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in today’s Illustrator tutorial I’m
going to explain to you what a Pantone color is also how to use them in adobe illustrator and how to convert other color libraries to Pantone color what is up people welcome back to
satori graphics home of graphic design content right here on YouTube
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a comment and of course share this video to somebody else I’m 10 colors are
premix ink swatches universally named a designer is able to select the exact
color tones say for example in a local design and use them in their work this
is very similar to using color swatches of paint from your local hardware store
in order to select the color of your wall hem and just like the paint
swatches at a hardware store spot colors have a unique numeric code cifra coated
and you from kated 1920 colors are best for glossy paper prints whereas only to
the best suited format print finishes Pantone colors allow for great accuracy
in choosing colors and in the very same colors printing out how you intend them
to across all methods of prints while it’s true that small colors are
extremely accurate when it comes to traditional printing it might be some
issues when it comes to converting colors for web-based use so those are
all content I desire how do you use them for your logo designs in English traitor
3 open up the color window and select an object or design you can switch between
modes such as CMYK and RGB if you want to start design from scratch using
Pantone colors here’s how and then after that I’ll show you how to convert a
design to Pantone open the swatches window and then access the Pantone color
books like so you see that there are punt encoded
annotated as I mentioned before these are the most popular Pantone choices out
there now you can pick a Pantone color from the selection and make a design
using it you can check the pantent ID in the color window where you can hover
your cursor with a Pantone color and that’s what window next in this illustrator Pantone color
tutorial how to give a design that is already a CMYK color mode 2 Pantone my
Logo design here is currently in CMYK but we can convert it to Pantone color
very easily select all of your artwork that is a block color and then go to
edit it colors and then recolor our work we can access the Pantone color books as
we did before once you find them click OK and
illustrator will match the closest Pantone color for your logo or graphic
design as possible so lines today illustrator Pantone color tutorial
brought to you by tutorial affix did you find it useful if so let me know in the
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  1. Rinkesh Asodariya says:

    Nicely Explained and really Useful. Peace 🙂

  2. Satori Graphics says:

    That's it for this week so have a great weekend when it swings around on Friday, and drop any suggestions down for future videos here. I have a list already and I am going to start really working through them next week.

  3. Kristina Hafner says:

    Great, I 've never used this tool Edit Color – Recolor Artwork in shifting colors from CMYK to Pantone! Very useful. lol

  4. CallMeZarkN says:

    Hi bro, congrats for 7K and thanks for video, nicely explained as always

  5. Sabir Ali says:

    Hay Tom very useful tutorial about Pantone colors . hope it will help

  6. Carol Jeffrey says:

    Thank you once again for a very informative video.

  7. John Valatos says:

    Very useful thanks for this tutorial.

  8. Maestro says:

    Mystery solved thank you.

  9. Maestro says:

    I am a faithful subscriber and love your work. Thank you for What you do

  10. Frazella Designs says:

    Very informative! Thank you!!!

  11. Maksym R says:

    ty for this vid, very helpful!

  12. jwalzer says:

    FYI – came across the following article – – that allows you to find Pantone color hex codes with a free app that I thought others might find useful

  13. CHATH K says:

    Again your a legend bro!! Thank you so much im going to watch all your videos from thr start

  14. Ikram Ahmed Pushon says:

    need more tutorials in your blog section 😀

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    LIke. Like. Like. Gradually understanding color. You made it simple.

  17. russel saha says:

    Useful information for me.Thanks

  18. Kristina says:

    I have a gradient logo that I need to change to Pantone colors. Is there a way to do this and still keep the same sharp look of the gradient or is it not possible to change a gradient to Pantone?

  19. Youness skiri says:

    really thank you so much

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    How to find "Dark blur color code and light blue color code in RGB" need your help?

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