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today I have five keyboard shortcuts for
illustrator that will really help you save time working within Adobe Illustrator what is up people welcome back to
satori graphics homograph design content for we get started today with
illustrator shortcut tutorial I have a few announcements to make
firstly I place the power of the top right corner I want to know if you guys
prefer my tutorials with no background music or if you think music works well
with my graphic design tutorials today it is going to show cuts video I have no
background music so for other power let me know if you guys prefer the music or
not also tomorrow have a slightly different video based around the golden
ratio seeing as so many people seem to want to
see an upload based around there it’s going to be more of an informative video
rather than tutorial and lastly I will have that giveaway very shortly probably
within the next two weeks this first illustrator shortcut is going to save you
time is based on typography by the way in case you want to know the typeface
I’m using here it is we can increase or decrease the size of
the typeface simply by pressing command + Shift + the left or right pointing
symbols on your keyboard or on Windows ctrl + Shift the point assemblers you can adjust it like this but if we
select a specific part of the text you can edit the site in the enemy with the
shorter staying with typography illustrator you can adjust the kerning
ie the space between each letter with a shortcut on a Mac it is an option and
then the left or the right arrow keys and for Windows its alt on the right
left arrow keys on your keyboard just let the previous shortcut we can
adjust a specific part of the text which is pretty cool in illustrator when we’re
using the pen tool often we need to stop using it and deselect off the path the common way is to use the selection
tool here by clicking off of the path there is an Illustrator shortcut to really save you time in your workflow on a Mac hit command shift an a if using Windows
ctrl shift an a the shortcut really to save you a long
time in the long run this next one is such a simple shortcut is
so crucial in my opinion when you want to move around the artboard instead of
using the sliders you can hold down the spacebar and click and drag again then
it’s an illustrator shortcut that I really will save you time a larger caliber save you time initiator
is based around a direct selection tool we use the black selection tool to
select to move objects but then to edit the shape we need to use the white arrow
tool a key at a direct selection tool instead of going over to the toolbar
hold down command on a Mac or ctrl on Windows and then double-click an anchor
point like so so did you find my five indicated
shortcuts to save you time useful limit in the comment section below and also
fill out the power to start the video and whether or not you want to see music
in the background or if you think it’s better without subscribe for for weekly
bracket design uploads here in story graphics until next time design your
future today peace you


15 Replies to “ILLUSTRATOR SHORTCUTS TO SAVE TIME | Satori Graphics”

  1. Satori Graphics says:

    Remember to fill out the poll at the start of the video, and design your future today! 🙂

  2. Simbarashe Nhete says:

    nice. thanks

  3. Anderson z0r says:

    Hi Tom! Of course it is very useful, thanks 😉

  4. 3D Sound & Music says:


  5. Sabir Ali says:

    Hi Tom really i enjoyed the tutorial and learn many new things Thanks for your contribution to sharing with us your incredible experience.

  6. seromak08 says:

    Yeah it is useful, use music in background remember audio is the most important thing in video 😉
    And please make more tutorials with more advanced techinques
    (Always make windows with shortcut's they are so great ! ):P

  7. Hishaam Salasa says:

    HOLY! That Pen tool Shortcut though <3. Amazing share!

    btw, I really like your tuts. Please keep it up:)

  8. CallMeZarkN says:

    Oh man really nice, i need to work with more shortcuts to save time, thanks for this

  9. David Hodges says:

    Hi Tom. Thank you for your great videos! Please keep music but maybe turn it down lower so it doesn't compete with you for the viewers attention.

  10. Office Work says:

    Great work bro

  11. Captain Halpin says:

    I'd like to hear more variety in music.

  12. austin chukwuebuka says:


  13. Ale Noura says:

    Your shortcuts are useful for everyone. Some were forgotten while some are new. 🙂 I like your shortcuts vids.

  14. Kristina Hafner says:

    Thanks for the tips, useful stuff, please do some more reffer to textual parts – leading for example 🙂 can You maybe do some tutorials for After Effects, in the future … ? 😀

  15. ally smith says:

    no music please

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