symvers
    make -C /lib/modules/4.4.0-38-generic/build SUBDIRS=/lib/modules/fglrx/build_mod/2.6.x modules
    make[1]: Entering directory '/usr/src/linux-headers-4.4.0-38-generic'
    CC [M] /lib/modules/fglrx/build_mod/2.6.x/firegl_public.o
    /lib/modules/fglrx/build_mod/2.6.x/firegl_public.c: In function ‘firegl_major_proc_read’:
    /lib/modules/fglrx/build_mod/2.6.x/firegl_public.c:634:9: error: void value not ignored as it ought to be
    len = seq_printf(m, "%dn", major);
    /lib/modules/fglrx/build_mod/2.6.x/firegl_public.c: In function ‘KCL_fpu_save_init’:
    /lib/modules/fglrx/build_mod/2.6.x/firegl_public.c:6458:49: error: ‘XSTATE_FP’ undeclared (first use in this function)
    if (!(fpu->state.xsave.header.xfeatures & XSTATE_FP))
    /lib/modules/fglrx/build_mod/2.6.x/firegl_public.c:6458:49: note: each undeclared identifier is reported only once for each function it appears in
    /lib/modules/fglrx/build_mod/2.6.x/firegl_public.c: At top level:
    /lib/modules/fglrx/build_mod/2.6.x/firegl_public.c:6448:12: warning: ‘KCL_fpu_save_init’ defined but not used [-Wunused-function]
    static int KCL_fpu_save_init(struct task_struct *tsk)
    scripts/ recipe for target '/lib/modules/fglrx/build_mod/2.6.x/firegl_public.o' failed
    make[2]: * [/lib/modules/fglrx/build_mod/2.6.x/firegl_public.o] Error 1
    Makefile:1403: recipe for target '_module_/lib/modules/fglrx/build_mod/2.6.x' failed
    make[1]: * [module/lib/modules/fglrx/build_mod/2.6.x] Error 2
    make[1]: Leaving directory '/usr/src/linux-headers-4.4.0-38-generic'
    Makefile:88: recipe for target 'kmod_build' failed
    make: * [kmod_build] Error 2
    build failed with return value 2
    [Error] Kernel Module : Failed to compile kernel module – please consult readme.
    [Reboot] Kernel Module : update-initramfs

  80. Danilo Llanquin says:

    i got problem with elementary os 😞 the system can´t load the
    Graphic interface from i installed amd catalist and i haven´t internet wifi what can i do?
    sorry sorry for the disturbances

  81. Neil Oosthuizen says:

    Not sure why you are setting the root password or installing gksu >.>

  82. Darko Ilic says:

    Do you have any idea who the original drivers for amd 5850 5000 series that comes on the disc

  83. Lucas says:

    how do i update my xorg/x server?

  84. ネーナ・トリニティ says:

    Check if system has the tools required for installation.
    fglrx installation requires that the system have kernel headers. /lib/modules/4.4.0-57-generic/build/include/linux/version.h cannot be found on this system.
    One or more tools required for installation cannot be found on the system. Install the required tools before installing the fglrx driver.
    Optionally, run the installer with –force option to install without the tools.
    Forcing install will disable AMD hardware acceleration and may make your system unstable. Not recommended.

  85. Planetoid 128 says:

    HELP ,I can't find my graphics card (radeon r5 m315 ) drivers for ubuntu ?

  86. Marcus says:

    Guys, if it wants some pre-quisites, you gotta install those 2, atleast it worked for me.

    Open Terminal
    And install those two.
    sudo apt-get install linux-headers-generic
    sudo apt-get install fglrx

  87. ArKeiDer says:

    Very useful and i found this was the only video that worked out for me

  88. AchefGaming says:

    So I decided to do this yet all I get is to open the Ubuntu Software Center instead of getting a .zip/rar/7z file I get a .deb from the download and it installs from the USC (Software Center). Same deal?

  89. Borderland Zx says:

    i did as you said …the temp went down… and looked like it worked … but i dont have the catalyst anywhere

  90. Santiago Quintero Gomez says:

    When i double click in the .run file, it ask me for the password, so i write my password then i click ok, but nothing happens, the installation box doesn't appear, ubuntu 16.04 lts

  91. ViveK Panchal says:

    i have amd HD 8500m will it work for me ?

  92. Mopme says:

    please help!!! the GUI installation doesn't work and when i use the terminal i get this:
    error: Detected X Server version 'XServer 1.19.5_64a' is not supported. Supported versions are X.Org 6.9 or later, up to XServer 1.10 (default:v2:x86_64:lib32:XServer 1.19.5_64a:none:4.13.0-36-generic:)
    Installation will not proceed.

  93. Frederick Wrigley says:

    Uh, why not use the superior open source drivers?

  94. Sledge Hammer says:

    I Hate Linux ! Why is everything so awkward? No one today has the desire to memorize the whole commands. Why is not there a simple installer that opens the terminal on its own and takes you off the job. No wonder Linux will never prevail. I've tried it now for 3 hours and give it up. It can certainly be easier. but just because it seems to be a law in Linux users that it is as complicated as possible, beginners suffer from it. And seriously, in terms of speed, an ubuntu is no faster than a well-configured win 10

  95. RR says:

    Thank you sir and how to install amd driver on ubuntu 18.04.1 ?

  96. Sunil ledger says:

    I have AMD radeon R5 M335…I can't find ways to instance this driver and more over my Ubuntu 18.04 doesn't show in additional drivers…..when I run VGA command to see the graphics driver it shows only intel graphics……now is ter any way to install amd driver of my series…pls help me out wit this…bcuz I have saxrifised my whole 2TB for a single boot OS only Ubuntu…

  97. Bumblebee transformers says:

    What about AMD Radeon Mobility 4650 can i install this driver on my Ubuntu ?

  98. Vince Schlezes says:

    I was wondering? How did you locate amd-catalysdriver-installer-14.10.1006.1001-x86.x86?
    The default seems to be AMD Catalyst™ 13.1 Proprietary Linux x86 Display Driver and this will not work?

  99. Rodox2k10 says:

    Too bad AMD still hasn't provided a driver for my A12-9720P with RX540 (gpu)-based Aspire 5 laptop.
    I've been waiting for it for over a year. Yeah, I know this might sound like they won't support it. And for those of you wondering, yes, the Windows driver has been there since day 1 but Linux users still have AMD's cold shoulder. In 2018.

  100. Manan Rami says:

    i got Error message on Ubuntu 18.04 and can't install my GPU is ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3450/3470 help!

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