Illustrator Tutorial | Transparent Graphic Design | Vector Banner

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44 Replies to “Illustrator Tutorial | Transparent Graphic Design | Vector Banner”

  1. Muhammad Zahid Hussain says:

    Plese send me this project file.
    [email protected]

  2. Muhammad Zahid Hussain says:

    Thanks sir May Allah bless you

  3. Sahal Subair says:

    Hi I want know how to make gold jewelry flyer with coin but no need ornaments image

  4. Hugo Contreras says:

    Excelent work, Great teacher.

  5. Lasfer Ala eddine says:

    the link is not working ???

  6. ismat zahra says:

    It's cool, but please add some voice or subtitle in your videos so that we can easily understand if we lose track.

  7. AbuHamza Art Studio says:

    nice god work

  8. Vika Nur says:


  9. bhakti bg says:

    how to make small triangle from polygn….confusing

  10. Ankish Kumar says:

    Boss, You are awesome.

  11. Chris Petersen says:

    this is not helpful

  12. Mijan Rahman says:

    Please Give me illustrator cs6 serial key

  13. Wan Ahmad says:

    kemah demo

  14. Ahmet yiğit says:

    A perfect illustration. I can do the same.
    thanks kaukab Yaseen

  15. Ali Deph says:

    كيف نتسطيع اضافة مربعات الوان صغيرة على الحافة كما في الفيديو ؟

  16. Nguyen Davi says:

    link dowload project file die

  17. L A says:

    Thanks Kaukab Yaseen

  18. Taty Drumond says:

    Olá Yassen, você é muito fera! te admiro muito!

  19. Tim Marshall says:

    Beautiful as always!

  20. Carlos Sá says:

    download error

  21. مها علي says:

    please any one tell me witch program used  and how download it please <3

  22. bayhu cekod says:


  23. shanzida begum says:


  24. Bichout Zed says:

    رائع جدا شكرا استاذ

  25. PhasmaParanormal says:

    Very cool but the link doesn't work.

  26. Bhushan Raut says:

    link is broken….so is there another way to get project files

  27. Gr Palash says:

    simply great

  28. M.K.Naser Nellichode says:


  29. kripansh khosla says:

    your download link for project file doesnt work. please provide any other alternative..thanks

  30. 邱见飞 says:

    so good

  31. ايبوكسي ارضيات ثلاثي الابعاد says:

    احسنتي كوكب اعمالك جدا راقيه

  32. mon says:

    thank you for sharing….

  33. mani dhillon says:

    mr. kaukab …please tell me what i will do instead of pathfinder..bcause i my illustrator pathfinder is missing..

  34. Wagner Gonçalves says:

    Nice! 😀

  35. Genadii Step says:

    Give me please project file, your link is wrong.

  36. MAK JEHADI says:

    Great work! Thank you very much.

  37. HƯNG TRỊNH says:

    thank you so much!

  38. Oksana T says:

    Thank you very much!! So simple and clear!

  39. cem harazli says:

    link is broken. Can you see

  40. Andreas Immanuel says:

    its pleasure to know your great work..keep doin great art work man

  41. sohiep kdear says:

    anther great 
    big like

  42. Bangla Video Tutorials says:

    Thank you for your amazing tutorials. Please make a tutorials,How to make nice color plate or What is the best way to make a good and nice color plate. 

  43. Ahmed khaled says:

    cool…..can I ask you about the way to bring this color palette ?

  44. Mir Rom says:

    Pretty cool, thanks for sharing

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