100 Replies to “I’m A Trans Woman Trying Out For The WNBA”

  1. Jujubean Thorre says:

    So inspiring✨

  2. Andrew Garcia says:

    I came here to watch a video on a trans women trying out for the WNBA, but instead was given a "coming out" story with 30 seconds touching on the struggles of them trying out for sports as a trans person. Dislike.

  3. instantsurgery says:

    Buzzfeed I’m
    All for trying to push the equality agenda but Th is lacks complete logic. This isn’t progress.

  4. Melina Hernandez says:

    I’m sorry but this is not okay…And not fair to the biological women in sports..

  5. Cuddle24 says:

    I really like this lady, but this is a touchy subject. I think what she was saying about having the same testosterone levels as cis women is a good compromise. If testing can be done to show on a biological level things are the same, then I think people should still be able to try out for whatever they love

  6. Sehraad Ahmed says:

    Bruh we not doing this. Compete w men or trans people end of discussion.

  7. Destiny Aldrich says:

    for anyone who disliked this, I want to fight and for kayla you are so beautiful and I wish you the best of luck in making your dreams your reality. I am routing for you girl!!

  8. BelladonnaAutumn says:


  9. P E says:

    If the fact that she is a biological man has no bearing on her strength over the biological women on the team, then where are all of the trans men trying to get on men's sports teams?? Yeah not happening because of biological woman is typically not as strong as a biological. Get it?

  10. Graceless says:

    I support her but I do not support her competing with biological women, she will always have the muscles of a male and it is not fair to women who do not have that advantage. Maybe trans women can compete against one another…

  11. Toni Castro says:

    No disrespect to any trans or lgbtq but it is not fair for a previous man to try out for women’s sports. In no way is this a hateful comment but it would be unfair to the women on the team who do not produce testosterone to compete against her. She will always be taller, have longer limbs, and it’s telling children that even if you make it to your dream it can be squandered because a person transitioning has more rights than you

  12. C Morris says:

    What is a cis woman? (Before anyone says anything about me asking this question,… I don’t care how the person in this video lives their life..if their happy..awesome!!)

  13. Blanquita20 says:

    I can't wrap my head around to those who:
    1 keep using the wrong pronoun
    2 say she cant follow her dreams and play
    What I do know is that She is sharing her story using Buzzfeed as a platform to shine a light on transpeolple and what they go through. Each story is different, each person is different. At the end of the day we are all Human and her story isn't impacting your life in a negative way so be respectful and if it offends you SO much don't watch the video.

  14. krylesangerbeaver says:

    I like this quote

    "Socially I’m for everyone living the way they wish, safely, not harming others but sport is ALL about biology not ideology".

    Edit: I did watch the whole thing and she says that she has been a woman for 7 years and she could not compete against professional men, but not being able to beat men doesn't mean you don't have an advantage over the biological females. Anyways, wait and see.

  15. RJam204 says:

    Should NOT be allowed. If you went through puberty as a man, your body is different than a woman's body. No arguing the FACTS behind that.

    Also…just because you mentally choose to be a woman or man, that does not change the bone structure or muscle structure of your actual physical body.

    What is the end game here? Women's sports being ruled by men in a few generations?

  16. Yolo Swaggins says:

    Congratz on being the scum of sports.

  17. thecherrykinz says:

    It’s not just about testosterone levels, males are born with higher bone density, stronger muscle structure, larger lungs, hell larger bodies in general. Her gender identity literally doesn’t matter in sports. She’s a male and competing in female sports will always give her an unfair advantage. This is a slap in the face to the women who fought to establish women’s sports, so females could succeed as athletes. She can live her life as a woman and I respect that but women’s sports don’t exist so feminine looking people can play against each other, they’re so female people can play against each other.

  18. Jackie B says:

    Nope nope nope. I'm super liberal and support the trans community, but biologically she still has the physical advantages that cis women don't have. That's not a fair playing field. Play with a co-op league or against men.

  19. Flávio Semedo says:

    That’s not fair for the women tho… 😅

  20. Joseph Chico IV says:

    You shouldn't be allowed to play basketball professionally with women, sir. Makeup, long hair, breast implants, and hormones don't make you a woman. Sorry. You still have the bone structure and muscle structure of a man. It's completely unfair for you to compete with real women. Even if you got a fake vagina made… you're still not a woman.



  22. Joseph Chico IV says:

    And I don't have time to word my comment to where it doesn't offend anyone. If you're offended go tell somebody. Just don't tell me.

  23. hendrixxxx4 says:

    This aint nothing but a sad build up to justify trying out for the wnba lmao

  24. alexander ammerl says:

    thats just not okay, he has an unfair advantage over all the women in the league…

  25. krylesangerbeaver says:

    7:00 if you want to skip the backstory of family hating and divorcing. WNBA story starts here

  26. Imagi Williams says:

    As a lot of other people have already said this, I'll just say I agree that this person should not be in woman's basketball as it would be unfair. I think that they should maybe strive and be a pioneer for a trans league or something like that.

