India Today Access Exclusive Visuals Of Sonbhadra Massacre In Uttar Pradesh

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this breaking news coming in India today's access to horriffic video of the son Bagram Massacre of the gunfire the violent clashes that took place in Seoul but some of these images can be very disturbing we urge viewer discretion but this needs to be shown so that people realize what the Adivasi is what the Dalits what the people in Seoul Vadra what did they go through finally when the police came this was a massacre ten people sadly lost their lives several were injured this is the exact moment when the clashes took place take a look we urge viewer discretion [Applause] that's firing happening the poor people who were living there people came on tractors but for the benefit of our viewers we will cut across to India today's Neel Anshu Shukla who joins us with the latest on this story kneel on show ten people unfortunately lost their lives in this massacre describe these images for our viewers these are very oh these are very disturbing visuals and it clearly shows how horriffic this incident Falls because individuals we can really see people running from the spot people also something and some of them are also trying you're Bikaner here that they're trying as well and in the video we can also hear gunshots and people standing with lottie's who are supposed to be from from the village but on site so clearly it is a very personal disturbing incident which has happened and now a video is also surfaced and this is also exposed the laxity and the negligence from the local artists picture as well because when I tend to do a ground respond but the villager here is just doctor they have raised this issue multiple times without your local district arbitration that tension could take place in the area and they're also the holder statistic a decision clearly that that the village Padang is affecting them but but the local acquisition did not take any action and there is also another video in which we can clearly see a lot of practice standing there and this is what the villagers told us that more than 200 to 300 people armed with rifles and hard carrying lotty's in their hands they reached the village and when they tried to take the position of the land ever when the villagers refused they started firing without even thinking about people's life and also they started ruefully watching the people with lottie's are satisfied ten people have died in this horrific incident twenty seven of them have sustained critical injuries being treated artistic Hospital in phone buzzes console whose condition have deteriorated are undergoing treatment at the trauma center in Varanasi so clearly this exposes the local artists tration how they were negligent in dealing with the indigent because they had information about possible his beautiful was going to escalate but no action was taken this is what the villagers told us and also that you get a Thurman wailing the conscious part for this incident but I find the allegation quite bizarre because the BJP saying that that is youth started in 1955 and all this government was in power in the state but actually the land was transferred to the pradhan in 2017 and what's the preliminary inquiry tells us that the transfer of the land was also illegal and that time the BJP was in force and the BJP cannot hide on the fact that the local admin station knew about the dispute the ranks this is what the villagers daily said but no action was taken Thurman just offended some people but that action is required so in a lot of political controversy through those visuals as we can see there the villagers running for cover they are terrorized on hearing the sounds of gunshots and there's also another angle to this border it's not just the BJP and the Congress you have the Samajwadi Party as well your little war of words between the BJP in the Samajwadi Party because the village Pradhan who also enjoys considerable crowd yoga is believed to be a very very close aide of the former samajwadi party Emily Rama Chandra doback and that's now a matter of investigation of antek are you hit the nail on its head this is now turning out to be a rather ugly political battle between the BJP the Congress and the Samajwadi Party the yogi Adityanath government is promising investigation at a time where Priyanka Gandhi Vadra who went to sone Bhadra alleged laxity on the part of the administration specially at a time when there were inputs that tension was building up when 30-plus tractors filled with people came in Avantika the administration should have known the administration should have stepped in absolutely live visuals these are not live visuals I just you know will correct myself out here these are the visuals accessed by India today of those absolutely shocking movements that the villagers had to endure and all of them running for cover there are screams and shouts in the background men with lackeys attacking these locals the tribals who had no other way but you know to experience the atrocities committed on them by the village Pathan and this entire incident in fact has now triggered a massive war of words between the BJP and the Congress Priyanka Gandhi being detained Nalani Shukla in fact is also joining us live from Lucknow nil on show but just tell us a little bit more about the history of this case there's also the Samajwadi Party involved in it because the village Pradhan yogya death is believed to be a very close aide of the former samajwadi party Emily Tammy Chandra Dube is it also true that he had been harassing these villagers for quite some time if that was happening why no action against him and those questions should now be even raised from the local administration perhaps they should have acted soon enough to have prevented a tragedy that one had witnessed see this is what the BJP leaders are saying that the village Pradhan who is the main accused in this case yogi Dodd is a close eighth of former samajwadi party Emily from the area and he was also campaigning for the Samajwadi Party in the recently concluded Lok Sabha elections but samajwadi party has clearly issued a statement saying that the BJP is trying to hide its misdeeds because the land was transferred to the village Pathan in 2017 then the BJP came to power the Samajwadi Party has denied having any links with the main accused the the village Pathan of the Oba village and the leaders are clearly saying that the BJP is unnecessarily targeting the opposition the Samajwadi Party chief Attila Java is also sending a delegation to soon battle tomorrow for a fact-finding report BSP is also sending its delegation but the government has made it clear that no one would be allowed to widgets own brother remember well Bianca Gandhi arrived there in will supporter there before yesterday and she was proceeding too soon but she was taught by the district administration and was taken into preventive detention she was taken to the chill our guest house in the Mirzapur but somewhere after Priyanka sat on Adana and she was adamant on meeting the victims and the relatives of those who lost their lives in this massacre the realtor but there was a compromise formula which was worked out and the victims and the kin of the disease they were brought to the chin our guest out there the meeting took place and after the male Priyanka ended her Dada yes he's a yogi until our men he is on a back foot and that is why yesterday yogya – not planned a visit to son but he met the bereaved families and yes order of all possible okay is that now the land would be transferred to the villagers so that they could permanently do for farming there okay okay but these images these images are extremely disturbing and one sincerely hopes and prays something like this never happens again Nealon shoe for the moment many times thanks for watching the video for more such news and updates please like share and subscribe to India to be also check out our other great videos from our channel we know you would 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