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Welcome to Image-Line Remote. In this video
we will cover the basics of working with the Application. As you will know the App ships
with a range of pre-made controller tabs. Including… MAIN – Transport controls.
PIANO – MIDI Keyboard. FPC – Fruity Pad Controller.
HARMO – Scale corrected MIDI/keyboard grid. SLICEX – a Slicex controller.
PERFORM – Clip triggering grid for Performance Mode.
GROSSBEAT – Gross Beat controller. and MIX – Mixer controls. To access the program controls tap and hold
the EDIT icon here then drag to the left until the bar turns white and release. In Edit mode we gain some new menu options
including the Layout Menu, Add Control Menu and Add Tab button. If you touch a tab or component the Settings
menu for the selected item appears. Let’s have a look at the Layout Menu. The
first two options are for creating and saving Layouts. A layout is the complete collection
of tabs. Layouts and presets allows you to Load layouts,
we are currently using the Default. Presets are predefined collections of controls you
can add to a Tab, but we will look more at that in another tutorial. Layout settings allows you to add a MIDI CC
number for the X/Y and Z accelerometers on your device and then they are available for
linking to FL Studio. And if you are so inclined you can change
to a bright theme, but that hurts my eyes…too many years spend in dark studios it seems
🙂 About shows version number and quite importantly
has a link to the online manual. Which I encourage you to read…yes. So let’s create our own tab. Tap the new
tab button here. Now we are free to add components. Let’s try the Fader. Tap and drag to move,
and change the size and orientation with the handle on the lower right. Other useful controls
include the horizontal duplicate button. To delete tap on the control to select it and
then tap the delete button. And there is a similar vertical duplicate
button. Once you select a control then use the Settings
menu to access it’s options. What’s available will depend on the control. For example we
can change the color. Tap here to rename it or select something like snap-back. Now if
we go into Play mode, we can test our control. You can then link this just as you would any
hardware MIDI controller to targets in FL Studio. To delete a Tab, touch it, use the settings
menu and delete. With that you should be ready to explore the
next level of things you can do with Image Line remote. Remember it’s free for download
on the Google Play and Apple iTunes Apps stores. Enjoy!

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