  27. HeecckkY 01 says:

    Biologically he is a man WTF

  28. Da Do says:

    That’s an unfair advantage.

  29. K SIN says:

    These comments are surprisingly so negative. So much for more positivity in 2020.

  30. B Smith says:

    Once a man always a man.

  31. Bruh Tomoe says:

    Every has their own opinion yes I respect that but.. let people be them and play what sport they want. They might have different strengths and weaknesses. But if someone is already transitioned they should be recognized for the gender they’ve become. Damn I’ve been reading some of the comments and people be like oh “he’s this bla bla”. But shouldn’t we try something before we judge? Too many take this as a joke and if you don’t agree then I respect your opinion but don’t do others like that. If it ain’t helpful or nice then don’t say none

  32. Sumin Park says:

    NO! this is like the one in the olympics! You cant! You are still consider a man! TF!? Rather they should have a separate gender category. TNBA!

  33. BlakeTheDub says:

    All imma say is lol

  34. TheConMan says:

    Can we rush this WW3 thing? This is too far out

  35. SupaWhiteBoy says:

    thats like a guy tryna play wit barbies

  36. Azeki Ali says:

    It’s fair. If you think it isn’t you either weren’t listening or are choosing not to. Transphobes.

  37. Dj Rolln says:

    Hell yea!! Dunk on them bitches like Lebron in the paint!!

  38. Cheyenne says:

    What is wrong with you guys here in the comment section??? Do you still live in the middle age??
    She explains why it's not unfair!!
    And even if not.. it's about skill not strength…

  39. kmo690 says:

    So…cats the real mvp, that's what I'm hearing.

  40. MsPachecoSpeaks says:

    Um, no.

  41. Pauly says:

    this scares me

  42. GMX says:

    Once a dude, always a dude.

  43. James Kellum says:

    Women and men simply aren't created equally. Our anatomy is different and therefore you will have an advantage over all the actual females. they need to write a new rule stating that if you have an x or y chromosome you can't play not based on male or female.

  44. the jeep guy says:

    for the people bashing in the comments , why did you even click on this vid knowing u were not going to like it … what’s wrong with you people…

  45. KTHREE says:

    Wouldn’t she be stronger than most women? (I didn’t say this to come off as rude)

  46. we need 2 eat da babies says:

    this is cheating

  47. Bryan Melendez says:

    "Guy tries out for the WNBA"

  48. slider2699 says:

    It is going to be absolutely hilarious if this confused dude can dunk.

  49. Happy Jazzy says:

    She's stunning tho

  50. Anthony says:

    It’s more than okay to be a feminine man, if you want to look that way it’s fantastic. Regardless, biologically you’re a man and you should not have that unfair advantage when playing woman sports.

  51. TheSweetestCocoa says:

    I appreciate people living their truth and going for what they want. You have the right to be trans but not matter how hard you try you will never be a woman. You will never have to deal with the things we had to. You will never have a period, the hormones, being sexualized at a young age, giving birth. You can be a trans woman but you can't be a woman. I'm sorry. And if anyone ever calls me a cis woman I dont even know how I would react. I'm a woman period. Trans woman should not be able to compete in women's sports it's that simple.

  52. Laura Howard says:

    Wow there are more dislikes than likes on this video 🤦‍♀️ smh

  53. Carl Wheezer says:

    Honestly this confuses me and just stay ur true gender honestly don't complicate it.

  54. N D says:

    If ur born a dude u will always remain a dude, ur just delusional

  55. KB ! says:

    So much hate and negativity in the comments

  56. KB ! says:

    How is her voice so feminine most trans women even after hormones still have a very masculine voice

  57. Seth Doan says:

    No you’re a guy playing in the WNBA

  58. Ramieverse ! says:

    She transitioned really well but i think that will still give her a biologically advntage to natural Womeb

  59. Adriana Jaramillo says:

    Funny how the same women who are complaining about women not being in the NBA are the same women saying they should not let this woman in the WNBA…..like come on either you are transphobic or just completely a hypocrite.

    Also if you clicked on this video and writing a mean comment trying to pass by it as an "opinion" and it is your "right". Then it is my right to say you are a sad excuse for a human and you have some sort of issue if you purposely find these videos just to bash on them. Or you just are insecure about your self esteem and want to take it out on others behind a keyboard…or you are just a 12 year old confused boy who doesn't know the basics of being a decent human being.

  60. mike jones says:

    It shouldn't be allowed to play professional sports at all

  61. holypicklesmofo says:

    I like how she talked about her personal history instead of her basketball history. Where did she even play before?

