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payroll and welcome to this video today I'll be showing you how you can download and install visual studio 2017 for free so I'm the first thing you gotta do is go onto Visual Studio calm and click on the download once you're in the downloads page you'll find something called Visual Studio community 2015 it's like good for beginners and stuff like certain programming or and plus you need Visual Studio for life a lot of other reason 50 some click on free download and Devon take you here but dollars gonna start and if it doesn't then you can click here to retry when any click on it it's going to act as click on country and they won't say that is we done soon but it actually doesn't get terminated so this comes up so I'm now you're here where you get to choose the components that you install with you with your studio this participate important because here you can so I'm gonna click on Dogma development get several of them it includes C sharp and Visual Basic and let Phil mock stuff still love to you it depends on what you are going to work with like your mobile development things live up in the community and you can I'm going to change the location where I'm going to say installation might take up like one to 40 gigabytes of space so you click on install and start to get installed this is the first where it takes forever when all the files are installed properly this video will access to this research when it's done researching you find the elusive icon in your deck save our Start menu videos videos loads up and then to ask you to sign in to you and Microsoft account or your video select out and you like click again sign in right now or you can choose later fails to sign in from them choose you developing settings then you choose your team color and since start Visual Studio will you serial searched up so if you can't find your videos to your icon on the surfing or anywhere else go into the place where you install your videos video and from that folder by blues you fight something called common 7 and then click on IDP scroll down you'll find something called de V E and V dot exe and then when you click that visual zoo will load up and you can add you can add this in onto your short menu if you want to like for shortcut purpose like so that you can you don't have to go onto the folders all the time the RC version is the release candidate version where there are less bugs and is more stable if you have a go down speed I suggest downloading else the final version isn't bad also if you have Visual Studio 2015 installed and you want to update in 2017 then you don't have to uninstalled so the 15 days work separately and thanks a lot for watching like if this Hellsing viewing anyway subscribe for more videos to do to girls and all the new student description i'll see you in the next week

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