  62. MemeChip 69 says:

    let the hilarious flame war begin! WHOOO

  63. Cringe says:

    Buzzfeed is a joke for this one.. but when are they not?

  64. Ricardo Matias says:

    I don’t care what a adult does with their life. What I do have a problem is with the trans community influencing little kids and trans in sports. Men and women aren’t the same. There is a reason why in high school p.e girls have a different standard then boys. It’s why in high school sports are separated by gender. Men aren’t women and vis versa.

  65. Phantom Lancers says:

    lebron james will destroy wnba, if he decided to trans.

  66. dam ien says:

    This guy 😂

  67. ĐIŒ says:

    You don't apply for the WNBA they scout you on how good you are. Plus you are in the 30's. You could try though why not.

  68. Gaven With a E says:

    Hes gonna be a pretty good basketball player against the other women

  69. Vernon says:

    you seem like a nice woman and all power to ya. But I can't agree with you that you should be allowed to play in the WNBA. Your bone mass, reaction time, twitch muscles, quite literally everything, is better then a woman's. Doesn't matter if you take hormone replacement. At this point in ur life, you will have those benefits forever.

  70. B Craftin says:

    Looks like a women tho…. but I guarantee she/him won’t have a period each month.🤷‍♂️

  71. THRIQUILLED says:

    . . . . It's not. . . . . About being Trans. It's about physiollogy. She plays in the WNBA she has an unfair advantage.

  72. Newdll says:

    She's gorgeous, transitioned so well. But no sis, this isn't fair to the biological female players. This shouldn't even be allowed

  73. Knee Grow says:


  74. Hey You says:

    She honestly looked good before and after! What someone else does with their body is none of my business. I’m just glad she didn’t take her life away and pushed towards her dream.

  75. Ylendeth says:

    Nowadays, you're not a true American if you're not Trans or Gay.

  76. Christopher Venegas says:

    Ignorant, hateful people in the comments who don’t know how to use proper pronouns

  77. ErikX5 says:

    Why not join the NBA ? 🤷🏻‍♂️

  78. matthew says:

    1:13 yeah something definitely not right. Your brain it is

  79. helloit'smeagain says:

    You got this gurl!

  80. jelinaangel says:

    This is cheating… this is a man competing in women’s basketball…. so wrong

  81. Cláudio Brito says:

    repeat after me:

  82. Myworldandyours says:

    why do people come to the video just to leave a negative comment? you can leave constructive criticism without being transphobic idiots

  83. Simeon Kasumu says:

    Well ur not a woman r u… WNBA doesn’t speak WNBA plus trans

  84. ahmed yousef says:


  85. It’s Kristen and Kayla says:

    Why don’t you just try NBA

  86. Nathan Martin says:

    And I am a straight male that doesn't care at all.

  87. Amina says:

    Allow her to play if she starts playing in a men's team there will still be controversy. It might be unfair but if she thinks she's truley a woman than let her be in a women's team

  88. Hello World says:

    You can Always tell from the voice if its a transgender

  89. Frosty says:

    I get it, most people would agree that if you want to dress a certain way, act a certain way, fell a certain way thats fine. The big issue arises when individuals born male, grew up male, went through puberty as a male, decide to change and expect to be welcomed in to a womens sport with out question. We have seen on multiple accounts where trans females join a women's sports competition, and destroy records and opponents. In some instances hurt the competitors more then normal.

  90. Jesper Lian says:

    Ur a man having ur psychotic delusion encouraged by moronic left wing brainlets

  91. MIN zuan says:

    then let us men play in women category too

  92. Sherio88 says:

    I'm more curious on her stride. Women strides are different to men's strides so they don't have as much capacity to run as fast (some do, it's a spectrum) due to their wide hips.
    The REAL question isn't what do you think you are, and WHAT is the width on your pelvis, because if you have a man's pelvis, you're gonna give an unfair advantage.

  93. devilambrose says:

    2.8K dislike……….woo, well done internet, guess there are more idiots than compassionate people.

  94. JAMES Macgregor says:

    This should be treated by sports people as unfair drug enhances in sports. She has an unfair advantage with male testrotelm. Shouldn't be allowed

  95. Disabled yute says:

    I’ve lost hope for this world.

  96. Knox Is god says:

    Dont really care about the life choices made but seriously peeps dont label comments as hate that actually have a point of the unfair advantage this biological Male has

  97. miniimufin says:

    She's beautiful BUT she can't have it both ways.

  98. Melissa Gomez says:

    The literal reason we have a separate division for women is biology. So while gender expression is important it's not the main question we need to ask. Because while it is unfair for a trans person not to be able to compete with their gender… If an advantage exists… Then it's unfair to the 99.95% of the women basketball players competing in or even trying out for the WNBA. Which is worse?

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